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Terror, Terror, Terror... Where's The Proof?
By Jim Kirwan
The life-blood of terrorism is built upon the all-pervasive and continuing irrational-fear of the unknown. Think of this as you would of someone yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater, when there is no fire at all. The resulting panic can cost lives, and will create havoc in that small place. But when a government or several governments collude to scream "TERRORISM," using unclear and unfounded "security" claims as their only justification-then that is different not just in the size of the audience affected, but with the added political-lie that is policy-based; the result is to terrify and threaten the world at the same time as they continue to build the future depicted above.
Unfortunately I played a small part in helping the feral government obtain an image for their plan. I did this 32 years ago in 1978: Two years before Reagan stole the White House, and eleven years before the Berlin Wall went down in 1989. This is significant because while Ronnie claimed credit for the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union: It was also on his watch that the world failed to get their promised "peace dividend" when the cold war officially ended. Instead we got a new and all-powerful; enemy to oppose-worldwide Terrorism!
This image does not fit in with the other topics at all, in the Republican project called The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime.*
When I went to the interview with the person who described what was needed at Research West Inc. in Emeryville California ­ the interview was conducted from behind a bullet-proof glass wall. She had no sense of humor, and she was the personification of paranoia incorporated. It bothered me that this subject should have been included with the other topics ­ but I didn't fight it because it seemed harmless at the time. It was only later, after Reagan took office that I began to grasp the depth of how important it was to begin to focus on Terrorism, long before anyone would take this 'threat' seriously.
What eventually became clear to me was that this almost baseless-fear in 1978 would become the centerpiece for the War on Terror that has now become what its owners had always planned for it to be-the non-specific nightmare of Fear that cannot be banished because it is a phantom an omnipresent shadow that lurks behind every gesture and potentially every misunderstood encounter.
This small part of Deukmejian's bid for Attorney General of California was spread far and wide in Washington, and would eventually play a much larger role as events began to accelerate after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Without an enemy after theUSSR collapsed, the world was in danger of discovering peace and a dividend that none had not known before (because it meant that the planet for the first time in memory could stop wasting money on wars and the machinery of war. That is why the manufacture of TERRORISM had to begin long before it would be employed.
These people who are doing this were the architects of 911, and everything that has followed since. Throughout the Cheney-Bush years the same drumbeat was carried on with absolutely no proof of anything they said was happening here. Overseas there were some events: But in the USA the only "terrorist-attacks" that ever happened on US soil, aftrer 911 were those created for film, for television, or for video-games wherein lots of death and blood flowed freely to the point that subconsciously people actually came to believe that this nation is in direct danger from these false-flag organizations, like Al Qaida, that was created specifically by the CIA and the NWO for just this purpose.
The travesties that happen daily in the courts, the total farce of Obama promising to shut down Gitmo, the back-and-forth over the legalities and the treachery involved in maintaining secret prisons worldwide while we can now kill people, openly, without having any charges being filed against them; thus removing all the rights of anyone that the government might think of as a threat. The accused now has no protection from government at any level, and no defense is recognized when it comes to 'the national-security-state' in a time of war. This is beyond fascism, and the belligerent prosecution of US citizens by local, state and national thugs in uniform, has nothing to do with either the US constitution or the administration of justice which the constitution called for. Proof of this lies in the fact that police departments no longer keep track of how many people are injured, tortured tasered or murdered while supposedly in police custody.
There is real terrorism in the United States but it's coming from those in the government since Bush Junior stole the office in the 2000 elections.
Whenever this government begins to warn the public about terror-strikes they need to furnish checkable facts-because their word is not enough-they have lied too many times for anyone to believe anything they say on any topic: But especially on anything to do with national security matters. So the next time you hear the government say that there's a terrorist threat, just say: "PROVE IT!" We've been living in the hollow threat now for nearly ten years, and nothing has changed except that tens of trillions of our dollars have been stolen, our jobs and personal security have gone away, and none of this is going to come back again-all in the name of a series of wars that we did not demand but that we are still suffering from in the extreme.
Millions upon millions of people have died, have been maimed or displaced in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, and throughout Africa at our hands, and through the use of our weapons-yet we do not question anything.
We have no recognizable representation within this government-yet we are being taxed into oblivion. (In January of 2011 there will be a huge tax increase across the board) and those that cannot pay will likely be jailed. "Taxation without Representation Is Tyranny" was once an American battle-cry during the Revolutionary War here. (1)
Right now The Secretary of War, William Gates, is demanding that we reinstitute the draft in order to get more bodies to feed into the meat-grinder of the wars that have no point except for the filthy-rich. His complaint is that we've run out of people to volunteer. He could just draft all those Americans that are currently serving as mercenaries-thereby saving a great deal of money while putting those who refuse in prison instead of letting them feed from the troughs of illegal private enterprise ­ it's our money that the government is spending on the mercenaries so why not reduce that totally unnecessary expense? (2)
This is all part of the very real TERRORISM that afflicts Americans today, in every walk of life-and this has to stop!
1) Huge Tax Increase Starting on January 1st, 2011
2) Gates says too few in US bear the burdens of war.
*Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime

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