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Surviving The New World Nightmare
By Jim Kirwan
The buildings in the capitol don't look like this, yet. But the ethical standards of this nation are even more damaged that is this structure pictured above; because we have been rotting from the inside out since 1999 came to an end.
The first thing you must understand, in that interior-mind-space that tells you what is real and what is not; is that everything that you grew up with has changed in the last ten years: And not for the better. Everything that was true as late as the Twentieth Century is long gone now.
Many people have asked me; "what can they do - really." So maybe this is long overdue, but I'll try and explain what has happened and what ordinary people can actually do about it. This is only an overview, a small beginning.
In third-world countries the population talks about almost nothing but politics; because they have learned the hard way that "politics" is what their lives depend upon. Meanwhile Amerikans have always treated politics like some strange and slightly crazy distant uncle that it is best not to pay too much attention to. Basically we have chosen to ignore politics because its practices are too complex and filthy to even bother with. That was our major mistake; because while we were ignoring or dismissing politics as either just another pack of lies or as something that real people don't actually bother themselves about-the truth is that raw-politics has taken over almost every life in this country and billions of others in the outside world as well.
Some of the changes include the fact that our former two-party political system has been dead and buried since the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The animated manikins that still have offices in government just go through the motions in fulfilling their roles as "players" in the ping-pong game of democrat-republican, right-left, conservative-liberal, progressive-Anarchist: And none of it is real.
What is true today is that over 90% of everyone serving in some capacity as part of the Feral machinery of upper-echelon government is corrupted; which means that each of them has a role to play on-stage, either in support or opposition (on que), in the national soap-opera that is nothing but a series of charades that always end with the bad-guys winning everything they want while we get the unthinkable bills to pay for all of this. Public reputations are a joke, policies are as fluid as a flash-flood when the time is right and agenda's are nothing more than lip-service to whichever massive crime is about to be committed against the public who remain, as always, the main target of every political move that is made today. This includes all the WARS, the entire machinery of medicine, pharmacology, drugs, treatments of all kinds, and of course all of it is wrapped up in massive insurance frauds that are justified by US made policies that are designed to end lives, not prolong them.
The FDA, FCC, IRS, FBI, CIA, and all of the other alphabet agencies only exist to hide the crimes being committed every day buy the same agencies that were supposedly created to protect the public from the harm they are charged with preventing. Similarly the UN, the Environmental Protection agency OSHA, the World Bank, the IMF, the Red Cross, HOMELND Security, TSA, VIPER, and of course FEMA are all agencies that only serve the powers that have called for the elimination of four-fifths of the world's population. This may be a lot to handle but if you can't get your mind around this then you will die very quickly for your failure to be able to tell the difference between who is on-your-side and who is out to kill you.
In the old 'real-world' there was a great deal that was absorbed by generations of Americans which dictated our behavior towards everything governmental. And because of this people seem to be easily intimidated when addressing their supposed 'representatives.' You must not talk to these people as if they deserve respect: (their selections were fraudulent, because all the elections have been rigged-the fix is in the game is rigged; and you and I are not the ones that will ever profit from any of it).
These people in positions of power are the same people that have created all the evil legislation that is destroying everything of value in your life today: So remember that if and when you ever write to them or encounter them in any way. You would not speak to the thief that came to steal your things as if he or she was someone in need of any respect-so why would you feel any qualms about telling off these proven criminals-while demanding that they change their positions on everything they are doing? Afterall as children we learned how to tell the difference between the people that would help us and those that might have hated us: This is no different except that we have been conditioned to show reverence to government officials and agencies whether they warrant that or not. Look around you, in office politics it is the same, as well as in every situation you must face and deal with: Use your head, learn to know when to run and when to fight! The lowest forms of animal life KNOW this: why do we not follow their example?
If you look around you will see how much the police have changed. They no longer wear badges or name tags: In fact most of the time you cannot see their faces only the weaponry is visible, and none of that looks like it was made to deal with civilians. That's because these are thugs addicted to power and the perversion of power without fear of any consequences for whatever they might feel like doing to you today. The 'police' no longer "Protect & Serve." In 2011 the only things that cops now do is Intimidate & Torture people at random and with overflowing-belligerence for anyone that does not JUMP to their every barked-order. And that's just one of the visible parts of this New World Nightmare.
Every other aspect of this society is also a lie. From the film world that has been churning out government propaganda by the ton since WWII; all the way to the newspapers that print only the censor-approved lies of the government and those that own the government-but so many still believe what they read in the old-line mainstream news like the New York Times or the Washington Post-just two bastions of disinformation of the highest order. The same is true of public television as well as the television Networks: ALL OF IT LIES! Books, periodicals the arts and entertainment all bow to the powers that be, because if they don't they will be put out of business, overnight! There are still real publications and real publishers in the world but they are very few in number, and their futures are extremely fraught with political-landmines at every turn. (1)
This WAR is not "coming soon" ­ it is here and now-and they are beginning to raise their drawbridges around our lives in such a way so as to prevent us from moving, or traveling, or even contacting those whom they do not first approve of. We already have "papers please' at the airports, and at the borders: Soon this will be brought home to cordon off locations within our cities so that movement itself becomes a suspicious act. Yet throughout all this the public seems never to see, never to really hear about what's really going on? The reason is simple. Either the truth is too horrible to contemplate or the people involved have never been able to let go of that old paradigm wherein they still had rights, there was still a constitution; and where 'people' were basically "good." That is simply no longer true!
But there's still another level to everything in this New World Nightmare. It's the personal side of your own life. First, since February of 2001 you have never been allowed to be alone in your life. Big Brother in his current form of cameras and listening devices of all types has been watching you, and listening to you 24-7. That's right even if you have done nothing suspicious or anything that might be even be just a little strange: You have been targeted because you are an American and by today's standards you must be considered guilty until proven innocent (which is exactly the reverse of what the Constitution calls for). Paranoia Inc. demands this behavior because TERROR is the order of the day-so you must be part of it in some way. Remember this: To this feral government there are never any innocent Americans!
An additional level deals with what has been done to the language. Here too everything has radically been altered. Just as what comes through your television screen implants messages of heroism, terrorists, and massive plots against the United States; while the cop shows defend the paranoid state of perennial terror that in reality is simply another government myth (there has not been a single terrorist caught by TSA) and all the much discussed cases were all Stings by either the FBI, the CIA or Mossad-made to look like something we 'must fear' right down to surrendering the very last of our human rights that came with birth and not from any government.
We have allowed ourselves to be classified, as consumers rather than as citizens; because citizens have rights that must be explained while consumers have nothing that they can turn to by way of "protections" or those "responsibilities" that everyone including the government once had to share in; for everything they said or did. That's a huge difference that in actuality changed everything in the relationship between the banks, the government, and the accountability that goes with every part of the lives we're trying to live. This simple change of designation freed the forces of evil to take everything you have or ever hope to have without any notice or any justification-and this includes arresting you without charging you, imprisonment without trial, detention without cause: It all comes back to this very simple alteration in your "status" as an American!
When everything around you has changed from the way children are routinely diagnosed to the way we treat those retuning from the wars; we too must change if we are to survive. (2)
Our whole world has changed: yet too many Americans behave as if "nothing has changed." The truth is everything has been co-opted or tainted; destroyed or poisoned against us. Only those that can recognize these new facts will even have a remote chance of surviving beyond the first few days after the guns leave their holsters. However if enough Americans do wake up in time maybe we can keep those weapons holstered: it's actually up to every one of us to begin to call them on every lie they tell; every time they repeat it.
We must learn how to challenge them at every turn; during every prominent speech that is given, or article that is written ­ to either PROVE what they are saying or to just SHUT UP! We must also learn to treat them as they treat us: Because what has happened is the equivalent of a revolt by the household staff against the true masters of this American house. Technically they work for us, and when that happens anywhere else in life you fire them at the very least: But whatever else might happen you NEVER OBEY those that have revolted and stolen everything they were hired to protect!
Everyone is much stronger than they know-at this moment. You must find that strength and use it to change the dynamic into something that alters the balance of power now. We outnumber them by over 5,000 to one and there is no way on this earth that they have the manpower or the money to launch a military strike against the USA with any real expectation of actually winning, unless we all lay down and surrender before they've even really begun!
1) How Hollywood censors the Movies
2) Stress Disease Connection, Addiction, Attention Deficit Disorder,
And the destruction of American Childhood:
Mislabeling Children
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv49RFo1ckQ ­ short video
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