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Real Changes We Must Now Pay For
By Jim Kirwan
This was advice that George Bush Jr. gave the public after 911 'Just Go Shopping!" Most Americans did just that while they left the political decisions to the "experts." This sounded insensitive, but in fact that is exactly what 'Amerikans' have been doing for over half-a-century now: leaving all political decisions to the political-professionals who looked on this as their very own and very private "License to Steal."
Media today portrays the 50's as a time of "Happy Days" but it was one of the ugliest times in all of American history. The 50's brought the House Un-American Activities Committee, Senator Joe McCarthy, the Red Scare and government treachery carried out in the name of protecting the country. It worked: The country was stunned until Edward R. Murrow's public confrontation and humiliation of McCarthy was able to end that bout with fascistic investigations and public humiliation-trails by congressional decree. Their legacy brought on the infamous Black-Listing of individuals.
The fifties also brought The Men in the Grey Flannel Suits: This was the emergence of real corporate-criminality in service to the ever-growing multi-national corporations that were just beginning to claim 'everything' for themselves. The 50's planted the seeds for the revolt of the Hippies against the farce which corporate life wanted to use to enslave everyone even then; this also got its start in the 50's because of the outright worship of money and a corporate mentality that sought only PROFITS at the expense of everything else; especially anything involving creativity; like popular music, art, poetry or cutting edge-literature left-over from the Beat Generation of the forties. The Hippies were absorbed by the corporations in the end.
And of course under Truman (1945-1953) the nation had gone through the dropping of the Atom and Hydrogen bombs on Japan, the creation of the National Security Council (which replaced the Congress), the introduction of both the illegal creation of the CIA and the State of Israel, which Truman sponsored at the UN. The UN was and is an organization that also came into being on HST's watch, along with the World Bank and the IMF. These were all 'pivotal semi-private creations' that this country has not only been unable to recover from, but from which ordinary people continue to suffer from today. These institutions also made possible the global transfer of wealth that is stripping this country of its health and wealth in every area of life as well as the economy.
By the time we came to LBJ and his "War on Poverty" that had failed to end poverty; poverty had become a fixed ending for those without an education. His other programs such as "The Great Society" (we are living in now) along with his Model Cities Program: See today's City of Detroit for this shining example of the Model Cities Program in action.
Nixon brought us The War on Drugs that increased the US markets for illegal drugs to a level that amounts to a national-pandemic. Like the so-called War on Poverty, the War on Drugs did exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Interestingly we did not have a War on Crime, but we definitely do have a War on Terror, which is an oxymoron because terror is not a physical entity but a concept that cannot be killed with bombs or bullets ­ rather ­ it must be controlled by positive and transparent policies that would eliminate the fears and crimes-committed by governments that the "terror" is designed to defeat. Perhaps The "War on Terror" is Terror itself!
Obama's War on Education is called "Race-to-the-Top" and will gut public education in favor of privatized education that will leave students withoutenough knowledge to do anything useful with their lives.
That's a thumbnail of what preceded Reagan and his onslaught of Greed and self-indulgence at the expense of the larger society. Reagan brought Death Squads to the Southern hemisphere; Guns for Drugs that ended up here, and the Iran Contra Affair where his Vice President George Bush 1, bribed the Iranian hostage takers to continue holding the US hostages for 444 days; until Ronnie was selected. In exchange the Mullahs got arms and spare-parts which they badly needed to use the American armaments which they inherited from the then defunct American puppet (the Shah of Iran), which the Mullahs had overthrown.
Throughout the long and ugly criminal rise of the US Police State the typicalUS citizen has relied upon professional politicians to make their choices for them: Not wishing to mess up their very busy schedules with something as mundane as politics. So throughout the time from Dirty Harry Truman all the way through GW Bush and now Obama-the public here has left political affairs at the bottom of their to-do lists. This was encouraged and planned for by those that have taken advantage of this deaf, dumb and blind view of politics in the New Millennium.
The key to this now protected shadow-government has always been the rise of the professional lobbyists and politicians. This has nothing at all to do with party affiliations, because this is about using their political-positions in government and private-enterprise to rape, pillage and plunder the wealth of the public right down to the very last penny. People mysteriously seem to remain loyal to these privatized-pirates that never do anything at all for them. Between elections the politicians have made it nearly impossible for their constituents to contact them in any way. In fact they don't even bother with millionaires any more-because their constituents are in reality the mega-corporations many of which are larger than most nation-states.
This works because the public wants to believe that "their politicians" would never sell them out: When in fact this is the only reason these criminals bother to get selected ­ to steal everything we have and hide that theft behind government laws and regulations that neither you or I have ever had - any say about whatsoever!
This has resulted in what is coming together between now and January first, 2011. In addition to The Debt Free America Act (the addition of a 1% tax on every financial transaction ­ to be paid directly to the bank or financial institution involved ­ there are other huge new taxes proposed that will end our way of life and virtually complete the transfer of wealth from private citizens to the government and its owners.
The first of these involves a trillion dollars in new fees that will be derived from the costs that will occur on top of the latest news release regardingThe Debt Free America Act: Now comes this from Carol Brownerthe star-crossed appointee that has been picked by Obama to be his Energy Advisor - when she ought to have been charged with her crimes at EPA and should be serving her term in federal prison.
"Carol Browner Clinton's old EPA director - now Obama's Energy Adviser ( the Clinton team are back) may be appointed Chief of Staff. A 300,000 lawsuit was won against her for racism in EPA - she announced that 3/4 of the Gulf Oil is gone ( scientists have found the floor of the Gulf covered in 2 inches of Corexit - toxin dispersant/ oysters - shrimp -fish DEAD.
She saw to the repeal of the 1958 /Delaney Clause which regulated levels of carcinogenics in foods. She ignored Court Order - and destroyed ALL her EPA hard drive files - also several other computers which held deals made at last minute with Special Interests; names etc.
She has recently stated that she wants to PUSH through Cap and Trade after the elections -----SEE what the President has to say about COSTS ---as if electric bills aren't HIGH enough with every cost under the sun tacked on and TAX. SEE below ---weird his cold ho-hum attitude as if totally disconnected on WHAT this means for seniors - those on fixed incomes.
Also right after the elections you will see a VAT tax - already in the works; this will not eliminate other taxes but will be a tax on every non-food item you buy - although in Europe I note that they've now started applying this to food. This on top of the 1% tax on every bank transaction that you're involved in from deposit to paying bills - withdrawals etc. It appears to me that the IMF is dictating these draconian measures (world wide)." JM
As far as Obama's predictions on the cost of electricity being "passed on to consumers" that could not have happened if electricity had not been PRIVATIZED. The reason we have government is to step in and defer the costs of basic requirements for the cost-of-living which - IF electricity had NOT BEEN PRIVATIZED - could not have happened in this case: All thatObama is continuing to do is to protect the privatized sector at the expense of the public, which just also happens to throw the public to the wolves to preserve private-profits of the few - AGAIN! All tolled Obama wants to waste another trillion dollars to prop up Cheney's energy priorities: at the expense of the least able to pay! (1)
Then comes this little gem: While most Americans were sleeping, their government was obligating ordinary Americans to 14.8 Trillion dollars in debts which the global-banking system incurred with the government's blessing (to fight the wars-and obligate this country through international-indebtedness) that will end our way of life completely. And if this doesn't do it, then the addition of the shadowy new VAT tax (above) will definitely finish the job.
The banks and financial institutions incurred these debts, that the everyday citizens are now being held responsible for-and yet we had NO VOICE inany of this. These New World Order Banks in collusion with our now totally criminal-government are just continuing to do what they've been doing since Harry Truman rearranged the Constitution in favor of the globalist government in-waiting. . . and the country was too busy celebrating the end of WWII etc to even bother noticing anything he did. (2)
Now its time to either pay the piper or throw out the bill collector's that are trying to screw us to the wall with overdue bills which they created-but which they are also demanding that we pay for in every devious way they can think of. We have to learn how to say NO, and mean it, to the federal government!
1) Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket
2) Here Comes the Boom
End of Liberty Trailer ­ 2 min video

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