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Tenacity - The Forgotten Power
By Jim Kirwan
"What Courage!"
From The Disasters of War by Francisco Goya
Wars have been with us from before the time when records were kept, as have the conditions that threaten life. These have been as numerous as the numbers of those that have fought in all those wars. However, sometimes the gravest threats do not involve weapons as much as they involve the depth of human commitment to ending those threats. Chief among these deterrents' has always been the almost forgotten value, in the raw but determined courage of "Tenacity."
We know that 'War is a Racket' and that this nation's leaders have continually signed us up to play the starring role in this global production; that has to date been run by thugs and amateur politicians who are basically ignorant of everything in life; except the corporate bottom-lines' which are the real purpose behind every war we undertake.
Since the Vietnam War we have learned that 'War becomes perpetual when it is used as a rational for Peace' which always seems to fall to idiots to implement. These 'most important questions of war & peace' cannot be left to politicians and third rate generals: Because whether or not we go to war was supposed to come from a consensus of Americans; based on a direct threat to our actual 'national-security.' That is not-the-same-thing as initiating pre-emptive strikes against imagined enemies, without bothering to get the facts before we begin our bombing runs: As we did in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
In that phase of American-military-projection into the Middle-East, as opposed to Vietnam in Southeast Asia: we can see some very serious parallels that we have continued to expand on, rather than to re-evaluate. First among these failed policies was the role of American-media in American-wars, together with how that has driven our policies as well.
One very interesting side-bar to our recent wars, involves the shift of emphasis that has been radically altered since the First World War. During that time a great deal of concern was placed on protecting civilian life. However their weapons were not all that accurate, but the focus of that war was on killing enemy troops. In WWI only 10% of all casualties were civilian. By WWII civilian casualties had jumped to 50%. In Vietnamwe began to introduce smart weapons to supposedly alter the number of civilians killed. However in Vietnamthe casualty rate for civilians was 70% of all combat related deaths. By the time we got to Iraq with all our super-high-tech weaponry the civilian casualty totals accounted for over 90% of all the deaths in that war. So we could say that as high-tech precision weapons increased (along with the costs; that equal profits earned), supposedly to avoid collateral damage-that civilian casualties have skyrocketed.
The media in the US has been the whore that translates the military scripts to the public as 'the truth' of what we're doing in any of the wars we manage to initiate. 'Media' also lies about every action undertaken during battles now, but this is not news. What is news is that they have become as much a part of every war, as whatever weaponry is used: Because it is the media that creates the furor and feeds the appetite for war that comes so easily to the minds of too many; that have a twisted love-affair with the hardware and the carnage they watch daily on their television-screens which they think of as 'their lives.'
The 24 hour news cycles of the media have turned war and the promotion of wars into our biggest national interest in the world today-right behind the obscenity of the creation and distribution of our now worthless money that was 'minted' and spent without any oversight whatsoever.
[The latest instance involved $12.3 Trillion that went directly into the same corrupt banks that have brought us to the edge of oblivion; who then proceeded to use part of the $12.3 Trillion to prop up foreign banks]
The War in Iraq was called "Operation Iraqi Freedom" but the price of that farce turned out to be the near total devastation of the Iraqi people; together with the enslavement and near total surrender of most Americans, along with the loss of all our freedoms over here. To understand what went wrong in this society, and how this relates to the inherent powers of Tenacity; we need to know that the corporate world has successfully turned the USA into the USI and has been pivotal in both our capture and surrender: Almost entirely through the deception and the propaganda that creates the myriad of lies, which the USI cannot survive without!
First among our real enemies now is corporate-think; led by "TEAM thought." This states that no individual's opinion can ever matter; because only the TEAM matters. Or as corporate-speak so proudly proclaims: "There is no "I" in TEAM. That's why Corporate-speak and 'Team-think' represent some of the most dangerous enemies that we must crush if there is to be a tomorrow. This concept has also bled-over into the military as well which now produces semi-robots instead of individual soldiers; troops that could manage to continue on, despite the loss of many friends. To this end we must all begin to think of ourselves as Americans, whether we are in the military or not, because none of the other political affiliations have ever really mattered anyhow!
Each of us needs to find some point of real interest within this nightmare, and begin to work to bring it down. One by one, with tenacity and determination we can begin to unhinge this monster by intricately-interfering with every critical part of all the lies they have created, just to keep us all ensnared. I. F. Stone said: "All government's lie and nothing they say should be believed." But when he was asked about that phrase he went on to say: 'We should never trust whatever is said by the government' [because for the most part it always lies]. Instead ordinary people need to learn to trust themselves, and to find the proofs that are needed to confirm that trust which can and should be placed in what you discover: Instead of just following that unending stream of lies which is the only thing this government knows how to do-in any situation.
We are in a very unique situation at this moment; poised as we are in the space between humor and torment, The barbed wire of torment must be unwound from our daily lives so that we can again experience the subtleties' and ironies of life again, in the humor that comes naturally with just being alive!
This place can never be ours again unless we have the determination to challenge those that have stolen most of what was ours. But if you find that stubborn streak in each of us, that some choose to call 'tenacity' and use it with determination, to find the answers that you know are out there: Then there is a real chance that together we can begin to reverse this nightmare and reclaim what we once believed was "ours."
Just like that woman in the Goya etching above; this will not be easy and
some of us will die in the trying-but with tenacity and courage we may yet prevail in this twenty-first century war for the soul of this place. For if we are to survive in this closing chapter of WWIII-then we must understand the truth and set 'it' free-before these unending lies put an end to all mankind.
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