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The Pretext for Terrorism
Is Under Attack

By Jim Kirwan
The whole world watches: As millions of secret police, riot troops and illegal 'armed forces' everywhere are being given free-reign to attack as many different populations as it is possible to find: Under an ancient License-to Kill, that the tyrants have given themselves; just to keep this War-on-the-World alive!
Here is 'FAMINE' raising his unbalanced scale where gold outweighs the food that is needed to sustain the world. The starving children, are just some of the prisoners thus affected, but they will certainly not be the last of those to die, in this catastrophic attempt to seize-the-planet and rearrange everything about how life-itself is to be lived, in "The Global-Future" as promised to us all by global-privatization.
The Rolling-Revolution has begun, and is as unstoppable now, as the landslide that begins with just a few pebbles, but that has now past-the-point where this rage can be reversed.
Since the day that Israel was hatched the global viewpoint of the entire Middle Easthas been held hostage to Zionistic demands for that mini-security-state of monsters that want nothing less than the subjugation of the entire planet-beginning with the Palestinians. Their current 'cover' is one of stealth and deception that seeks to force the world to see every conflict in the Middle-East through the eyes of that psychopathic Apartheid place that has murdered 'democracy-in-Israel' and now threatens the whole planet with nuclear oblivion unless we unconditionally-surrender to the in-humanity of Zion.
The tool being used to do this has always been this "Pretext for Terrorism," in places beyond the Middle-East as far ranging as East Timor, Latin America, Eastern Europe and now even in America's last official colony; Puerto Rico (This has been going on in Puerto Rico since December of 2010). (1)
As the Rolling-Revolution continues to strengthen throughout the ME, Saudi Arabia now finds itself surrounded by falling states of tyranny on every side; and this uprising shows no sign that it will be ended by anything less than the 'casting-out' of all that have served the true Evil-Empire of Zionist-Israel & USI, underwritten by the global elites on every continent. The consequences of WAR-unending, which the elites invested-in, actually has always had 'another possible outcome'. That would be what we are finally seeing, from nation after nation, that was never thought to be even remotely possible-given the massive military weaponry that traitors all over the world have been furnished with: To keep their herds in-line andworking. Apparently the owners have forgotten that WAR builds nothing and leaves behind only the charred and burning ruins of "what might have been!"
Bahrain Police attack their own people. (2)
When the smoke finally does begin to clear over the Middle-East there will be some very important questions that will finally have to be asked. How would all these thugs and newly-fallen traitors have ever been able to maintain even a shell of viable society, in any of the places where they have attempted to absolutely "rule" for decades by impoverishment and outright slavery? The costs of propping-up the Pretext for Worldwide-Terrorism alone are crippling: And considering the massive theft of all that American Aid that has left nothing to any nation, thus affected, to even have an economy of any kind. Slavery; contrary to the view of the elites, does not enable massive profits it kills nations and starves the same people that are needed to create that which these 'new owners' are still trying to steal outright.
Here the people of America are paying unimaginable-amounts in "protection-money:" Not to protect themselves but to protect that largest of all mobs-the global-politicians and the traitors-from the people that are being extorted and blackmailed just to try and hang on to the shredded remains of any so-called job that has yet to be eliminated.
The only real-profits here or anywhere else have all been 'earmarked for seizure' by the global-elites. The goal since Israel-was-hatched has always been to kill-off the entire public-sector, steal every dime that has been spent on the public and then to ruthlessly crush any actual survivors of this global betrayal. The only real question that the elites chose never to ask themselves is: "Who will be left to do the work-anywhere, in every country thus affected?"
Our so-called money is just worthless-paper, backed by nothing of value. So how can any criminal-state expect to survive without having a population that can afford to buy anything beyond food and water? The answer is simple: 'They can't' because even if they could have crushed all the people's of the world: In the end of that there would have been no real profits because without real jobs there can never be any real markets (outside this criminal-state-slavery) to sell anything to. Reagan's administration created this concept but they assumed then, that there would always be something left outside their criminality to be stolen. What the 'elites' overlooked in their greed was the fact that if no one is contributing to the wealth of nations: then there will be nothing left for anyone to steal-regardless of how much military force they might amass to do just that. Without jobs-anywhere, there can be no global-markets to sell the commercial-products that they are hell-bent on stealing!
They have cornered the world-market on food production, distribution and pricing. They are finishing-up on doing the same thing to drinkable-water. The problem is that having done that they can control everything except that without food or water there will very soon be no more people to do what none of them can do; which is to "CREATE" all that is needed for a productive and prosperous world (just like the one they tried to steal). When they made this plan theUSA was the most prosperous nation on earth. But as the owners progressed; their greed drove them to act prematurely: which is why all they will now "get" by doing what they tried to do; amounts to 'getting' nothing more than handfuls of charred remains and wasted lands, polluted oceans and stagnant waters, filled with toxic poisons on a corrupted earth beneath almost totally toxic-skies that are already emitting almost unbreatheable air. Only colossal-morons would have ever attempted such a losing proposition!
The world and the old United States of America must take back control from these global-criminal-elements in this revolution that has already begun.
Thankfully this Herculean task is already underway. It is being led by those that we have ignored, as people, for most of the last hundred years. Look what has happened in justthe last month; then think what the world will look like in just another thirty days: Ask yourself whether or not you can still afford NOT to join in this Rolling-Revolution to take back the world that belongs to the people of all the nations on this planet. That's what the multi-colored-star stands for on The Burning Flag of All Nations, being carried in the molten lava grip of CONQUEST, shown here.
"Massive public protests continue to sweep the Middle East and North Africa in countries including Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Iran-many [are] being met with violent government crackdowns. We speak to Marwan Bishara, senior political analyst at Al Jazeera English and MIT Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky. "Perhaps the Arab moment has come," Bishara says, "It is clear the genies are out of the bottle. I think change is coming to the Arab world."" (3)
There can be only one world for all of us: And there is no room anywhere within that world for those that have tried to kill all the rest of us. This Rolling Revolution started without the participation of the people of the USA; but we CONTROL the purse-strings for everything that is happening now: We need to begin to 'run-with-scissors' to slash anything going to Israel or the criminal-dictatorships of any country currently under attack by their own people. And we need to begin to do this NOW!
1) Defiant Student Protestors Force Withdrawal of Puerto Rican Police
2) People are Bleeding in the Streets; Bahrain Police Wage Brutal Overnight Attack
3) "The Genies Are Out of the Bottle" Assessing a Changing Arab World
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