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Cheney, Bush, Obama - Zionista Bitches
By Jim Kirwan
The term 'Bitch' is street language for a subordinate that unconditionally serves its master, regardless of what that master may command it to do.
In the political sense this connotes a subordinate position without any honor.
"In early March 2001, a leading European intelligence agency received disturbing news from its most senior and trusted agent in Tel Aviv. Aware of growing international resistance to its ruthless and murderous suppression of the Palestinians, the Israeli Cabinet had met to discuss the limited ways in which it could proceed with its plans to annex the rest of Palestine, with or without the support of principal ally America, or the "International Community".
At the time, the Israeli Cabinet had no idea that the subject matter of its March meeting would later become one of the prime reasons for the September attack on the World TradeCenter.
The Israeli Cabinet was seriously worried. Despite effective control of the western media by the Jewish-American lobby, risk assessment conducted in Tel Aviv showed there was still a high probability that continued ruthless Israeli activity in Palestine, would lead in turn to increased sanctions by the western nations. Initially the sanctions would take the form of decreased arms shipments to Israel, followed later by increasingly large cuts in overseas financial "aid", still provided in the main by unwitting American taxpayers ~
~ Back in the sixties, when the operation was first planned by Israel, the British, Russians and Europeans had huge investments in the middle east, so an outraged backlash against Israel would have been immediate, and probably terminal for any ongoing "Jewish State" in Palestine.
It was on this basis that the Iraqi plan was shelved and left to gather dust. However, during the years that followed, the entire geopolitical landscape changed. By March 2001, the Israeli Cabinet considered the risks to be minimal, and probably non-existent if Operation Shekhinah was handled correctly. What had changed the odds was the new status of Iraq.
During the late eighties and nineties, the fledgling "New World Order" and the media had spent millions of dollars demonizing President Saddam Hussein, to the point where he was eventually regarded by 95% of the western public as "The Butcher of Baghdad". Not only was this Iraqi demon allegedly manufacturing weapons of mass destruction almost identical to those stored in America, he was also the tyrant who "gassed his own Kurds at Halabja".
President Hussein did no such thing. In February 1990 the US Army War College published a report titled "Iraqi Power & US Security in the Middle East", which proved the Kurds of Halabja died as the direct result of an Iranian Phosgene gas attack. But the western media, firmly in the grip of the Jewish-American lobby, wasn't going to let the hard truth get in the way of its frantic vilification campaign.
In light of Saddam Hussein's new demonic status, the Israeli Cabinet reasoned in March 2001 that no one would now object to Israel taking strenuous action against this "known war criminal and killer of babies". Instead, it was calculated that the action would be seen by the Western public as daring."
This was how Operation Shekhinah became Operation Shock & Awe and this marked the global identification of Dick Cheney & George W. Bush as Zionista Bitches. (1)
In addition to the huge number of Iraqi's wounded, tortured and killed; there is also this newly released information about Israel's interests inside Iraq.
"The head of an Iraqi clerical association, Harith al-Dhari, says companies affiliated with the Israeli spy agency Mossad are freely operating all over Iraq. Al-Dhari, the head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, says Israeli companies are particularly concentrated in the countries in northernKurdistan region.
"The companies are directly working with Zionist spy agencies," said al-Dhari, Iraq's most influential Sunni cleric and a prominent anti-American figure. "Israeli companies infiltrating Iraq work under Arabic, English and Turkish names," he further explained.
Reports say at least 70 Israeli firms operate in war-ravaged Iraq, using proxy Arab or European companies. Earlier this year, Syrian customs officials seized several trucks loaded with Israeli goods heading to Iraq. In 2008, Iraq's Yaqen News Agency unveiled that more than 55 Israeli companies were working in the country under assumed names.
The agency also added that the Zionist firms operate in a variety of fields, including infrastructure and marketing. It also said that Israel exports more than $300 million in goods to Iraq annually. The companies, the report said, won contracts for construction projects in Iraq, thanks to help from "theUS Agency for International Development that oversees the allocation of building contracts in Iraq."(2)
Add in the fact that all the supposed evidence for the need to invade Iraq has now been totally and permanently proven to be nothing but a pack of lies: Why are we still in that country! We remain there because the Zionistas need us to remain in that country for their oil and other business interests at our expense: And because after Bush; Obama has now become the Zionistas'latest Bitch, so we'll be staying there until "we" can stop funding Israel. The cost of this criminal act that has been nothing more than a massive and continuing war-crime is reflected in the combat infantry medal which appears on page one of this article. The price we paid however is almost nothing compared to all the other deaths we have caused throughout the region from Afghanistan and Iraq, to Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia, as well as others. (3)
On the home front we have been laboring under an illegal spying program initiated by Zionista Bush that was begun seven months before the attack on 911. This status change upon the entire nation of the USA, effectively made every citizen here a target of this government and automatically makes every person here a SUSPECT in the Zionista War on Freedom Worldwide. (Everyone except those that collaborated with Mossad in the attacks on 911). (4)
Remember Bush's empty threat: "You can run but you can't hide." Well we now know that bin Laden has been dead for the last nine years, no thanks to the US military. (The link has been erased, courtesy of our OWNERS). Given the fact that there was no response from NORAD or the US Air Force for over one hour and forty-five minutes from the moment these attacks began is it not reasonable to assume that such a sophisticated and coordinated series of military attacks would have had to involve members of the FBI, the Pentagon, the CIA and the White House in order to silence the entire North American Defense System and keep all those American jet fighters on the ground? We still have the same FBI Director in the same job as he was in on 911. The Hague is beginning WAR Crimes charges against many in both the Bush & Obama administrations; and yet nothing about that is mentioned on THEIR media that used to be our-national news services.
So if anyone needs to be thoroughly monitored, tracked, searched and sexually harassed by TSA, it ought to begin with everyone inside this government-including everyone inside TSA. This has not been the case atall. (Anybody with any pull gets an automatic pass). If the status of every American MUST be considered to be "SUSPECT" just because they are Americans-then everyone inside government before, on and after 911 has to DEFINATELY be considered extremely SUSPICIOUS; far more so than ordinary Americans could ever be!
How does anyone KNOW that the very people doing these "inspections" aren't part of some SECRET-TERRORIST-sleeper-cells? This government demands to know everything about each one of us right down to the last comma in any record that exists on us: Yet they don't even bother to check the backgrounds of those that they have "trusted" with doing the screening that is wrecking lives and casually destroying people, left and right?
These "procedures" are extremely "personal" and go way beyond any supposed terror-threat dreamed up by some government flunkies in a make-believe government agency that is only there to pass out billions to their own people that make and sell the equipment that they mandate "for our safety." This scam is as old as the human race-we need to wake up!
How much longer will YOU allow these faceless unvalidated animals to put their paws into your underwear or giggle at your naked full-body x-ray-without demanding that they go through the exact same procedure right in front of you, to PROVE they are not terrorists, and that they are not "hiding anything?" After these TSA Agents get x-rayed two-hundred or so times in a single day we won't have to worry about this any more, because they'll be dropping dead from horrific radiation-exposure; but at least we'll know that they were not hiding anything?
The next time you NEED to fly somewhere, why not make this a condition for any "check of your body or person." All you have to say is "After YOU" the next time someone in a Torture-Suspicion-Agent costume demands that you go through their backscatter scanner! If someone you know happens to get that on video-this ought to put a stop to this ridiculous policy that has caught exactly no one, so far anyhow ­ but what the hell, it's only been nine years since this government began Their WAR upon Your Freedoms!
Maybe it's time we all learned how to complain MORE and put-up with a whole lot LESS?
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