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Who Are They Really?
 By Jim Kirwan
Who are these creatures that want to shut down the truth-telling side of the net? Who, What and Why are they attempting to do this.
The 'WHO' is easy; "they" are the long-time enemies of freedom and self-rule. They are those, who believe that society must always be controlled because they believe that we are all just savages; without enough sense to govern ourselves. They also believe that 'if left to our own devices' the world would automatically revert to total Anarchy: And they could not be more wrong!
Back in the nineteen fifties when Television made its début it brought with it the "promise' of an educational resource that the world had never seen the like of ever before. We, as a society, were to go from having to find and read all kinds of books to acquire one-one-hundredth of what television had to offer to the world. But within two years all the serious dramatic programming had already begun to be vanquished from the television airways. Their reason was that too many people "preferred" simple programs, game shows and basically junk like "The Mouseketeers."
"Preferred" was the key word because the public was not consulted; that decision like this one was just made, by corporate sponsors who did not want serious television dramas to interfere with selling whatever they wanted to sell-to blank-slate minds that would make easy targets, for their junk that that they wanted to foist upon an unaware and gullible public. So that "educational promise" died and the then infant corporations began to grow until there are now very few nations that are actually larger than a lot of Corporations. In fact Corporations make up over fifty percent of the world's largest powers.
Then came the Internet that in the late eighties was still trying to figure out why anyone would ever want to buy their fledgling "breakthrough technology". Since those in-charge did not remember the failure of Television to deliver what was promised ­ they were actually trying to get people to buy a computer just to make and keep their grocery lists. But very soon the public began to push for what they wanted from that thing: and once more those that could actually understand the real need and the public's actual craving for much, much more from 'the box' they began to build the net to where it was yesterday. Here's a reminder I just received from a reader:
"This new FTC crap is really something, and our future dims each day now as the light of life online is reostated down slowly but surely.
A web filled with wonders, filled with beauty and arts, music and joy of all sorts, the good bad and ugly, an amazing slice of life cutting across all barriers and prohibitions, releasing us from our chains at least in our heads for a while, glimpses of the coolest stuff, the wildest fun and pleasures, the most profoundest thoughts, the highest levels of science and inspiration of all sorts and persuasions, all dimming now, as fear casts its dark shadow.
This is why we keep trying so hard to keep the candles lit, to keep typing out the keys to freedom while we can. As you saw in my little NET FREEDOM BANNER, it wasn't about neutrality or cheap bandwidth to download infinite videos or game crap, it was about those simple precious things,
It wasn't about wiki this or wiki that, or wing-nut news, blogotweets, or silly pet tricks on you tube. sure the web is all of this but it has to be about the real fundamental things that make us human and not just slaves and consumers.
Is the web our new SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP? We nurture it, it nurtures us? If so, and it appears so at least in a electromagnetic spectrum way. Perhaps it is just such awareness of our electromagnetic plasma interconnectedness that we will find our way forward, we are all one, but on the verge of being disintegrated by evil fission into fried food fallout. Where is our cool fusion plan? The one that really turns back the fission fascists that may lie just beneath the surface of all we see and are, if we can just tune into it, the Truth is IN THERE !
The web is about saving mankind and our humanity, and we to never loose sight of that purpose. Sure we can rant, we can rave but we need to always be creating the most wonderful visions of a better future, free from the final chains once and for all. Its right within reach, but its also right on the edge of the darkest abyss we have ever faced, the final lockdown, life without parole, a slow death at the hands of corporate cartels and mobsters, our humanity slowly stripped away and replaced with a scrambled egg brain, unable to ever have a good dream again, drained of all neurotransmitters, of all joy, laughter and smiles, a bitterness and void just like a three day ecstasy binge that mows off the tips of our exquisite receptors so we can never feel good again. Our receptors are numbed by the horrors we are bombarded with each day, endless wars and corporate killing, death by a thousand corporate cuts, bleeding us of precious bodily fluids into a dehydrated strip of road kill jerky.
Damn it we got to keep standing tall, we are free TALL PONIES, not sheeple, not pigs, not wolves nor dogs in cages and cat-women with single-tail whips. We are going to find out soon enough what people are really made of, we see the front changing quickly, and coming to a town square near each of us in every country, perhaps even the ones that are already cut off form the real internet.
Rumors of problems in China continue everyday, the tighter they grip the more squeezes through. The people of Gaza building new homes from sandbags is the perfect metaphor and answer to oppression, keep searching for truths and ideas, and keep digging, dig as hard as you can everyday! Dig until you see the light at the end of the tunnel !"
And yes it is about all that and much, much more. But unless we began to name the nameless ones, and curse the villainy behind their master-plans we shall never get to have this promise that once again is waiting to be picked up; if only we can chain those corporate-dogs of commerce and banish them again: Just as they were banished once before, immediately after the last
Great Depression which they also caused way back in 1929!
'WHAT' are 'they' really? They are the fearful, the cowards, the paranoids and the demented; the ugly underbelly of society in union with the most greedy and self-centered power-mad monsters that ever walked the earth.
These are not people they are faceless brainless robots that cannot answer any questions because they have never understood the questions. All they know how to do is "their job." Of course being who they are; they also take every opportunity to abuse, to punish and to torture everyone that they can impress with their uniform and badge. This ain't about no Stinking badges!" This is about a society that has completely given itself over to mindless agencies and some of the dumbest ideas in history when it comes to "how to protect people in this country from all the supposed attacks that these same people put together time after time: to convince the public that we MUST be AFRAID! The whole thing isn't even good theater: their crotch bomber did not even succeed in blowing up his own underwear ­ it was that "powerful" and that's why millions must now subject themselves to having their bodies molested and scanned as if we were just a bunch of monkeys in the zoo.
In this case the "what" turns out to be a lot of perverts and child-molesters that managed to get on the government's payroll to do what they like most to do and get paid for it. As a general rule now the badge-wearing public have become just the scum-of-the-earth they always were, but this time they are given fire-arms and Tasers to play with at the public's expense: Do you really think that your "LIFE" is in better hands with them in charge, than it would be if you were making those life & death decisions for yourself?
"WHY" this continues to be a bit harder to explain. When for instance was the last time that you asked any real questions of anyone from your manager to your boss at work, all the way to any government slob with a badge? Did you know that government's only functions upon the founding of this place were to keep the streets clean and to provide some defense against lawlessness?
That was it folks ­ everything else was actually "left up to "we the people."
Our problem from that day to this was that we became very, very lazy-and of course far too busy to pay any attention to what "government" was actually doing. In our haste to make more money and to have more time to ourselves, we gave away our "rights and responsibilities" to an all too willing government that simply stored them up until they could begin to end them one by one: By 1871 the stage having already been set-they made their move and everything else is history as they say. Our problem with that is that most still have no idea that this really is a foreign, for-profit, and private corporation that is called United States Incorporated (USI), and that this corporation built its' house upon the grave of the US Constitution that they murdered, to enact their own powers over all of us. A task which they have almost finished now.
Are you having fun yet?
Most of these people are complete strangers to all of us, and yet daily we are trusting them with our fortunes, our dreams and our very lives. So far they have managed to put our children at risk and into hock for Quadrillions of dollars that not even our great-great-great grandchildren will ever be able to pay off ­ but then they should not have to; if we had not been so brain-dead that we allowed these complete strangers to manage what they had created for themselves in the first place?
'THEY' are fixated with demanding our papers ­ papers that tell them everything about who you are and what you have in the world. We should have the right to do the same thing to them: in fact we should not answer any questions until these faceless uniforms prove who they are, to each and every one of us. That of course was the reason for names and badge numbers ­ which they no longer wear.
In fact we ought to audit everyone in any high-government position. The FBI was suppose to have done that already BEFORE they were sworn in-but they obviously FAILED because as it turns out we have traitors to this country in every office in this land. How was that even possible? Simple, the FBI, the CIA and MOSSAD were all working together to pull off 911, and none of them were ever fired or demoted. Many were however promoted after that day. (1)
How could a public so traumatized by that one event be trusted to ask real questions? They tried to, but the government told them that this was a national security matter and that it was classified. A "report to the nation" was promised but was never made (in good faith) because everything that was released left more questions unanswered than were even approached. And what they did "INVESTIGATE" amounted to nothing of any real importance to anyone. Why were 'they' allowed to get away with that? Because you and I did not ask forcefully enough or often enough to change anything!
Finally how after ten long years of these same people, that have driven this nation to absolute edge of oblivion and not been publicly questioned or disciplined directly, for each of their own parts in all of this TOTAL FAILURE, which they have engineered ­ beginning a full year before 911
even happened?
Ask Questions damnit and demand answers ­ these creatures work for you, and only when you withdraw your permission to do these things to you, will there be any lessoning of this illegal state of Siege which has become what is now clearly Their War on Our Freedoms!
1) 911 in Plane site ­ video
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