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Three Monkeys & The Haitian Epidemic
'Hear Not, Seek Not, Speak Not Truth'

By Jim Kirwan
In the wake of the current Cholera epidemic inside Haiti, an international investigation of three former US 'presidents' needs to be undertaken. Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. need to held and charged for their respective roles in what they illegally and individually did to that cash-starved and besieged nation-state; since the administration of George Bush Sr..
After the earthquake back in January two of these three monkeys went on television to ostensibly raise money for the immediate relief of conditions inside that country. Specifically they asked the world to "SEND MONEY" to relieve the situation on the ground so that the Haitian people could have food and shelter and clean drinking water while they struggled with survival in the wake of the questionable earthquake that had just ravaged Haiti.
The CRIMES which these three knowing committed involve the now permanently delayed assistance which their appeal was suppose to have addressed. The promised-aid never arrived. What we sent instead were troops to protect against terrorism on the ground in the aftermath of an earthquake? The promised AID never arrived. That failure led directly to the conditions now present in-country ­ for the Cholera epidemic now well-underway in Haiti.
This situation was and is further complicated by the fact that the three former 'presidents' that begged for money on behalf of the Red Cross; were themselves each responsible for various parts of those US policy decisions that created the totally dependant situation inside Haiti, specifically since the time of George Bush Sr.-and Bill Clinton the same man that knew about the crime of genocide in Rwanda and chose to do absolutely nothing, wherein millions more died needlessly.
In Haiti Clinton insured that to survive the Haitians had to sell off what remained of their own nationally owned Sugar processing plants, their concrete plants and other resources: The profits from which, if those state owned businesses had not been forced to sell; could have allowed Haiti to begin to right itself after any disaster. However since the actions of George Bush Sr., Clinton and George Bush Jr., Haiti no longer had any control over its own ability as a nation to even exist: Then Bush Jr. finished off any future possibility with his security measures that were designed to move the people of the island nation off their own lands (making the growing of their own food impossible) ­ and forcing the rural people into the Haitian cities where there were no jobs and where survival was tenuous at best.
The creation of these conditions ought to be seen as Crime Against Humanity in that it did not discriminate between individuals, but was a targeted political and financially motivated crime that would liquidate an entire nation through the illegal pressures of policies that served the interests of the Global Bankers and the New World Order ­ rather than allowing the Haitian people to be allowed to survive inside their own country!
Consequently to blatantly use the same three criminals that created the problems which have kept Haiti in chains since they became the first slave-owned nation to obtain their own independence from the French (or any other nation) ­ added arrogance and willful murder to the charges against these three imposters to the US 'presidency.
There must be a complete and transparent investigation into what happened to the aid money that was raised but never used for aid to the Haitian people; because what happened to that money has to have been an international fraud upon the people ofHaiti-that is compounded by the deceptions used to obtain that money under false pretenses. The money went into the pockets of the same people and organizations that have held Haiti hostage to our collective polices now since they were able to throw off their chains and
become an independent state.
It was this act of defiance of the powers-that-were in-charge when Haiti became free, by their own actions-which have created this compounding of the Haitian nightmare right in front of the whole world. Just as it was the actions of these three US 'presidents' that enabled the final fraudulent appeal to save the Haitian people with donations that have yet to be used to help Haiti even with basic needs. To-date; there has been no outcry from the public about this arrogance of power which has now succeeded in further crippling the survivors of the earthquake in January.
The very least that could be done is to investigate the whereabouts of all that money that was given by ordinary people ­ ostensibly to the Red Cross ­ to assist the people of Haiti when they needed it the most!
The links below will outline the enormity of this global bait & switch that the American public bought into, with no visible result, which is why this treatable and curable Cholera epidemic should never have happened!
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