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World War 3 Or Peace...Time Is About Up
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
Over the past year, I have had the great pleasure of meeting with numerous scientists, physicians, and those concerned about the enormous degradation of our environment (and with it our wrecked health) in order to get some broader perspective about our planetary environmental chaos.
As I write this in the last week of December, our global weather is in crisis: London has had heavy snow; there's flooding in San Diego County; there have been temperature swings in New England of 40 degrees in a matter of 36 hours, causing rivers to thaw and swell.
Then, New England just had a two-day Nor-Easter storm, with weird-looking white stuff falling from the sky. It didn't look like any snow I remembered from my childhood; and the air smelled like sewer chemicals. It's all ominous. Yes, the weather is often unpredictable, that goes without saying. Yes, we do have significant climate change. But it is not Global Warming.
What has changed dramatically over the past 12-15 years, is the deliberate modification and manipulation of our weather by US military, with the assistance of commercial and private jets. What started out just in the US now encompasses all NATO nations who are spraying us from these jets a lethal brew of aerosolized chemicals, mycotoxins, biologically manipulated fungi, nano-particles of fiber-coated aluminum, barium, and ethylene dibromide and manipulated fungal species to wreck our collective health and destroy our planet's entire web of life. Due to these aerosol crimes, (as Clifford Carnicom cogently calls them), there has been a dramatic increase in upper respiratory and cardiac illnesses and cancers.
Thousands of concerned citizens who look up at the toxic Chemtrails blanketing our skies get no answers from anyone in charge. It makes no difference to them, because the plan is to wreck everything, and we do not count except as consumers. Collectively, we have forgotten that shoppers are not citizens. Citizenship requires an educated populace. Citizens must be well-informed; and then they can act in beneficial ways both within their families, as well as the country at large. This is all greatly missing.
All those in charge, in all three branches of the US government and all of its agencies, have sped up their criminal activities of destruction to bring great harm to all of us. We can see it above us in the toxicity of Chemtrails and EMF clouds, in the enormous poisoning of our soil and water; and in the recent bills rushed through a compromised, corporate-controlled Congress where we will have no medical care and no safe food supply. This is all about harm. It is inhuman behavior focused on greed. These people have no humanity, no caring, no compassion. They are not working for us: "we, the people." In a time of real leadership, we have none. Instead we are fed a pablum [baby food] of Orwellian doublespeak by leaders [sic] and in all the mainstream media outlets as well as many scientific journals.
We are in the midst of a holiday season. For many, this is synonymous with Peace. It is the message of the season. Peace must be a real message for all seasons. But now, it is an empty one, if people can pray in church, synagogue, or mosque and then go out the next day to harm and kill. Tragically, prayer can be a sham (or relieve guilt), if the larger picture is to invade countries illegally, cause irreparable loss (as in Iraq and Gaza), in the name of what? Oil and other natural resources. No society or civilization has ever survived (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Renaissance Spain, or the "British Empire." There is no longer any foundation of ethics or any adherence to any laws. These are basics to any society. When war becomes the only part of an economy that thrives (as is happening right now), a society is doomed. This is where we are.
At a meeting on Nov. 10, 1979, Hans Morganthau the late scholar of international relations told Prof. Francis Boyle (one of our great international law attorneys and his former student): "Future, what future? I am extremely pessimistic.
In my opinion the world is moving ineluctably towards a third world war -a strategic nuclear war. I do not believe that anything can be done to prevent it. The international system is simply too unstable to survive for long. The SALT II Treaty is important for the present, but over the long haul it cannot stop the momentum.
Fortunately, I do not believe that I will live to see that day. But I am afraid you might."(1)
If there are to be any real peaceful prospects for all of humanity, we must become engaged citizens and make PEACE our priority for 2011. This cannot be left to anyone in charge.
Peace is not shopping till you drop (although with our deliberately wrecked economy, millions of people now don't have the money to do so). It would be a huge and healing environmental step for Americans if, instead of massive consumerism, we began to change our behavior, not be so dependent on oil-based and other toxic products, and seriously thought about what we can do to create peace in our hearts and peace for our beleaguered planet. Cap-and-trade and UN initiatives are scams to make the elite and insiders richer. These have nothing to do with sustainability or more careful actions to help each other.
However, we have enormous and untapped collective grassroots power as citizens: we must not support killing and the war machine. Peace is the vital direction to achieve this. It is the only way. When we do not harm anyone; when the military stops dropping bombs (often with depleted uranium, even on US citizens! In the name of "tests"); when we collective understand that a violently-based society can never recover either financially or socially; when we truly grasp (as did Albert Schweitzer, and Gandhi, and Martin Luther King) that we must hold peace and tranquility in our own hearts and within our own families and how we raise our children, it is ONLY THEN that we can pick up our country out of its morass of chaos and misdirected goals of domination and subjugation of everyone.
Tragically, this has had a very long and obscene history. Can we rise above our own self-centeredness, stupor, and denial? Can we rise and DEMAND a STOP to the horrific chemical assault we get daily? In this time of great crisis, can we rise to the fullest potential of who we truly are as humans? Can this come from the deepest part of our hearts?
Peace requires tranquility in our own hearts, where we can connect with the deepest part of who we are. When anyone is stressed, or when an entire society is assaulted on many fronts, there is no peace. For those who choose to find tranquility, meditation and listening to music are great ways to find internal peace. Research has demonstrated that "peace gives one a sense of comfort."
Here are some thoughts from others whose lives focus on peace.
"I do believe that you can never have enough mindfulness. I try to cultivatemore compassion, wisdom." Aung San Suu Kyi, 1991.
"if we all take just that small view, and enlarge it as we are doing something helpful, then we won't get fatigued. If you do nothing, you'll feel meaningless. It's very important for some people to see the individual that they are helping, to see a picture of a child they're helping. You should do it as a human being, because we have evolved to a state where we have to know about our feelings of compassion, and therefore we should act on them. I can feel peaceful almost anywhere, if I can get some bit of greenery, some trees, and get away from all this noise." Jane Goodall
"Of all nature's masterpieces, the newborn whether fish, bird, mammal, or human, is surely the most exquisite. This wondrous creature is testimony to the peace and harmony that existed in the womb, or the egg, prior to its entering the world.
"Peace begins in the womb. The newborn reflects this truth. Order is transferred from cell to tissue, to organs, to organisms, to families. Unfortunately, when development is violated in the womb by man-made chemicals, the newborn is compromised. No longer is the offspring secure in the womb.
"Humans in their race to space have diverted attention and limited resources, from learning about the inner world from which life evolves. As we have searched outer space, we seem to have forgotten the inner space from which all humankind evolves.
"When society takes heed and spends more on infrastructures for prevention than on remediation and healing, stability and integrity can be restored in the womb. Nations of the world must unite with a single purpose to restore peace in the inner-world, assuring that every newborn the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential." Dr. Theo Colburn. From her essay "Peace." "Wise Traditions." Fall 2002. Author (with others): "Our Stolen Future" 1996.
As citizens, we MUST JOIN TOGETHER in harmony and speak out for peaceful and safe directions for all of us. This means NOW, if we are to have any future for humanity. PEACE is our only viable alternative as citizens. It is our collective responsibility to make this happen; and it must be done PEACEFULLY.
And special thanks to Jeff Rense for his courage and tenacity in continuing to post real news.
1. Prof. Francis Boyle. "2011: Prospects for Humanity? The First and Second World Wars currently hover like the Sword of Damocles over the heads of all humanity." Dec. 24, 2010: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=22500
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