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The Forgotten Victims And Their Executioners
By Jim Kirwan
Painting by Jon McNaughton
This interactive-painting has aroused a stir among the professional cry-babies on the web that have attacked it as 'not being art at all.' Symbolism has always been at the root of all creative endeavors, throughout the arts since we left the caves ofEurope, some seventeen thousand years ago. This artist and his image raises the beginning of some questions that too many have failed to even consider.
But in today's world there is literally no room for anything that challenges what we have allowed our leaders to do to us down through the decades. Jon McNaughton has chosen to challenge this sacrosanct unwritten rule which says that no leader shall be punished for whatever he did while in office. And because he began this with a painting, the only thing left to the criminal-elite was to try and discredit the messenger on the basis of the medium he chose to use for his message.
I have been active in the arts since I began commenting publicly in 1964. In that forty-six years I have found myself in the crosshairs of the government's agents and agencies on several occasions, beginning with that time when I was developing a graphic expose on LBJ, (still unpublished) called the State of the Nation 1966." (1)
It began when I began to get visitors in suits, at my studio in an abandoned tire factory that had been converted to art studios. At first these were men pretending to care about my work, and questioning why I would choose to put my career at risk by doing something as petty as politics when I could obviously 'have a real career in the formal arts, and make some real money in the bargain'?
As time passed and the project grew toward completion their visits were less cordial and they were far more threatening in nature. By that time I was wearing a .32 Beretta, mostly because of the neighborhood and the slum I was living in, and this was also noted. But that was Oklahoma, and wearing a weapon openly was not a problem. In the end I told them to leave me alone and that they could visit the work if they liked, when it was finished and on public display. Otherwise" I said "You'll need to have a warrant if you want to talk with me again." That is one of the ways that anyone can know that what you might be doing matters. In the end the public at that time missed the point, but the government did not. And since that time I've had company on my phones, and throughout my efforts in whatever vein I happened to be working.
From that time on politics and my artistic career became inseparably entwined. It was only much later that I discovered the CIA programs that began in the early nineteen-fifties and were designed to totally destroy any connection between graphic illustrations or 'art' in general; as something that might have a real meaning in the lives of people as a part of ordinary
Commercially I was blocked from acceptance in the world of galleries and exhibitions, because of what I did and how I chose to do it. However as there was at the time a prosperous and growing market for my work in mass-market posters, prints, note-cards and puzzles; I survived until the 1990's when the publishing houses of the US and the distributorships for everything from books and magazines to newspapers, from posters to puzzles and note cards was taken over by a German conglomerate (Bertelsmann) who declassified my work, and eliminated the category I had created for my work (magic-realism), despite the fact that I was outselling the competition by a four to one margin. The situation began with Bertelsmann but has now expanded into the Big Six. (2)
The arts, as a category of life, are something that was intended to bring people together through common interests around the world. This includes literature, dance, music, poetry, sculpture and the graphic arts, along with their many offspring. These things were all targeted by those CIA programs in the fifties to segregate the public; to divide people from the various personal worlds in which so many have always had so much trouble, just trying to live. This is why 'the arts' were targeted: Not just for destruction, but one-by-one they were each utilized in psy-ops operations and subliminal advertising to coerce the public into believing that they had no connection to other people, and that only the 'insiders' in this New World Order could profit in the scramble for position in this world which, after Ronnie's deceitful Death Squads, would see all the profits going only to the greediest and most criminal of enterprises.
Along the way universities were corrupted and whole segments of society along with vast numbers of the professions became contaminated because the arts, our first line of defense, had effectively been neutered-and hardly anyone even noticed.
But not all of us are dead yet. There are still ways that this society could use symbolism effectively to bring about real changes, without violence against the living. One way might be to dig up the dead presidents beginning with LBJ and to formally hang the corpses and then publicly burn them as traitors to this nation and the world. That would send a very powerful message to all those that have led totally criminal lives while being shielded from all actual-responsibility by the offices they occupy. Cheney and Rumsfeld come to mind along with many others that all should have been charged in international courts for crimes against humanity. Rove, Wolfowitz and Powell along with Pelosi and Hillary. The cavalcade of the political-criminal-leadership is long and very ugly; but in the end nothing will really change in this country until the national spotlight finally falls upon these creatures of the dark-side that have been so instrumental in stealing this country from the rest of us that are being coerced to play by their rules.
Of course the realist-inside knows that this will never happen because of yet another of the CIA's little programs: Political Correctness that has been at least as responsible as the extreme right in coercion and deceit as together both extremes of the left and right have provided the means to totally discredit anyone that dares to challenge any of their oh-so-sacred yet unwritten rules, for those who would be leaders in this nightmare that we live in every day.
Despite these difficulties, why not think about it. Is it not yet time to demand that there be a price to pay for corruption, for torture, for murder, for condemnation without charges and execution orders without the need to even charge the "suspects" before killing them with predator drones. This is a totally illegal place that has no rules for its leaders and thousands of laws for the rest of us to keep us from ever asking any questions-in a world where literally 'everything must finally be openly questioned.' If it's not time yet, then will that time come before or after we are physically prevented by the imposition of thought crimes that have now become an actionable offense, under the current US CRIMINAL-just-us System?
1) The State of the nation 1966
2) The Big Six

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