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The Struggle To Breathe Free
By Jim Kirwan
Pride & Shame are pictured here, but what is not clear is that the tower itself is being rebuilt from the rubble created by the metaphorical destruction of Shame; which is what happens whenever any people firmly reject that corruption that has polluted so many lives for decades.
To understand what is still growing within the revolution more clearly, the world needs to deconstruct the engine of commerce which has been built upon massive lies and mega-corruption throughout the world. The goal of this coordinated treachery was simply to dominate the global-population by focusing not on the societies they have invaded; but on the machinery that the corrupters have created to totally control the global society itself-through corrupted criminal-commerce protected by the massive military machines of war and their colonial conquests that have ignored the one thing common to everything in the world-which are those same people that in the end make everything possible-the people who do the work!
The revolution in Egypt amounts to a deconstruction of the failures of the global-elites, in "real politics" that can now be seen clearly for what it always was: Nothing but the use of an artificial-super-glue (politics) where actual connections were needed to meld the population directly into the profits they created for this faceless and inhuman despotism; that has over taken almost every nation in the Middle-East; along with a tremendous number of other former states around the world.
By using this totally-skewed concept over the past thirty-years, to attempt to hold the people of so many different states together, in condescending commercial and political bondage to a slavery that in reality would never end-the NWO created their own end to actual-power. TIME itself; that was initially complicit in the theft of these countries, has now eroded this evil-compact in direct proportion to the number of those that the state has arrested, tortured and murdered, and this has turned the tide against the global-elites-who were formerly 'our masters.' These neo-liberal colonialists who were able to crush and kill their way toward global dominance; are now in a battle for their very existence, not just in Egypt, but in every country where they have cast their deadly shadow.
The ghosts of the dead and the disappeared have returned to force the public to remember, and to resist, until the monsters have been publicly removed and replaced by a society that reflects people first, and reduces the mechanisms of government to the subservient and supportive positions toward those who have always made everything possible for any so-called state; anywhere upon the planet. If this is not possible then those governments that refuse will have consigned themselves to the trash heaps of history; to join with the millions upon millions of despots that have preceded them throughout history's long march, toward improving real life and actual prosperity on the planet.
Yesterday the situation looked like this, to me.
'The PAST IS DEAD; it is A CORPSE THAT CANNOT BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE! This is the computer age and cannot be viewed as simply another version of the long dead past - without taking into account the blood and death of real people everywhere that have always stood against the tyranny and lies of the elites of every age.
Formal scholarship, just like monopoly money cannot be eaten, drunk, or fcked - and what is beginning to surface at last is just exactly what a total farce all those "scholars" were with their bloodless musings that go on and on throughout history spreading their lies and trying to use history as an alibi instead of the unfolding story of humanity that is what it was supposed to be. . . YES, of course history lies too; but the real history has to include it's own failings, if it is to become part of anything that matters: The Zionists have been working on destroying the truth, especially in those dusty archives from the past, in the cellars below the Vatican as well as on the trading floors of Wall Street, and NY and London as well as throughout the governments of the puppet-world that has tried so-mightily to replace the real world, wherever possible.
I thought this revolt would happen, and we all know there will be more to say once the military begins to appear on the scene. There are whispers of troops shooting their own leaders instead of the protestors, and there are more than rumors that the US plans to "take-control" but that would definitely be a major mistake by us, because this is proving to have involved over 80% or more of Egypt and probably about the same numbers in every other country that is moving rapidly to keep up with Egypt, including loud-mouthed but befouled Saudi Arabia; and other African nations by the handful now.
This cannot be contained just because it involves the Suez Canal; it's far bigger than just that transition point to and from the Middle-East: this is about a life-line to the soul of the Middle-East, going through not just one nation but through an entire people-without borders - who are now calling themselves FREE-PEOPLE! If the criminal-elites try to use their military-machine to subdue this outbreak - they will pay for that with mutinies on every side, and within every order given - and this too will be more than just a part of the history of this conflict: it will become a central tenet for its success as well!'
"Massive demonstrations are being held in cities across Egypt, including Cairo, Mahala, Tanta, Alexandria, Ismailia and Suez. In Cairo, protesters have expanded their rallies beyond Tahrir Square to several government buildings including the presidential palace, the parliament, and the offices of Egyptian State Television." (1)
And today there was this: 'This is a phenomenal explanation of the "fission" taking place within the crowds inside Egypt that is in effect actually beginning "to unite instead of divide" those who are creating this takedown of the Regime in Egypt. Perhaps this is the best explanation so far of what it means to apply pressure slowly to an otherwise very explosive situation that might very easily have fallen into either chaos or failure. .
"Fission is defined as 'the act or process of splitting into parts. In a more scientific explanation, fission is defined as 'division of the atomic nucleus into two lighter fragments releasing energy. In a nuclear power station, fission occurs slowly, while in a nuclear weapon, very rapidly. In both instances, fission must be very carefully controlled.'
When applied to daily shifts on the geopolitical front, the first definition is self explanatory. The second definition however, requires a bit of dissection. The 'nucleus' of a stable society is the peaceful, brotherly and harmonious interaction between its people. To split this nucleus through fission, thus disrupting the interaction and establishing division, the variable needed is any type of bombardment.
Israel's Fission Field Warfare is the highest degree of false flag terrorism.
Once the nucleus is split, the energy released is that which resembles misunderstanding, enmity, frustration and even hatred. Since the fission itself is controlled 'very carefully,' the manipulators must also induce the bombardment. This bombardment can be directed at either side of the divided societal 'nucleus,' fomenting an ever-expanding atmosphere of perpetual blaming and infighting. By constantly injecting deception into the enclaves where the newly formed 'fragments' have been divided, they remain quite incognizant of the reason that they have been split from their harmonious core to begin with.
Sustaining this division in nations which aren't fully aligned with the greater globalist agenda, also known as 'hostile environments,' tips the geopolitical scale in the favour of the manipulators and their agents who designed the bombardment. There is an entity that has mastered this political fission, or 'fission field warfare.' And that criminal entity is Israel." (2)
Given this vast series of revelations which the continuing demonstrations have unearthed in the Middle-East and by extension to the rest of The World-under-Siege: It would appear now that Dignity, Freedom and real Justice are simply impossible now, in any nation that continues to shut out the blood and crimes, against their own people everywhere. Colonial powers; whether in its primitive forms or its neo-liberal "newly branded version" of contemporary Colonial Tyranny that features slavery, torture and murder as their mainstay cannot be allowed to have any part-to-play wherever people have awakened to the simple truth behind this global-siege against us all.
"People" must become the central point in anything that claims to govern over any 'nation.' And while this central fact has been excluded-outright from every one of the plans created by the elites for their absolute and globally-dominant tyranny: This almost ancient stand-off between power and those that power seeks to own and control-must finally be firmly and completely ended-if there is to be a world where human-life is not just tolerated but clearly-cherished and enabled by the common consent of the governed, everywhere.
The time has come to again remove; NOT the people; but their oppressors along with all their criminally-complicit operatives that saw themselves as natural rulers over every other person on this planet. "We" have collectively been responsible for "loosing the dogs of war, and criminality" upon the world in the blackened name of greed and power: Thirty-years of this tyranny is far more than enough-that must end with the liberation of all these puppet states that have been indispensable to Zionists everywhere and to USI in particular.
If not "NOW" ­ "WHEN"! Egypt has shown us the way; and so far their actions have remained peaceful, so why not begin that battle here as well, where it is needed even more. This entire crime has been made possible by all those secret and illegal-military-contracts that have created the incentive for global destruction, global slavery, and the universal torture of anyone that has shown even the smallest amount of resistance, to the self-destruction of global society-anywhere in the world today?
This weekend might well see the arrival of PHASE III, which will begin the formal use of force against the people of Egypt: If there is an attack upon the Egyptian people, then that will be the same as an attack upon freedom-loving people everywhere and should be met with demonstrations everywhere ­ if state violence is used to try and murder this revolution before it can succeed. This was our world, before we became addicted to power, to illicit profits and to criminal methods: The question is are we strong enough to take back what we thought was ours: And are we willing pay the price that any freedom has always required which is the blood of those that would be FREE!
This government has made way too-much of PATRIOTS, HEROES, and FALSE FLAGS of all types; just to maintain their bloody grip upon all that most people hold dear: To be truly free we must break their hammer-lock on the microphones they have stolen from the public, and take back this nation, as a first step to begin to free ourselves from the same tyranny that has tried to kill the entire Middle-EAST, along with the world itself.
1) Demonstrations are being held across Egypt
2) Israel's Fission Field Warfare
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