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Yeaning To Breathe Free
By Jim Kirwan
"Yearning is the special force that on a day before there were days; obliterated 'nothing' into everything! Yearning provides the unseen string that ties the planets to the stars. And 'yearning' is that maddening part of the intuitive world we feel; from first breath to last light."
'Now that we know that we have become so enamored with the scale of our shadows that we've chosen to cast over the entire planet; we must begin to change that. And while 'human-failures' are absolutely part of every 'authentic' human life; the fact that too many of us have believed in these shadows of our monstrous-lies; to the point where we have ignored the shear power of the actual-truth, is beyond question!
Without 'truth' there can never ever be any real justice whatsoever-anywhere. Yet it inside this denial of our 'failures' as a people; lies this power to kill the New World Order outright: If only we can finally come to realize what has happened, then we can awaken to what must be done-and act upon it-spontaneously!
If we continue to worship these shadows of mere existence, with the lies we've used to hide the truth, then 'we' shall fail ourselves entirely and the whole wide world as well."
The ideas outlined above come from the script of a television series called "In Plain Sight" Series Two, Episode Six. This dialogue just happened to mirror some thoughts in that the article I wrote earlier today "Ending the New World Order" in what seemed to me to be one of life's stranger twists.
We need to obliterate the shadows we've projected, by rising up with the rest of the world to Kill the New WorldOrder: Before another month has passed. Why not give some thought to what is apparently happening everywhere else but here!
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