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Genocide Comes Back To America
By Jim Kirwan
"America is the spawn of empire building and from the start has itself engaged heavily in that activity. In nearly all cases it has shown a preference for bribery, coercion, intimidation and force over diplomacy and cooperation. [There's a slightly new look to the Pyramid of the N.W.O., here's a substitute for what's on thr left hand side of the back of the US One Dollar bill].
As a nation founded on invasion, occupation and genocide, America has maintained its empire by those means to this day.
Although Spain began the slaughter with the voyages of Columbus, the British colonies that became the United States continued it with a vengeance.
On October 26, 1606, King James I of England granted a royal charter to establish The London Company, a for-profit, joint stock venture that was also known as the Charter of the Virginia Company of London. The company's purpose was the colonization, for profit, of North America."
From the Start; Murdering the Real Americans
In 1607 the British arrived in Jamestown and, shortly thereafter, began the calculated extermination of the indigenous population. By 1890 an estimated 90,000,000 people, in North, Central and South America had been systematically slaughtered in the fulfillment of Manifest Destiny.
The overt genocide in North America was curtailed after the infamous massacre at Wounded Kneein 1890." (1)
Today the same organizations that were responsible for that slaughter have turned inward, inside the United States; their latest genocide has targeted the population of this entire country regardless of nationality or heritage: This is nothing less than the concentrated-extermination of the population which is under way beginning with deadly vaccines and medications designed to incapacitate of kill the infant population and pregnant women, along with the elderly and those with already weakened immune systems-in ever larger numbers. This method was chosen over the far more radical-version used by the Zionists against the Palestinians; which they borrowed from our forefathers as their way of dealing with unruly slaves. The medical version we borrowed from the Nazi's.
"Mercury is a leading threat to our health and wellbeing. It is still used in medicine, in vaccines given to the young. Human destiny is on a collision course with mercury. Tomorrow we will all wake up to a world with about twenty tons more mercury in the environment, another ton will be put into people's mouths by dentists, and tens of thousands of little children will receive vaccinations laced with mercury in the form of thimerosal. Government officials are concerned with CO2 emissions when in fact it is the mercury coming out of coal fired electrical plants that is the greatest threat." (2)
"Radiation at extremely low levels is a health hazard that medicine is not dealing with because it uses dangerous levels of radiation in both its diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiation hazards have been grossly underestimated because they have to be. If they were not then both the medical industry and the atomic power industry would be vulnerable to staggering liabilities. Radiation is an invisible terror that works insidiously in the background so it is easy to hide its place in the deterioration of the publics' health." (2a)
"Nothing will uncross the sulfur bonds in an insulin molecule faster than mercury - hopelessly bending it out of shape distorting its function. Mercury will also, with time, clog up the insulin receptor sites as will other heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The IMVA's publication about diabetes introduces mercury contamination as a major cause of diabetes. It is also the first major work on diabetes that features magnesium as an essential treatment that can prevent many of the complications including avoiding problems that leads to amputation of the limbs." The last three paragraphs are from three different parts of this web site. (2b)
Those leading the charge now are the drug companies, and the medical profession that has chosen to dump the Hippocratic oath and just go for the money regardless of the laws that were meant to keep whatever is done to any patient from harming them, which is why doctors and medical corporations, that were once vulnerable to lawsuits for wrongful deaths, as well as definite long-term harm to any patient ­ have been given a free pass so that they cannot be held liable for anything they do to anyone, supposedly in the name of "taking care of their patients." Here are some of the requirements for infant-immunizations. (3)
From a nurse and longtime friend: "Vaccinations should be a choice, not a requirement.' But with the 'wars' and the Police-State terms of everyday life now, mandatory vaccinations and forced compliance are being used under the cloak of national security to remove choice from whether or not any parent or child can actually refuse treatment, or avoid something that might damage or kill your baby, or yourself.
In some states 'American parent's can be arrested for not vaccinating their children! In Nov of 2007Maryland threatened parents with jail time if their children not vaccinated for chickenpox and hepatitis B.'
'With the addition of annual flu shots for all infants and children, the CDC now recommends that children get 69 doses of 16
Vaccines by18 years of age'. CDC is responsible for determining the safety of new vaccines. For the past 25 yrs every vaccine created by the pharmaceutical companies has been by the Federal government, for use by all American children. All CDC staff work for pharmaceutical companies, which is a major Conflict of interest!
'Vaccines are big business in America Pediatric vaccines are predicted to quadruple by the year 2016 to more than 16 BILLION dollars!'
US soldiers face the court martial and prison if they do not take experimental vaccines.
Note: There is a surcharge on every dose of vaccine, paid for by the consumer, which goes into a fund to pay compensation to known victims of vaccinations. SO far around $1.2 BILLION has been paid out. VAERS or Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is the name of this organization. Its phone # is 1-800-822-7967. . . *This still remains in place; DESPITE the fact that pharmaceutical companies no longer can be held financially responsible for any injuries or deaths according to a ruling by US Supreme Court Justices in March 2011.'
The amount of proscribed drugs that doctors are required to give to infants between birth to18 months is excessive; and if followed could destroy more than just their immune systems by the time the child is two years old. The shots are not tailored to the infants that are getting them, and will overwhelm the fragile system of any infant, so why do it?
There must be a MORITORIUM put upon this whole farce based on a series of medical threats that simply are non-existent: Threats that if they are not stopped, could well reintroduce the same 'diseases" that doctors are supposedly vaccinating people against.
The reasoning behind so many immunizations is 'because we must protect the children against what they MIGHT be infected with.' Using that reasoning people should stop driving their cars because they" MIGHT" have an accident. Doctors are pandering to hypochondriacs, and the general paranoia in the population: Too many are treating people as if we were all guinea pigs or lab-rats with no built-in safeguards for anything that might well go wrong ­ with this bit of medical overkill.
In an effort to terrorize doctors and medical workers and insure that they too participate: If not they can sometimes be fired for refusing to take the shots themselves, or for failure to immunize their own children accordingly. People can be subject to jail if they refuse to participate in this criminally obscene theft of what once was considered to be a life-saving service, between doctor and patient: All that is gone now, it's just about money and adhering to bogus national security requirements that have nothing to do with protecting people but is in fact the same kind of plan that was used against the native populations by consciously infecting them hundreds of years ago.
This has everything to do with controlling populations and pleasing DHS than it ever had to do with protecting people from anything-especially not from Big Pharma or the government, while destroying or killing a great many people without cause; by prescribing "medications" without any real reason to suspect any infection and while having obtained protections from the courts for any legal repercussions for their actions! Doctors are now legally immune from any harm they cause with these Vaccines yet they are still charging people extra to keep building up their VAERS fund to protect themselves from lawsuits: So what happens to all that money, and why are doctors still charging patients money that goes into a fund that is no longer legally required!
All of this is directly connected to decimating the population of this country, in the same way they were able to kill the 90,000,000 million people that used to live here before the invaders arrived.
Motivation for Mass Murder
"Throughout most of American history, the primary motivation for innumerable annexations, invasions, occupations, coups, assassinations and the installation of genocidal dictators has been to advance the agenda of capitalist globalization and to protect the privatized profit machine wherever footholds have been established.Whatever the nature of the "business" that has entrenched itself in any sovereign nation, it can count upon the protection of its private security company; the U.S. government" (1)
Hey! Using medicine instead of bullets, makes a lot more money and is far less costly than all that military hardware, and allows everything to be done by appointment, no mess no fuss and it's all "legal" they say.
What we have done to so many other countries is now about to be done to us. These bogus vaccination plans are purposely designed to destroy the infant's immune systems and could destabilize many in the rest of the adult population, especially if they do take all these unnecessary shots under threats of fines, or jail or both. The Flue-shots for the flu that never materialized is a perfect example: A semi-panic was created, the shots were given but the flu failed to appear: Result-millions of dollars were skimmed from the already cash-strapped public, but it was just another hoax: One that should have been prosecuted for the FRAUD that it was, but instead they created this new form of 'taking advantage' of the remaining idiotic public while they begin to quietly kill off the entire next generation.
Militarizing the Doctors, the hospitals, the lawyers, the teachers and other government workers is all part of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" wherein the professions are all under attack; just as the Airline Pilots were stripped of their pay, and many of them are now on food stamps. The goal here is to do the same thing to every profession by forcing an end to professional groups and private business practices. Mandating huge pay cuts that will no doubt make EVERYTHING so much better for the corporations when everyone who works for some form of the government is forced to wear a uniform, and accept a much lower wage as compensation: Necessitated, of course, by the need to "share the burdens equally" in our unending wars upon the world.
That will save a great deal of money or turn your life upside down depending on how you look at it. Just as was done to the teachers union, all contracts that protect the work force, will no doubt be terminated, And probably all those LLC's (for the professionals) will just become so much toilet paper. But this would eliminate all those pesky lawsuits from people who think that they are actually free. Of course it will also be the end of this society-but what the hell, the public won't object-we never do. BTW How's that working out for you and yours?
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