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The War On Women Revisited
By Jim Kirwan
Apparently I hit a nerve when I wrote about the War on Women. The article was called Decades of Desecration, but could easily have been termed The 3,000 year-long WAR. (1)
The subject was about the right of a woman to choose to have an abortion, in cases of rape, incest, or for purely medical reasons that threaten the survival or the long-term health of the woman.
This response was typical:
"thing is my friend abortion is murder and against all human moral instincts. you my friend are evil yet wear the mask of a moral human.
your place in hell awaits you"
I have been in this particular fight over the equal rights of women for over forty years against the mindless and reflexive men that believe that they have a right to say who lives and who will not become alive. The reason that we are not given a name before we are "born" is that it is the only way to determine who is and who is not yet, a human being. No court-order can ever change this biological fact of life. To understand this white-hot topic, it helps to understand the context for how the US and the world came to be in this totally untenable-position.
Men and Women are biologically equal; Except in the eyes of the so-called law; and in the viewpoint of twisted crusaders that believe they are defending human lives, by defending the unborn. It takes both a man and a woman to produce another human being. To procreate, both a man and a woman are required for a birth to happen. However the differences in responsibility for the new life thus created are very different; and always have been. The woman takes on the responsibility for feeding the infant from her own body; and she also is charged with caring for "her child" throughout its life, as a natural outgrowth of the fact that she nursed this being from within her body all the way to and through the birth process. The male in our society is responsible for providing for the protection and education of the child, until he or she can do that for themselves.
A fascinating footnote to this process, in the Amerrikan push to outlaw-abortion in any-form; has always been that those that are demanding an end to any and all abortions: Have never offered, (nor are they required to offer) to shoulder the lifelong costs which giving birth to an unwanted child creates. Their apparent social-responsibility ends with their illegally supported dictate to force women to give birth to unwanted children, for whatever reason. If these men and women were to pledge to bear the full costs of these unwanted pregnancies, as well as to provide for the lifetime costs that will follow such a birth-then perhaps they might have a say in this matter: But when they refuse to do this-then they have forfeited their "hypothetical-right" to have any say whatsoever in this matter, either biologically or "quasi-legally."
We live in a Patriarchical-world as opposed to a Matriarchical-world.
"Equality does not merely mean a leveling of differences. The natural differences between the genders and the generations are respected and honored, but they never serve to create hierarchies, as is common in patriarchy. The different genders and generations have their own honor and through complimentary areas of activity."they are geared towards each other.
Why for instance do you think the ancient world tended to see "Justice" and "Liberty" as women? And what was it that made Medea so vile to the Ancient-Greeks?
She killed Jason's children which unmanned him in the eyes of society, history and the world: So even then this attempt to control, by men over women, was the ultimate power that women have had in a man's world.: The ultimate power to unmake, as well as to further by fulfilling their "role" through continuing the male bloodlines.
Don't take my word for it; just look at the entire history of this War-on-Women which goes all the way back to the Pharos of Ancient Egypt. In the practical sense women tended to serve in the capacity as some form of slavery. Males tended to dominate the family, the tribal leadership (with some rather amazing exceptions) all the way up through to the ruling positions first by the Pharos and the Gods of Rome, then later by the ancient Kings in City-States and finally through the Church in all of its resplendent corruptions of everything to do with men or women. "Women as a class were always denigrated to semi-powerless positions of subservience to "men." This fact has remained a basic stumbling block for most of humanity down through the ages: Especially after the human race became obsessed with preserving the blood-lines and furthering the privatized Will-to-Power in conjunction with absolute rule, wherever possible.
There have been some obvious exceptions of late; notable only because we lived through them; but there have always been exceptions going all the way back in time. These exceptions happened because of the uniqueness of the woman involved, but that did not end up leaving any real change in the wider societies in which each of them had lived. The Cleopatra's or someone like Nefertiti each had her place in history. But in our time there have been the Golda Meir's, the Hilary Clinton's, the Margret Thatcher's and the Condoleezza's of Corruption peppered through our history; along with the vicious and damnable creatures like Madeline Albright who thought it was "worth it" to murder 500,000 Iraqi children just to punish Saddam Hussein . Being "female" is no more of a reason to approve of anyone, than is being "male" a reason to follow anyone that was born with male-gentiles.
The sooner this world can get back to forced equality of earning power between working men and women doing the same jobs, the sooner will the world become a more viable place to live and work. Just as the sooner we can all come to terms with allowing the biological imperatives of giving birth or not giving birth to reside in the end with the woman that has to care for and nurture this "child" to term-then the sooner we can all begin to worry more about how that child of such forced births; will ever become responsible and productive members of this or any other society.
And for those of you that want to see me dead, because of this issue ­ I suggest that you think again, because killing the messenger is no more of an answer to this problem than is forcing any woman to give birth to a child that has no chance in life to live at all.
For this reason almost all primitive societies killed all such children at birth: Those that were not strong enough, were deformed or were in some other way undesired. Every member of those long-lost tribes had to be strong enough to survive in the world that everyone had to face when we were all nomads in the wild and dangerous world, that those early ancestors of ours had to face. Eventually as civilization began to be formed and there was enough to eat for the whole tribe, they came to understand that sometimes those that were not physically equal might have other talents that were also beneficial to the entire tribe; once they had the luxury of being able to support those that could not provide for themselves. There it is again: that issue of who will PAY for the LIFETIME of anyone that cannot provide that for themselves?
All the petty smugness of the self-righteous does nothing to answer this most basic question-while at the same time these self-concerned and self-appointed arbiters over the life and death of strangers tends to condemn the mother of an unwanted child; to an entire lifetime as a biological prisoner to a social question that has not been "tried" with fairness, by any court in these once United States - and that's because too many are far too blind to grasp what's really at stake here! It is NOT the right to an abortion; but the right of the mother to even have a life that is the equal of those that are screaming to keep the mother in the artificial chains of a circumstance that she is was only part of creating in the first place.
Prosecute the fathers of the unwanted, and if that is not possible at the very least stop trying to criminalize the women. And as for those that try to provide clean and safe hospitalization for the mothers: That only came about to avoid the back-alley murders; that were their only other choice all the way back through history, when abortion was deemed to be a crime. It has ever been thus and if "ABORTION" is re-criminalized under these new bills that will never stop abortion: It will only create a new class of criminals that will not be charged with providing the filthy services for which they will be paid but not prosecuted-because of our selfish and uncaring treatment of those we still believe we have the right to totally control-the women at all levels in our lives!
1) Decades of Desecration
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