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This Must Be Said, Repeatedly!
By Jim Kirwan
There is one major source for Evil in this country and around the world today. That "evil" is the influence and compliance created and sustained by the Zionist Movement worldwide!
Today I had an exchange with a reader; that bears repeating in full with corrections of my part of this exchange (terrible number of typos etc ­ on my part). I was typically in a hurry to get back to what I was doing when he interrupted this same thought train on which I was trying to concentrate.
David: I'm just wondering, are you being serious or just cracking a joke? The public must demand to know? The public don't know anything except for what the Synagogue of Satan tells them, how would they demand to know anything whatsoever?
k) Your opinion on this is interesting but totally irrelevant, as it has the group of traitors that you represent that has caused the situation to exist; in the first place (those who claim to be 'Christians' while standing for the global-criminals that have occupied Palestine. Seventy-million of you faceless, heartless bastards who stand for the mass-murder, the rape, and the torture of the innocent as well as the outright theft of countries that you have no right to be in - in the first place! You stand for IGNORANCE itself, as well as for all the crimes directly associated with your "cause."
David: Oh wait a second, you belong to the Rense.com website, the Anti-Christ website, the website filled with hate, lies, deception, Satanists, pagans, and those idiots who think things are going to change and get better, paving the way for the Anti-Christ to show up and bring peace...
k) Apparently you are unable to actually read with any awareness of either what compound thoughts or critical thinking can often add to the articles that are published there. Because instead of being able to read between the lines you have chosen the black& whites of absolutes in which there is never any real truth - because you want this world to function on a bumper-sticker "reality" which can never be possible. The world in reality lives in full color and cannot actually function in black & white for much longer than the 12 years which the Nazi's enjoyed as the party that was to reign "for a thousand years" - your world and the unspeakable crimes you stand for will probably not make it to that twelve year mark; as they are beginning to collapse from within, and it's only been ten years now since your hero Bush-the-Dictator stole the White House.
As for your other moronic comments David, about being "owned by rense.com" etc: No one owns me - they never have and never will. I write articles that are picked up by dozens of sites, [and] Rense is one of those sites. As far as money goes - again you are totally off the mark - I make not one cent from what I write. (Writing is a sideline), a need that is not met in other ways, I have two other 'jobs" in order to 'afford' the ability to write. Which is as it should be (for me). That way I do not have a financial agenda of any kind to deal with - which is also part of why my views are as extreme as they can sometimes be. All you are getting is my opinion, nothing more and nothing less.
On the other hand if Rense is so god-awful - why are you reading him ­ and why are you sending me your skewed thinking about things that you obviously "know" NOTHING about? Keep your ignorance to yourself David; it will be far less embarrassing to you that way.
INCIDENTALLY - just to answer the excuse you cited for scribbling this note: The public MUST demand to know because all these assholes that have tried to keep their crimes a secret - need to be held to account for everything they do: Both on and off the record; as the sole excuse for being in those so-called 'positions of power' is to SERVE the same public that they are currently trying to ENSLAVE - completely!
David: Never mind, my mistake, you're just another one of those idiots who talk and talk and talk to make your money.......
The people who you are referring to as "Christians" are not followers of Christ in any way shape or form, so your assertion of them is certainly correct; they are doing exactly what you say.....
k) The hypothetical existence of an "Anti-Christ" is in itself an oxymoron; because to accept that "fact" is to believe in an entire fairy-tale that has no basis in reality. Of the world's nearly 7 billion people this "philosophical' point of view is not shared by anything lie a large number of individuals. - Instead it is nothing more than another 'threat' to terrify followers of some 'religious sects' - to in effect "scare followers into believing something for which there is no evidence whatsoever.
David: If you read the following page you'll see that I know more than you could possibly begin to imagine: http://www.oiltradingacademy.com/secretrevealed.htm What I don't understand is, why would you say that the public must demand something? The public doesn't know anything whatsoever, how would they be in a position to "demand" something? Why do you keep saying these things over and over again? When will you ever wake up and realize that the public isn't going to do anything whatsoever, except for kill
people with their guns?
k) Conversely I could ask you why do you continue to believe that what has happened BEFORE - MUST happen again? History documents changes (the only thing other than 'death' which life recognizes as one of those things that shall continue to affect us, regardless of whether or not we "believe" in whatever those changes might bring?
So long as the short-sighted continue to "BELIEVE" that only the mob shall determine the directions which this world MUST follow? Your opinion here is reflective of the "idea" that the globe is doomed to be controlled by the knee-jerk-reactions of the millions that are controlled by NWO, ignorance and their overflowing hatred of what these power-hungry barbarians are trying to do with all of us. Demanding that those who sit at the top of this cabal, in the criminal-chain of dominance - be SUBJECT to the needs of those they are trying to ENSLAVED - is not idiotic - it's common sense:
NOT because anyone expects those people to declare their guilt - just the opposite - My DEMANDS are suggested, REPEATEDLY, because the people that are being captured need to know that they can indeed change thins if they will simply begin to identify in particular - each and every one of those that seek cover beneath national insecurity, for their privatized WAR on FREEDOM - everywhere!
Once people begin to discover that by speaking out and 'demanding' clarity when it comes to "WHO" is responsible for doing these crimes against the world. It shall then be possible to use this knowledge as it becomes commonplace to evict these criminals from the offices they have stolen for the Zionistas, in order to sabotage the needs and
rights of Americans everywhere -
David: Are you really so blind? Do you really believe the public is going to do anything? Or do you just say that because you're told to say it?
k) It is you who has FAILLED to understand or to correctly interpret what is going on beneath the sociological-radar now. True this has never been done before: But you have failed to understand the BASIC FACT that the internet has totally altered how the public gets their information today. Because of this innovation - we are no longer dealing with thirteenth century mobs in city-states where their plights were subjected to limited areas of criminality which could succeed without adjacent communities ever being aware of what was happening to them. Pull your head out of the sand David - this is the 21st century, and if we are to have any real solutions to OUR problems now - then we must use and enhance the weapons we do control to disseminate the knowledge we continue to amass to the world at large: It is THIS innovation
which you have, perhaps unconsciously, chosen to ignore.
David: If you really are so blind to think that the public is ever going to change anything, there where is your understanding of history? Did the public ever do anything to change anything?
k) The Public you refer to above - is no longer 'the public' of decades past.
David: Don't worry Jim, there is a person coming who will fix everything for you, and he will bring peace to this planet, and he will require your worship, and everything in which you teach others about is leading them straight to this person, and he is a person whom you think not, and the entire world will accept him as God......
k) BULLSHIT! This is just another variation of ordinary people trying to find some miracle to step-in to "fix" what they are unwilling to do for themselves. In the old 'Wild-West the problems were the same (without the internet) - Trouble in the towns were addressed by hiring gun-fighters to rid themselves of criminals they decided that they could not deal with on their own. Eventually, with the criminals gone - the townships then needed to find someone else to get rid of their solutions (the gun-fighters) - Eventually some towns were able to begin to manage for themselves - they prospered. Those that stuck with hiring others to do what they themselves were supposed to do - FAILED.
Visit DEADWOOD South Dakota for the Truth of this (there's a television series that very accurate on this subject (historically) you should watch the series, as it is an actual historically-accurate recounting of what "life" was like in lawlessness.
DAVID: Except of course for me and a few others relatively speaking, the rest of the people are lost to this person, who is so intelligent it's beyond peoples ability to imagine or comprehend.....
k) Sorry David I cannot bring myself to believe in an old-white guy living in a heaven that worries about me or any of my friends - it is simply a fantasy created for 'religious-purposes' and has nothing at all to do with what will happen in the near future. What I think you've missed about the Bible is that it was not meant to be literal - it is rather a metaphorical series of events and warnings that can indeed be used to help the human race to overcome the things that must be addressed - such as Conquest, War, Famine & Death - all of which still plagues the world [across the entire globe].
David: Jim, you are a first class moron of the highest possible order, you do not deserve the right to speak with me any longer, your emails will now go straight into the trash can where they belong.
k) YOU do not get to make that determination -
DAVID: I'm a scientist and philosopher and know more than your little pea brain is capable of comprehending, and I have been attacked by demons many times in my life, my mother was attacked by demons for 10 years for getting into witchcraft, and I have been in God's presence. Do you know what God's presence is like? No of course you don't, but I do.
k) And you are a self-described NOTHING - who fails utterly to even grasp what is really at stake now - so enjoy your fantasies and know that your bullshit will never prevail, because you refuse to alter the thirteenth century views that are what you fully embrace!
David: You are stuck within the Matrix, spewing your hate, your lies, your frustration, trying to wake people up, becoming more and more miserable as time goes on, since you know and realize that people are not going to wake up, and your efforts are meaningless.
k) There are over 800 such articles David - and over fifty years of battles engaged and often lost but most often at least they were engaged in because they needed to be fought: while your answer to potentially overwhelming odds is to just SURRENDER - on top of everything else you are a coward of the highest order because you want to portray the enemy as something that is impossible to even QUESTION - MUCH less to ever conquer!
David: All you're doing is leading them straight to the enemy, a gray alien who is coming very soon, who came to me in a dream and told me they were God. I'm tired of all you Anti-Christ ungodly freaks, I'm so sick and tired of you people, and cannot wait until the wheat is separated from the chaff.....
k) I don't give a shit about what you're tired of - you initiated this dialogue; and when you lost control of the direction - now you want to run, but then that's what cowards do. There is nowhere on this planet where you and your cowardly friends will ever be able to hide any longer - because this is the 21st century - not the 13th century!
End of the dialogue
But this discussion is just beginning ­ and it is a conversation that must be held between people from all points of view if we are to ever get to the bottom of this criminal attempt to crush
Civilization in order that the few can massively profit At the expense of more than four-fifths of the world's population. Let it not be said that we went down without a fight!
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