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When War Is Peace
Then 'Truth' Becomes The Lie

By Jim Kirwan
Newspeak and Thought-Crimes can be very tricky stuff, but we should get used to it: Because if we don't end this government by the-private for-profit corporation known as US INC., immediately; then all of us are going to have to get to know how to live in the 2010 version of Orwell's "1984."
"The US Government Incorporated as a for-profit commercial enterprise in the legislative act of February 21st of 1871; 41st Congress Session 3, Chapter 62 page 419 and charted a federal company entitled 'United States, i.e. United States AKA US Incorporated, a commercial agency originally designated as Washington D.C.; in accordance with the so-called 14th Amendment, which the records indicate was never ratified."
However 'ratified' or not US Incorporated is running this country and has been for all of the one-hundred and thirty-nine years: since 1871. (1)
For contrast here is how the USA appeared to me in 1976, on the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of this so-called nation's Birth:
"With modifications from the agenda of the NWO & the NAU
"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots;
Now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues,
And courage shares the darkness,
With the corpse of private conscience.
Where dialogue and discourse thundered
Cowardice now crawls across an overcrowded floor.
Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence,
Are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in terror:
Of the hunger in the world outside
The wolf of violence prowls beneath our bolted windows
Watching Justice sell herself on every corner;
While we beneath our private feather-beds of folly,
Mumble condemnations of the 'cancers' in our systems. . .
Observe this kneeling nation, clinging to our 'toys of plenty'
Crying out in darkness for release from all responsibility,
For what has come to pass.
While heedlessly we watch the rape of yesterday's required,
To subsidize the plunder of 'the tomorrow's of our lives.'
So many years ago when we were small,
Before the needles of affluence had addicted us to 'more'
We flung upon the world a special kind of pride.
Now arm-in-arm we go, inflated by our 'number-oneness.'
With our non-existent 'culture,' to worship in those temples
We have built with perpetuated blindness;
These are our 'institutions' that celebrate our monumental tribute To that Omni-present deity-Expedience with all her evil offspring,
Finding solace only there,
Among the gods of power, greed and vengeance
In a world made vicious,
By the hate and envy of our oh so many criminal obsessions!
Our birthday party has arrived,
And here we sit: Bloated, bored and shapeless.
A headless eagle, shorn of wing and purpose, who's blood-drenched
Talons gleam with stolen billions,
Intermingled with the gore of needless
Deaths that also number in the billions. . .
Introverted and diminished now in the litter of excess;
The tarnished remnant of a nation that has finally killed its dreams,
In direct proportion to our attainment
Of that middle-middle nothingness that marks
Our every waking moment.
We have become what we once hated, and now we are as feared
Around the world, as we once were praised.
Truly there is nothing too contemptible now,
For USA Inc. to undertake,
Because we have learned how to eat our children and our dreams,
While we strive to kill what might remain of private conscience.
After only two-hundred and thirty-two years
We have come way past full circle
And have arrived in shredded rags to stand before the open
Gates of Hell-because now there is nowhere left for us to go!"
Happy Birthday America enjoy the charade, the fireworks and the bar-by; the music and the games-but whatever you do-do not dwell upon what 'we' have become, because this might cause you to have to act to put a stop to all of this! Hundreds of people have asked: "What can we do!"" (2)
The United States of America, long before it was even a collection of colonies was lying about everything she was, as well as what she might be seeking to become. But all nations lie about much of their own history. The difference here is that the same group of European bastards that came here from the same tainted money of Old Corrupt Europe, came not to start a country; but to extend their massive colonization into this untamed place. They never cut their monetary ties to the tyranny of old-world Europe-or to the power behind what has become the Federal Reserve, the World Bank & the IMF, along with the UN and the New World Order: They are a really fun bunch of power-mad colonial Outlaws that have murdered their way through history to finally get to this final step; to finish stealing the whole-wide-world.
The key to all of this they left in plain sight, for anyone to find and use to stop them: Yet almost no-one has even tried to use this little bit of history, to end this terror that has descended on the planet, wrapped in blood and gore and still brimming with greed and arrogance-say hello to US Inc-the ultra-private for-profit corporation that is demanding clear title to everything that lives!
Every single thing this so-called government has done since 1871 has been a lie! Think about that for just a moment. Every war, every act of congress or decree by any so-called president, every so-called ruling of the so-called US Supreme Court has been a lie because they were no longer Constitutionally based: They were and STILL ARE a criminally contrived privately held corporation that took over this nation completely in 1871.
That means that every person which this country sent into harm's way since 1871 was sent in service to a LIE! Everyone that was killed by our illegally constituted forces was killed by Outlaws, (unknowingly at the time) but murdered by murders none-the-less-because there could never have been a national consensus formed upon what was essentially nothing but a pack of lies. In the Spanish American War the Maine was sunk to start that war for Hearst's newspapers-to sell newspapers, it had nothing to do with Spain at all. WWI & WWII were also events to which we became participants on lies unending.
Yes the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor: but we pulled off an international sting operation to trick them into doing it. Roosevelt actually moved the shipping lanes so that the Japanese Fleet would not be discovered and reported by some uninvolved ship's captain. Our own early attempts at radar picked up the incoming Zero's but that was explained as just a flock of birds ­ which given the unknown capabilities of radar at the time was believable:
The fact remains that Roosevelt knew that Pearl Harbor was to be attacked because we had broken the Japanese code. Pearl harbor was not warned because we wanted to get rid of the WWI ships and be forced to buy new ones ­ and because that WAR like all the others was never about nation-states it was always about the money that every nation needed just to fight in these contrived wars. It has ALWAYS been about the money. And those who died in the Attack on Pearl Harbor were just the price of doing business; it was no different for those killed on 911-necessary murder to begin their next war! How does that make you feel?
America at the time of WWII was just as much a sucker as had been both Germany and England before they ran out of money and America had to be forced to join-in; just to keep the war going: because at that point the Germans had already won! And all of this on ALL sides of this conflict was being managed by the same bastards that have owned the United States outright since 1871!
So now after the Gulf of Tonkin (another total lie) that led to Vietnam, and after Saddam's misunderstood permission to invade Kuwait, along with the massively inept lies that still surround 911 which was yet another strategic requirement for US Inc., in order to mount their invasion of Afghanistan that had been planned for over a year before 911 took place. Hell we're in the process of doing the same thing AGAIN in both Iran and Syria, possibly Lebanon; just as we have already done it in several nations like Yemen in Africa: And still the American Herd will not pay any attention to what is actually being done in their names and with all of their money in places like Palestine, by the Zionist arm of the same criminal enterprise. This country is almost dead, and is still falling apart yet we are pouring TRILLIONS into Israel, that deep black-hole in the Middle East, that is trying to suck the entire world into their sick fantasies of Global Empire-built on what Israel sees as
The GREATER State of Israel.
Israel is demanding their "right" to steal parts, or all, of TEN countries: Part of Turkey, most of Syria, half of Iraq, a tiny piece of Iran, half of Kuwait, a huge piece of Saudi Arabia; half the Suez Canal, a large slice of Egypt and all of Palestine, Lebanon and Jordon. And US Inc. has decided to help them do it with our money and our forces which they still believe that they (US INC) actually owns outright: The only ones that don't KNOW who they are OWNED BY, are the stupid and the lazy Americans that will not disturb themselves long enough to find out what-the-hell is really going on!
But just as happened over the last few days when the public finally was forced to see what was going on in their airports (they still haven't figured out what HOMELAND Security is doing with the cops in the streets yet) but they did finally get the airport scanner problems. (3)
In a few weeks the public went from an 81% approval rating of TSA and their scanners; to a Disapproval rating of 61% which represents a shift of one-hundred and forty two points. That is massively unusual-anywhere or against any procedure of the US government in so short a time. It was also indicated that over 40% of those interviewed said that they are seeking permanent alternatives to flying. And that ladies and gentlemen has to mean that the public is finally waking up to what is really being done to us by these OUTLAWS, under cover of being the government; when in fact they are nothing but a bunch of paid thugs enforcing the will of an ultra-secret private-for-profit corporation that is lying about who they are and what they are: just as does everyone in every branch of this so-called government. The US Department of War, the Department of Justice, and on and on ­ they all serve these foreign agents that are The US Incorporated. That's a FACT!
Now you KNOW and the ball is in your court-so what are you going to do about it? Everybody dies-nobody gets out of this place alive anyhow-so what will you choose to do. The headquarters of this entire nightmare in the states, is located within a one-square mile area of Washington D. C., have fun!
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3) Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops
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