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But Which War is it?

From Jim Kirwan
Americans have very little use for history; but there is history and then there's History (the kind that changes your life and mine directly).
Everything in politics is always framed as what will happen in the future:
As in "The Library of the Future" or "The Homeland of the Future" but in reality
there is no "future" there is only "now."
History has been used to explain our present nightmare throughout the last ten years-but largely this effort has failed because it's too complicated for most really-busy-people to follow. So let's try something different ­ something very basic, and very simple, that will maybe clear away some of the cobwebs that too many have almost totally forgotten.
BEFORE the selection of 2000: Bush Jr. began talking about the recession, in September of 2000, when this country still had what Clinton had created which was a false-positive economy with a budget that was still in the black, instead of the debt of $14.8 trillion that we have now. People were employed, and the there was no department of Homeland Security; no police-state thugs, no checkpoints inside the country and there was no "war" to speak of and the "future still held promise ­until 12-12-2000 when the Bush campaign cut a deal with five members of the Supreme Court who stopped the vote count in Florida and declared Bush the winner of the 2000 selection.
INTERNATIONALLY: Plans for the bombing of Afghanistan had been in the works for over a year; because of a Unocal Pipeline that needed to pass through that country to get to the sea; and it was not safe, so Afghanistan needed a regime change. In Iraq Saddam was still in charge; with the information he had about Poppy Bush's drug world connections. Poppy had removed Manuel Noriega from Panama (his drug cartel leader in the West), at a cost of over 4,000 Panamanians that were killed to cover his tracks on this side of his secret life. Saddam still needed to be silenced since Poppy failed to do that with his 1991 invasion of Iraq-so Junior decided to finish what his daddy started.
STATESIDE: The US was far too comfortable; to actively back what the government felt that it needed to do-so another Pearl Harbor was required, in order to destabilize the public here, so that the changes in policies called for by the global-bankers and the cartels could proceed with world domination. The above was the geo-political scene prior to 12-12-2000.
FIRST THINGS FIRST: After the elections and the swearing-in ceremonies the first thing Junior did was to seal off all of his daddy's records from when he was vice-president, as well as president, from ever being seen by anyone. While the first thing Cheney did was to hold a massive secret-meeting in the White House with all the major energy players; who then wrote the US Energy policies that are still being used today for big Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Coal. These meetings themselves have remained secret from the public to this day: Because Cheney went so far as to seize the White House logs from the US Secret Service, who were in charge before Cheney's tenure and his seizure of this property of the US government, that would have been subject to a public review.
By late February Junior had already begun illegally spying on all US citizens, seven full months before 911. During those seven months he either reversed previous international treaty agreements, or ignored them as he proceeded to make the recession he championed before the selections into a national reality. Also secretly; Cheney and Rumsfeld became responsible for the safety of the country; rather than the president-as Bush could not be trusted to respond properly with 911 on the horizon-this is part of why Bush was taken out-of-the-loop on 911 and sent to Florida to read to second-graders while the twin-towers burned. This change took place in 1997 ­ three years before Bush became the Commander in Chief; and shows the Clinton administrations complicity in what was to come. (1) & (2)
The AFTERMATH: 911 was not an attack it was the criminal murder of nearly three-thousand people-and it was a felony crime of the highest magnitude-yet it was never investigated as a crime of any kind. Instead it was used as the justification-needed to bombAfghanistan: And to declare war upon the Muslim world. Secretly; this was the beginning of the War Upon Ourselves.
In the Aftermath, once the president had coerced congress into granting him, his License to Kill, the government finished the 911 coverup and demanded that the public focus only on the WAR and on those Arabs that had supposedly planned and carried out 911 from inside some caves in Afghanistan. Meanwhile the physical evidence, for the most part was gathered up by private-contractors and shipped off to China. Shortly after that spin-control kicked in; under-cover of the government threat against anyone that did not agree with their version of events on 911. This was further enhanced with threats of being found guilty of aiding the terrorists; for anyone that openly continued to challenge the government's version of events on that star-crossed September day.
So we had a very publicly committed crime, for which no forensics were immediately gathered, compounded by no political or criminal investigations that were even considered. Since there was 'no crime' there could hardly have been 'a crime scene'. This was possible to do because all those agencies that would have been tasked with investigating this crime, including the congress were complicit in what happened on that day: Proof of this lies in the fact that not only was no one fired for anything that happened on 911-but many were promoted for the roles that they played on that day. And the public questioned none of this until much later.
"Most people have moved-on, seeking to understand our invasions of other countries or how it is that we've lost our civil rights, and our constitution. Under George W. Bush the constitution is now just a meaningless piece of parchment thanks to the total collapse of the Congress. But at the heart of all of this chaos is our own acquiescence to the plans and promises of this Cretan, and we must not forget the 'deaf ear' we have always turned to politics. We, by our inaction and inattentions, have done this to ourselves.
At the core of our submission was and is our acceptance of the lies the White House told us, about what happened on 9-11. The committee on 9-11 that held hearings this last week, was well on its way to following in the hallowed footsteps of decades of cover-up investigations. Remember all the whitewashed lies that no one ever really believes? That's the kind of investigation that this committee was hell-bent on being responsible for: Because those kinds of investigations have always followed every national tragedy in this nation. Then came Richard Clarke and suddenly there seemed to be more than one view of what has been going on in the USofA, since the bandits came to town, and maybe even before?
Why is this so important, among all the other major aspects of our lives that the Bushman holds in his tiny little fists? Because jobs, and health-care, and the environment all of it rests on one simple fact: the total and complete domination of this country by deceit filled creatures whose only motives lie in profits stolen from the lives of others. That is what 9-11-01 is about. Without the events of that day none of what we're living with now could have happened.
Without 9-11 there would be no need for the HOMELAND security farce that the bandits copied directly from the Nazi's in the 1930's. Even the word 'homeland' is foreign, it has no resonance for Americans, it's an old-world European concept. Without 9-11 there would be no need for all the violations of every American citizen, violations that have always been introduced in the name of national security." (3)
Another side-effect of these events has meant that the future for all of us is something that we've all been living in since Bush Stole the White House on 12-12-2000.
TODAY: The Afghan War was cut short because when the Unocal pipeline reachedPakistan; Pakistan said 'No-Way' and that began another regime-change in yet another country. To distract from what we were doing in Pakistan, Junior went on to finish Poppy's unfinished business in Iraq, under falsified information which the US tried to get the world to accept. That information later proved to be totally false-yet this revelation (this criminally contrived excuse for war) did not changed anything about the war on the ground that we're still waging inside Iraq, to this day.
Pakistan is about to be invaded by us, along with Iran and possibly Syria-all of that in collusion with the 'new Israel' which has become an Apartheid state where only one people can reside: Even those Jews that do not agree with the new regime, along with Christians are to be thrown out, as "Israel" is now a Zionist puppet state, and is no longer a democratic place-they have become a totalitarian society. I wonder how many Americans know this.
None of these aggressions would have been possible without 911. There would have been no totalitarian police tactics here; no TSA screeners at our airports, or military checkpoints within the country: No reason to spy on every kind of communication engaged in by every American and perhaps most of all there would have been no need for anything like HOMELAND Security-a concept stolen from the Nazi manuals of 1934. America never thought of itself as 'The Homeland' it has always just been called 'this country,' America, or 'home.' How many know that the Nazi party was supposedly created to usher in "The New World Order back in the 1930's? Is this why this government has borrowed so many their concepts, their political tactics and their slogans in this quest to kill American society? How many people might still have their homes, their retirement savings and even their jobs - if this hellish crime had not happened! And 58 million Americans might still be getting cost of living increases, because the country's finances would not be in the sewer.
How many know that the Grandfather of George Bush, Prescott Bush, was convicted of trading with enemy (the Nazi's) during WWII? How does the great-grandson of a Nazi collaborator become president of the USA without having that fact become part of the selection process? (4)
This is just the tiniest fraction of what was behind the nightmare that adds up to The War Upon Ourselves ­ can we really afford to just continue to look the other way! (5)
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