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Pelosi Is To Blame For Screwing 58 Million of Us
By Jim Kirwan
Yesterday I said "Congress had passed legislation on Columbus Day," that used a nineteen seventies standard, to determine the cost of living increases for today's Social Security recipients. I was wrong! According to the Congressional Record neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate were in session on October 11, 2010. I searched for this information because I wanted to find out who had called for a legislative session on a national holiday: my assumption was that it must have been Nancy Pelosi, because she is the Speaker of the House and the House is responsible for initiating all legislation.
What did happen on October 11, 2010 was the fact that the COLA freeze for 58 million people was announced. And because of how the congress has chosen to measure the supposed cost of living: they found that for the last two years there has been NO INCREASE in those costs. However despite this, the congress did vote themselves a COLA in the senate of $5,300 and in the House it was $ 4,700. Clearly Congress felt they owed themselves a cost of living increase while the 58 million Social Security recipients were denied any increase at all.
Simultaneously, with the release of this bad news, the congress wanted to show us all how compassionate they introduced H.R. 5987 Seniors Protection Act of 2010
"House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee Chairman Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., plans to push legislation that would help make up for the lack of a COLA for senior citizens. He noted that while economy-wide measures of inflation have shown no net increase since the last COLA, which reflected price levels in the third quarter of 2008, Medicare premiums and health care costs have continued to rise. Pomeroy has introduced legislation, H.R. 5987, the Seniors Protection Act of 2010, which would assist 54 million American seniors, retired and disabled veterans, and disabled individuals with a one-time $250 payment that they deserve in the event that no inflation adjustment is announced this fall."
He forgot to mention that the $250 one-time payment is taxable. Nor did he note that had the COLA actually reflected the real rise in the actual costs of living; then that amount ($250) ought to have been given to SS recipients every month: not just as a one time token of the 'generosity' of the corrupt congress which created the system that disallowed any increase at all for the last two years.
In addition to freezing the cost-of-living increase: Here are some of the other costs that this congress did NOT address!
"Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years
You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.
Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.
Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get $10,000
Do you feel BETRAYED?
Will your cost of drugs, doctor fees, local taxes, food, etc., decrease?
Congress received a raise and has better health and retirement benefits than you or I have. And they are not covered by Social Security ­ because they have something really fantastic, just for them!
Why should they care about you or me? You never did anything about it in the past did you? Obviously they believe we are simply too stupid or just don't care. Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie, Barney, et al care about you?"
People say 'there is nothing we can do," I disagree. I had this wonderfully intricate oriental carpet on the floor of my studio; it was handmade and beautifully ornate. It appeared to be as solid and durable as something made of stone might be. However, as it aged it began to fray at the edges (just like our political system). Eventually I found just one thread that seemed out of place so I pulled on it, and just like magic the entire thing began to come apart. Pelosi is that one thread that needs to be yanked out of her position so that we can finally begin to rid ourselves of this whole house of criminals.
This brought me back to Nancy Pelosi my representative (who has blocked my communications to her office for the last five years) and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. She is also the third person in line for the US presidency, just behind the vice-President. It is the job of the House of Representatives to take care that the laws of the land are fair and just-and in this case of measuring the true costs-of-living increase - they have not been either fair or just for forty years.
Pelosi has been in the House since before Bush junior stole the White House in the 2000 selections. Nancy openly courted George Bush shamelessly while she campaigned for the Speakership of the House; and she paid him back by announcing that "Impeachment is off the table." That was a quid-pro-quo and a crime against the process that resulted in shafting all those people whom the US House of Representatives is suppose to represent (the ordinary people).
Since rising to the Speakership Nancy Pelosi has tarnished everything political that she has touched. Her interventions have been more than just instrumental in blocking the voice of the public that she is supposed to serve. And her efforts at assisting the growth of the Police-State have been far-ranging and are borderline criminal. She is hated for many reasons but she is also only one of the thousands who sold-us-out. She is very proud to be the first woman elected to the Speakership of the US House of Representatives: But she is also the first woman Speaker of the House that stood before AIPAC cameras and announced that she 'puts Israel first, over all other considerations.'
Therefore Pelosi, like Joe Biden is an avowed Zionist and needs to be the first woman congresswoman to be sent to federal prison for the crimes she has committed, and for violating her oath of office, to protect and defend the constitution and the people of the United States from all enemies - foreign or domestic - because Israel is not the USA!
Israel is a foreign power whose interests are often at odds with ours: To swear loyalty toIsrael above all other considerations, for a woman in her position, would qualify as treason. I found photos but could not locate the text of her remarks that I have no doubt have been removed to avoid embarrassment; however please note how many other prominent American politicians also spoke to the same AIPAC conference in 2008; and each of them said virtually the same things that Nancy did! (1)
In thinking about this problem further it would seem that the people of this country ought to just fire the entire congress as Congress has become a fifth-wheel in politics: A mid-level intermediary body that we don't need anymore. We've become a dictatorship ruled by Czars and fiat. If we were to take a page from the Corporatocracy we would cut-costs by eliminating all unnecessary middle-men and women (that would be the Congress of the United States) that no longer represents any of the needs of the American public. For that matter since neither the corrupted-courts nor the Administration have any use for the opinions of the public; we ought to consider dropping them as well. At least we could eliminate some of the most intrusive expense that we have all been burdened with; which is the continual waste of taxpayer money that goes to pay for all kinds of follies and vacations, lavish entertainments as well as retirement and medical expenses not to mention the skyrocketing costs of their private security. dd to that their political junkets as well as Pelosi's private 747 in which she shuttles back and forth every week between California and Washington D.C. ­ and all of that is only some of what we are being forced to carry on our backs. Maybe we could just encase those aging marble building in glass and give them to the Smithsonian as tokens of that by-gone age when this was a Republic instead of a slave-state?
In politics today there is all this formality of respect that is being paid to outright criminals. What we need to do is to open our eyes and realize that to be a politician in America in 2010 is to be a criminal or at the very least someone who is criminally complicit with an assortment of organized criminals that have never served the best interests of the people that get the bills-for everything that the politicians and the lobbyists do to us each and every day.
We should start with Nancy Pelosi and make her the Poster-child for all of this corruption and complicity with her intent to starve 58 million people to death, while she remains mute on any topic that directly affects either the health or well-being of any of her constituents or this country.
If ordinary people nationwide began a call-in campaign to all of congress, (but especially to the White House and to Pelosi's offices) by using their local office numbers we could indeed shut this nation down without ever leaving home. If they cannot use their phones because of the volume of calls then something will have to change!
How many such calls can you make in a day or in a week? Remember that it's selection time again-and what exactly has any political party ever done for any of us, except at selection time? There are lots of things that can and should be done whenever the public wants to get the undivided attention of their public masters-masquerading as public servants. Maybe the time has come to show this so-called government that we're not all dead yet?
There's also the local news-talk radio and local television stations ­ and you can do this from your cell-phone, whenever you have a few minutes between those really impossible tasks that always go unrewarded. You might even want to show up at those offices (where these creatures hide-out) and get to meet some of those 'other people' that you are sharing all this misery with. We used to do that in this country, before the high-tech age when email and text messages replaced conversations. But since a great many more of us are about to get a whole lot poorer, maybe it's time that we came together to compare notes and to figure out exactly just what we can do to end this nightmare once and for all!
1) AIPAC Annual Policy Conference
Congress Screws 58 Million Americans

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