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By Jim Kirwan
Self-responsibility or the lack of it is at the core of our lives and it cannot function in a legislated 'silence' that outlaws contemplation:
Especially when all real communication has been officially
Beneath and surrounding, the latest outrage in Arizona, lies the real reason for the national frustration with everything to do with this government at all levels. First the government itself has shut down all communication between the public and those that supposedly represent 'the public.' You cannot contact senators or representatives that do not directly represent you. You cannot directly question the people that are supposedly working for you: They (congress, the government and those in power) have routinely blocked us at every turn from having any part in the life & death decisions they routinely make every day; regarding the most important things in our lives, in our medical health and even in our deaths.
On top of that everyone that has even a small piece of any real authority continually lies to us all - about everything they do supposedly in our names. In this poisoned air of a thoroughly destroyed system there has not been and still is not any way for anything to ever get resolved, according to constitutional method of physical representation that has legislated into oblivion.
Couple this with having the government declare the entire population of the nation as 'enemies of the state' and potential terrorists: Even as government continues to spy upon us all 24-7: Then ask yourself is it not reasonable that the public might justifiably be getting a lot more angry than ever before? The killings in Arizona are directly attributable to the massive failures of governments here, at all levels, to show even a minimum of concern for all that has happened to the people of this nation since 911.
And as to 'the climate of violence in the US today' that in particular is directly due to the growth of the Police-State that has been created and reinforced by traitors at all levels within what is now the US Inc. Our courts are rigged, 'just-us' is a joke, and the system itself has been massively criminalized so that the filthy rich get everything they could possibly want while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. From illegal and exorbitant taxes, to restrictions of all types upon personal preference, upon travel in most of its forms but especially upon constitutional guarantees that are as dead as is any scrap of 'personal contemplation' when it comes to the options that this public is left with. This was all done by design. It was planned very long ago and is only just now coming out of the shadows with a vengeance that very few are even able to begin to grasp.
Their planning was evident as far back as the General Strike that was called for in San Francisco (1934) ­ the upshot of this daring revolt led directly to another backroom deal between the government and the unions that in effect ended the ability of working people to ever shut down this nation (by Striking) ever again. (1)
By having permanently removed the power of working people to demand and get fair treatment at the bargaining tables:[because what was at stake was the ability of unions to withhold their labor in order to obtain a fair price for their services: in the same way that employers could use their powers to restrict employees from even asking for that - with the prohibition of a general strike on the table, the scales were permanently tilted in favor of the fat-cats] Hence the death knell of the unions was decided and the fate of the unions could only decrease from there on in. Today "the Unions" are a public joke because they are owned outright by the owners of the businesses that "allow" unions to even exist.
We can see now how critical that step was to controlling every aspect of American Life, not just then but especially today when there is now no way for the public to show its' displeasure with everything that is taking place throughout the nation. "Elections" were offered as a way 'to keep the politicians honest' ­ but as we all know elections are now FIXED, the voting machines are totally hackable and totally unreliable. On top of that we do not have four years time to wait to make corrections when the government goes against every promise it made to the electorate: As has been the case with OBOMINATION since the day he muffed his own Oath of Office.
So here we are with everything that we did not want, firmly in place, and eroding even further as I type this strange little comment: But there is one real thing that is becoming clear. The public needs to have 'a real voice' in everything that government or the corrupted corporations do-at every level within this society. "Secrecy" must give way to public transparency on all but the most highly classified matters. And the totally inept TSA must go! Not just because they have totally failed to unearth even one person who was trying to do what they supposedly exist to prevent-but because they are nothing but an exercise in perversions of all types being carried out in the name of a totally discredited 'national-security-apparatus" that is a total farce!
This lack of responsibility in every quarter has to end because there will be consequences of the most extreme kind if real changes are not immediately addressed at all levels of every government agency, and throughout the society as a political body. Government exists to listen and respond to the public's demands and not to create their own comic-book fantasies of global power unending-especially not when part of their plan involves the destruction of over four-fifths of the planet's population. The Blue Plague is a perfect example of what happens when a country gives a private-for-profit corporation the right to experiment with the survival of the entire planet.
'Beyond Petroleum (BP) has created new life that is totally artificial, in order to own this new life with the inherent problem that because this new life form has never been tested anywhere - because there is no lab condition that can replicate what will happen once this artificial 'new-life-form' interacts existing life forms from all of nature, that includes people. The result has been the Gulf Blue Plague. The price will be determined by nature and might well cost mankind even the survival of life itself - but along the way millions of species will die because of the greed of BP that is totally out-of-control. . .' (2)
This government believes that it can actually crush us all: Because they believe that we are sufficiently terrified to do everything they tell us to. That will become increasingly more difficult for them; as our reactions to their crimes against us continues to grow with every passing minute.
Resistance is in the air, and unless there is a pulling back by the government at all levels, that 'air' may well spill over into open rebellion-not by the crazies and the insane, but by those that created this place and have now been turned into common 'road-kill' on the way to Empire.
1) San Francisco and the General Strike of 1934
2) The Gulf Blue Plague, It's Not Wise to Fool Mother Nature
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