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Judge Bows To Sovereign
By Greg Reese
There is a game being played against humanity for the simple goal of having the many serve the few. This goal is accomplished not with force, but by tricking humanity into a submissive role. The heart of the game is what is known as the Law. It is Common Law knowledge that humanity stands above government and government serves man. But by way of trickery, humanity is persuaded to submit their authority and serve beneath government through contracts. Under Common Law so long as a human being does no harm to another's property, which includes their body, then one remains a free sovereign individual. All other laws are known as statutory laws and by definition they require an agreement of both parties. In other words, if you don't agree to a statute law, then you are not obligated by it. We are tricked into agreement with tactics seen in the video below.
In the video our hero was given a name, or a legal entity, at birth; KEITH THOMPSON. And this name is legally owned by the Crown of England and subject to Admiralty/Maritime Law. Our hero is not KEITH THOMPSON, he is not a name or a legal entity, he is a living soul incarnated in human form. But if a Judge can get our hero tocontract, or to agreethat he is KEITH THOMPSON, then he submits to the authority of the Crown and agrees to the statute laws. Game, Set, Match. It happens every day. This is all carefully written into the letter of the Law and therefore is considered fair play. Didn't you read all the rules? What the tyrants call fair play, I call a deceitful trap, but the reality is that you can beat the game.
It is no different than a bully in the school yard yelling at you to "Come Here". You have no obligation to obey the bully, but if you do submit and obey, then through your actionsyou are agreeing to be the subordinate. The same applies with government, if you agree that you are the NAME then you agree to be the subordinate. And if you obey an order, then through your actions you agree to be the subordinate. (pic 1) In the video you will see the Judge playing these two strategies against our hero. He attempts to get our hero to identify himself as the legal entity KEITH THOMPSON, and he attempts to intimidate him into submission by barking orders and calling on the (pic 2) court-room officers to forcibly remove him.
Our hero knows who he is, he knows he is the only true authority and because he knows this, he acts the part; honorable and peaceful, he does not identify himself as the legal entity, he is not intimidated by the bully tactics, and as you will see in the video, (pic 3) the Judge ends up bowing to him as the sovereign just before fleeing the court-room. Judges bow, it is a ritual they perform at the start and end of the day, but this was not the end of his day. He bowed to our hero just before abandoning the court-room, to give way to his authority. (pic 4) Our hero then lawfully takes command of the court and dismisses the charges before leaving peacefully and of his own free will.
It's a simple game being played against us and we have been conditioned to think that we need permission, we have been conditioned to be intimidated by uniformed bullies, and we have been conditioned to believe that we are bound by every ridiculous law written. The solution: know who you are, know that you are free, do no harm, and submit to no one. Personal freedom is your birth right and the truth shall set you free. Knowledge is the key.
To gain more knowledge I recommend the following website:
It is full of free information and links to most of the other info you can find on the web. If just a small percentage of us stand up to tyranny and act peacefully and honorable then the game will soon fold.

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