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'Yesterday Was A Lie'
By Jim Kirwan
The title is for the film from {helicon} intelligent cinema
A James Kerwin film, available on Netflix*
This is a recently made black & white noir film made to look like the 1920's or 30's. The transportation is from the 1940's, but there are rotary phones and Mr. Coffee somehow made the cut and early television from the 1950's along with current day computers. There are secret scientific advancements discussed from long before the Second World War amid scientific advancements that exceed most of our present explorations. The conversations seem to be taking place now; despite all the conflictingly dated surroundings.
If all our yesterdays were lies, as we know most of them have been: Then don't we owe it to ourselves to unravel some of the mystery's that have kept us from understanding who we are and what this life is really all about?
The film is an investigation by two sides of a female police detective both of whom work only at night; one is a detective the other a torch singer, and a fortune teller - and while they each come from different times in the time-space continuum they both try to penetrate the mystery that all of us are trying to live in today. They are looking for a lost notebook on phantom energy and quantum entanglements that is the basis for some decades old secret-research that remains unpublished.
This is a very unusual film that has more than a little bearing on some of what is being attempted by the NWO, via their extremely old blood lines in the current takedown of the planet. There is also a love-story between this woman (both halves of her) and the man who had the notebook, which accounts for some of the quotes; the following are some excerpts from the film:
"It's the old illusion of God's Chess game ­ Simon called it that. We can watch the game but we don't know the rules yet; that's how he described the universe. And if you watch the game long enough you can figure out how it's played. That's the secret. [Causality and free will are part of what's being investigated].
The human psyche is the most beautiful thing in the universe ­ so resilient but so fragile. [Some of that can be understood through] Urban archeology. A lot of people think it's like fitting puzzle-pieces together; chunks of life divorced from their context, but I like to think of it as more like shutting off your left brain; seeing beauty in things the way they are and realizing it's all connected: Or connected in a different way and being okay with that.
Shutting off the left brain?
A lot of cultures say that can perceive reality more clearly.
Aborigine Dream Time, Indian peyote rituals?
Or just plain alcohol of course; the choice of urban shamans. Give me a puzzle with an answer made of pieces that fit like they were made for each other. Things don't always fit perfectly ­ sometimes it's the rough edges that make life interesting. Surrealism and the Unconscious Mind
The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali 1931
Somebody told me once the mind is like a surge protector. It protects you from experiencing certain things.
You mean non-linear things? Reverse causality, precognition; Dejavu?
What if this surge protector could fail from emotional overload ­ jolt you right out of this linear facade! [Because] Trauma creates ripples and some of them slip through.
We shall not cease from our exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time. (Elliot) We can predict what's next. We know everything really because our unconscious knows the present; the present archetype. And archetypes always follow a sequence.
Exactly, it's part of our mythology, our science and our being. People say my work is about fitting disjointed puzzle pieces together. What if the pieces don't fit. What if your mind is like a surge protector. It keeps you from seeing the disorder of time and reality! (She shows him a number) What you have here is the most fundamental number in nature. You see all the stuff in nature is really just waves, and everything vibrates at a wave length related to a mathematical constant. Some people believe there are other realities; alternatives similar to this one yet the details are changed. We can't see them because they vibrate at different wave lengths and every choice we make spawns another. It's pretty amazing huh? A simple decision can create another world.
[Think about this for a minute ­ the monsters created a totally criminal world and we let them do it, because we couldn't imagine how to stop them]
[The two women are in a late-night dinner, sharing a bite ­ the fortune teller begins]
Check this out ­ a run of the mill sweetener package. Right, one-gram and there is something like 5,000 grains in here. Take my word for it. So how much did each grain weigh?
Total weight divided by number of grains? Point two milligrams.
Really, how many weighed exactly point tow milligrams?
Well, it's the average weight that's the whole point.
No, it's not. The point was to figure out the weight of each grain. Formulas only give approximations, averages based on models. Science is incomplete. There's something deeper we can't define ­ beyond probability.
So you're about to tell me that's what mediums do, tap into that deeper level?
I'll let you in on a secret ­ crystal balls and tarot cards are just devices to shut off the conscious mind. Anything where there are patterns within chaos; lines in a palm, reflections in a gemstone. . .
Tea Leaves?
There's nothing magic about it. Divination is not about specifics; it's about understanding the patterns of our world. How they repeat ­ creating a whole ­ a window to eternity ­ and taping into the collective. It's all psychology, if you believe in that stuff.
What about numbers? Symbols in intricate sequence ­ could that do the trick?
I'd love to find out wouldn't you?
A young male visitor from the lab comes to the women ­ they begin to interrogate him as to the missing notebook. He explains:
Some of the greatest minds in 20th century physics worked for those underground societies in Germany back then. I'm talking about non-traditional research; alchemy, the occult arts. . .
Yeah we're only beginning to understand the consequences of their work, most of it was never made public.
So this back-door research that you've been doing, how does that fit in?
First, how do you know where you are in life? Seriously, how do you know? Your memories! Okay, think of time as a row (he lines up six shot glasses) as a sequence that always exists. You orient yourself in the sequence. You know 'when' you are: because you're looking at what's behind you-what's supposed to have just happened. Your 'past' you can't see the future but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
Go on!
Now what if you were jumping from place to place (he begins to change the location of the glasses ­ within the line-up); you wouldn't know the difference because at any point you'd only be able to see 'what's behind you' or what was suppose to have just happened.
So you're saying that everything I just experienced ­
I'm saying that linear time is a myth, an illusion forced upon you by your left brain ­ you don't live life 'in order' you just think you do.
Hold on! I've heard this theory ­
What if I told you it's not a theory? A few decades ago Finemann & Wheeler cooked up something called time reversal symmetry; the idea that everything in the universe is actually the same stuff, existing over and over again in different places; different states.
Backup a minute; different places at the same time?
It's been known to happen. It's called a cat-state, a side-effect of non-local entanglement ­ what Einstein called spooky . . .
Back to the chase kid ­
Don't you see; extend the metaphor to people ­ thoughts
The same consciousness!
Skipping back and forth through time forever re-experiencing realities from other perspectives: Like some cosmic-clerk shuffling different events, different lives that only give the appearance of distinct selves.
Okay even if that were true, why all the cloak and dagger?
Certain knowledge ­ it can be dangerous.
Try me!
Some cutting edge para-physists in Europe are conducting thought experiments into ways that time and reality can be reversed. The idea is that if you could experience true non-linear time what some call dream time; then you could interfere with reality, just by making choices in your life.
Is this part of what happened with the takedown by the New World Order, and is this something that might actually be out there in the secret laboratories of the planet? I don't know. I do know that watching this film did raise a lot more questions than I was able to answer, along with creating an entirely new idea of agenda's that I hadn't thought seriously about before.
Watch the film and decide for yourself, if this is "just another film," or maybe something more.
*Yesterday Was a Lie
2008PG 87 minutes
While pursuing a shadowy genius (John Newton) and the dangerous, reality-bending power he may possess, private detective Hoyle (Kipleigh Brown) begins to sense her own reality coming apart in this black-and-white homage to noir crime thrillers of the 1940s. Atmospheric images, philosophical digressions and a story told out of sequence all enhance the mystery in director James Kerwin's voyage into a world of hidden truths.

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