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When To Fold & When To Fight
By Jim Kirwan
I've been wondering how to respond to the silence generated by the article above; being as this is taking place in my city and not in some far-off place where the language spoken is not English or American.
This is not about fighting TSA, USI, the CIA, the FBI or IRS: this is about something that is taking place in a pivotal city, for the last two hundred years, inside the United States of America that is about to have the rights of its citizens stolen from them in broad daylight. This is coming from a criminally inclined bunch of third-rate politicians that are part of the scheme themselves, and who will probably share in the illicit profits made from this about-to-be-sealed bargain with GREED & self-interest, above all the rights and the laws of everyone else.
Moreover this 'uppity-silence' is not coming from people that are starving or poor; it is not coming from people that have to fight an invading army to protect what used to be their home. NO! This is coming from people that are too well-fed, too warm and snug in dry homes without fear (yet). This is coming from people whose doors have not yet been kicked in by the uniforms that represent our own Police-State Forces. And when that day comes these will be the people that will scream the loudest about "their rights." But wherever there are rights then there must be RESPONSIBILITIES that are what makes those rights possible, for everycitizen.
These are not people that have been tortured, or were forced to watch while their relatives were raped or murdered right in front of them. These are not people that need to fear having their throats cut for speaking out, or their tongues ripped out by the root for having tried to voice their opposition to what is happening here and now. NO! This deeply offensive silence is coming from all the "correct people," the silent ones that have always thought of themselves as "good Americans," and consequently as law-abiding people. But that's just a lie-because to stay silent now while your government is turned into a device that will serve this fascist country, is a crime against everything that these same watchers have always taken for granted: And among the things that have always been "taken for granted" here, are the freedom to speak, or to remain silent: The freedom to disagree or to resist an oppressive tyranny when it comes to take away your right to being able to rule over your own city, inside your own state government.
While I was thinking this over I happened to kick over a page from 1965. On that page was a comment about a pastel I did at the time. And it seemed to fit with what I'm trying to describe here today:
Beware this lean and hungry lion;
For in the dusty shadows of success,
Where ambitions seeds no longer grow ­
His hunger plots the deeds which will succeed.
Upon the self-same wave where challenge died.
When thoughts are heightened by the stomach
Clawing at the backbone;
The vibrations of the mind are more susceptible to truth.
This image was a declaration by the artist
Of independence;
To all those that would suppress their reason,
In their rush to still the power
In their voice of opposition.
--Kirwan 1965
In the link to the article above (1) there is a link to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors among the notes; through the clerk at: Board.of.Supervisors@sfgov.org Please refer to File No.101525
I suggest that those who care about this issue (whether or not they live in San Francisco), bombard the 'Supervisors' with what you think ought to happen on January 4th when the vote is to be made on File #101525 ­ permitting a CBD to be created that would obligate the city to criminally-excessive-charges for services that the public has already paid for-and that violate the sovereignty of the City of San Francisco by allowing a for-profit private-corporation to operate outside the oversight of city government. It's the very least you could do. And to those that are ALWAYS COMPLAINING about the supposed fact that there is "nothing they could do," well here's something that not only needs to be done, but it's right here in an American city-and you have an obligation to let your voices be heard on this matter.
1) The Stranglehold on San Francisco
2) The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.
Board.of.Supervisors@sfgov.org, ref no. 101525
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