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The War Upon Ourselves
By Jim Kirwan
In the original, this was Part One of The Journey (©1974) based on a poem by Robinson Jeffers: However this image has also become a symbol for the once-hidden Hate & Greed beneath the foundations of this War Upon Ourselves.
That["[that] Public men publish falsehoods is nothing new.
That America must accept
Like the historical republics, corruption and empire
Has been known for years.
Be angry at the sun for setting
If these things anger you.
Watch the wheel slope and turn,
They are all bound on that wheel,
These people those warriors,
This republic, Europe, Asia.
Observe them gesticulating,
Observe them going down. The gang serves lies,
The passionate man plays his part: the cold passion for truth
Hunts in no pack.
* * *
Men struggle for power and women perhaps for fame,
And the servile to serve a Leader and the dupes to be duped.
Yours is not theirs."
Robinson Jeffers © 1941 (1)
This chapter of our lives began with the GATT Global-Trade Agreements, for Europe that were rammed through congress on a fast track by Bill Clinton. This opened the door to global-greed and theft on a scale made possible only by the new technologies that allowed for the transfer of trillions of dollars at a keystroke, to anywhere in the world-in utmost secrecy. (2)
This has been followed up by other regional trade-agreements until the world has now been encircled and chained to these documents that have enslaved and at the same time silenced so many of the safeguards that once protected ordinary people from the power of the filthy-rich wherever their influences sought to control entire nation-states. But long-before GATT, Nation-states as such had all become just particles in the dust of history. Because 'nation-states' are now obsolete in every way, despite the left-over relics of their national flags which these 'counties' once took so much pride in. The end result of this silent global-coup has been that there is no longer any protection for people anywhere from this gargantuan behemoth that is still waiting at the front door of our lives and is demanding that we surrender everything to it and to its deviate owners.
In the United States we welcomed in the New Millennium by publicly allowing George Bush to steal the White House-and everything after that-including 911 became part of this self-generated War Upon Ourselves!
Time after time we have NOT questioned anything that has transpired inside this government: And each time we have failed to challenge what is being done to us (whether in the name of the farce of national-insecurity, or in the name of the now totally-corrupted economy) we have collectively been complicit in bringing about the end of our own way of life, piece by bloody piece!
We're just weeks away from the coming selection on November fourth and despite the actual State of this Nation-the $4 to $6 TRILLION dollar wars (In Afghanistan & Iraq) have not even been mentioned on the so-called campaign trail, which was no oversight: That much money could not only fix this economy, it could turn around the entire global economy, with enough money left over to even do what we have refused to do to help Haiti, Pakistan, and all the other places that we have secretly-slated for total annihilation. But this was never part of the plan for global domination.
What was and is part of the plan is to transfer the remaining wealth in this country to the most-evil-plots that were put in place by Reagan, Bush 1& 2 and Clinton, in the run-up to allowing Obama to finish shutting down the USA. And all the while the self-absorbed public has remained very soundly asleep-at-the-wheel. The politicians are only figureheads, the bankers, and the lobbyists are just players on the global-board: The public is in reality in-charge because if the public refuses to go to work, or refuses to go-along then this entire house-of-marked-cards would come crashing down within days-yet no one ever seems to think of this-much less have ordinary people ever dreamed of doing the one real thing that would end this for all the criminal-elites. Individually we must say learn how to say "NO."
Part of why this is, can be found in what the public chooses to fill their individual minds with-and that is not a pretty site. Part of the reason that The War Upon Ourselves is never mentioned, in the same sentence as "elections" is that so many people in this country still-support these unilateral and illegal occupations by continuing to buy stock in those corporations that are waging The War Upon Ourselves. So despite the fact that they are about to lose everything they have to an out-of-control government-they still cling-tightly to what has become their ticket to the good life, which became so profitable by the killing of millions of people the world over. That combined with the total disinformation arm of the government (the media); is why the WAR hasn't even been mentioned in the selection-news surrounding the so-called elections of November the fourth, 2010.
I mentioned in The Fifth Dimension, in the lead up to this article:
"What is critical now is that this new-awakening needs to find a way to reach the multitudes. One such way was given to us on Columbus Day when the government let us know that 58 million people would be denied a cost of living increase for the second time in as many years. That black-moment took place eight days ago and yet there has still been no response from the complicit AARP or any of the supposedly interested politicians that were supposed to protect the needs of all of us, not just the recipients of the Social Security Checks they have earned with a lifetime of toil, that are about to be terminated altogether in December, along with the private retirement funds that were opened to prevent people from facing ruin in old age."
And several have asked me about the possibilities concerning the end of Social Security and private retirement accounts in December. Here was my answer in part:
"This 'story' has been circulating below the line now for the last six months and if we still had real elections it would depend on what comes out of the November 4 selections. But since that is now a completely controlled process - we have to look at what we know is planned for January first 2011. That would be the trifecta of massive new taxes (across the board) that will virtually destroy whatever is left of ordinary people this year.
To insure that the new taxes will crush the society and at the same time insure that the government gets back all the money it believes belongs to them, and does not remain in the hands of those that have earned it, the government plans to end social security altogether in December (probably on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve in some kind of secret session). The reason that I believe this (ending of so much of our personal financial security) to be more than just a rumor is: 'Because we did not react LAST YEAR when Social Security cost-of-living raises were denied, to the same 58 million that have just been told that they will NOT be getting a cost of living increase in 2011 either. This emboldened the criminals-in-government to proceed with their plans to strip us of our resources and throw us all into the trash, before we can use any of that money to survive their coming tax-storms."
This War Upon Ourselves cannot continue much longer because there is simply no money available on the global scene for us to beg or borrow. The states are broke, our jobs are gone and the few remaining jobs are being reduced to nothing as fast as it is humanly possible to do so. The 99ers, those chronically unemployed for the last six months are running out of money and options and there are no plans to help them survive, because the government wants them dead.
An overview of what Stiglitz and Amy Goodman said on Democracy Now this morning reveals the following: "In response to BofA's decision to foreclose on 100,000 more homeowners; "The multi-agency task force led by investigators in the Justice, Treasury and Housing Departments whether banks broke the law in misleading federal agencies when using fraudulent document to foreclose on people's homes. The federal probe coincides with an effort by investors to hold firms accountable for
selling securities composed of improperly serviced mortgages. Late Tuesday a consortium of eight investors including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York demanded that Bank of America buy back some of the 47 Billion-dollars worth of troubled home-loans, packaged into bonds by Country-Wide Financial which is owned by Bank of America. The New York Fed is also considering suing BofA. The inter-agency federal investigation was announced a day after BofA and GMAC Mortgage said they're resuming foreclosures in the twenty-three states where a courts approval is needed to foreclose." This happened as a direct result of Obamanation trying to have everything both ways-because the public is finally beginning to get Mad-as they can easily see that nothing is being done.
Stiglitz says a great many other things and reveals some startling figures behind everything that has gotten us to this point but he consistently never uses the terms "lie or lies," or "criminal," nor "criminal-conspiracy." All of which is WHY this whole problem has been allowed to continue as long as it has in any of his descriptions about what has happened to get this nation so deeply immersed in the sewers-of-corruption that have replaced what used to be the foundation of this country and its economy. Double-Speak when committed by officials and politicians ought to be at least as criminal as thought-crime has become for the public. But beyond that Stiglitz was reluctant to name names: Amy does manage to prod him to name at least two of the players: But the entire interview touches on exactly how much damage has actually been done, throughout the economy; however you have to read between the lines and mentally use the correct terminology instead of the softball terms that Stiglitz prefers ­ throughout! (3)
All in all this nation is collapsing in slow-motion right before our eyes ­ and still the public prefers sleep to either seeing or hearing what is actually happening to us all. This WAR Upon Ourselves will not end by itself: We must choose which side we're on and act upon what we each decide, for ourselves, as a sovereign and free people. If we refuse then we will perish not with a bang but in a whisper that history will soon forget.
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