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Patterns In The Mists Of History
By Jim Kirwan
The report on the War on Iraq from Wikileaks has come out and the horrors of that war continue the same patterns we set for ourselves, beginning a year or so after the Pilgrims landed in what is now Massachusetts.
The net says this: 'settlement occurred in 1620 when the Puritans, English Protestants who opposed the Church of England, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean on theMayflower. They landed in New England and established the Plymouth settlement. Also known as Pilgrims, they came to America seeking religious freedom rather than economic gain. Before leaving the ship, the Pilgrims created the Mayflower Compact, an agreement to provide "just and equal laws" in their settlement. They agreed to abide by rules for the general good of all.
Half of the Pilgrims died during the harsh winter of 1620­21 but the Plymouthcolony managed to survive. Settlers spread out to establish New Hampshire in 1623. In 1630 approximately one thousand Puritans set sail from England in eleven boats for the New World where they established more strict religious communities including the new settlement of Boston.'
So the war upon the native-American population can officially be seen to have begun by the year1623; 377 years ago. And although it was officially ended by the massacre atWounded Knee in December of 1890, just a hundred and twenty years ago this December-the war upon native-Americans continues to this day. The number of dead natives in our war upon them has been very difficult to calculate but it has to be at least as many as the number of Russians and others that Stalin slaughtered, throughout his bloody rein.
What does this have to do with today?
Quite simply this was the template that today's newly sworn Israeli citizens are using, to exterminate with extreme prejudice all the Palestinians that are still alive inside what Zionist Israel sees as "their" new Israel.
The interesting part of the statistics in the native-American wars is that they grew from very much the same kinds of lies that the US War machine has been telling us about Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. We've been lying about wars forever: In the Native-American War the War Department (then) told the public they had killed large numbers of native-warriors, when the truth was often just a few warriors and a lot of women and children ­ does that sound familiar?
The government also lied throughout the negotiations with the natives to the point where it became ridiculous to believe anything that the US offered them by way of concessions: So when the US began its maneuvers in the lead-up to the Battle of Little Big Horn; they tried to convince the American-public of the need to exterminate the savages, in what they expected would be a massive victory over the natives.
Shock & Awe against the natives? What actually happened in that battle was that Custer and 265 of his men were slaughtered. Of course the Indians went on to lose the war itself, because they could not fight the sheer numbers of white settlers that had begun to overrun their lands, in search of gold and other prospects. Custer died in late June of 1876, just a few days shy of our one hundredth national birthday.
It took another fourteen years to kill Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull and to end the threat that Ghost Dancer's brought to the war (The natives were trying to pray the buffalo back into existence, for survival) ­ but Wounded Knee very publicly ended that possibility.
Flash-forward to Palestine, where our language-of-colonial-subversion is still being used in the "peace-talks" with the Palestinian Authority (essentially the PA is a US puppet-organization that does not represent the Palestinians, but the sell-outs that agreed to talk with Israel). Hamas which won the election by a landslide has been barred from the so-called peace negotiations (just as the "hostile Indians" were banished and killed) when they tried to speak for their people.
We attempted to genocide our native-population over a time period of hundreds of years; and we justified this by creating something we called "Manifest Destiny" (our supposedly inherent right to rule over all other people ­ but especially the original native-populations). This aspect of our shared past with Israel is being used by Israel and the UStoday with ever-increasing barbarity, in order to genocide the Palestinian people.
Some of the policies that created our war on the native-Americans and why we kept this going for so long, can be understood more easily through a two-part film called "Son of the Morning Star." It's the story of Custer before, during and after the battle of Little-Big-Horn, and is available on Netflix. The film is not an excuse for that war, but it illustrates some of the forces at work at that time; many of which are still in play in the world today, and can be directly felt, through the actions that are still being intensified by the incomplete Apartheid state of Israel, as they were and are still protected by the US since their inception. US-Israel today, as we have all seen, has its own version of their concept of Global-Manifest-Destiny which seems to exceed even our own craven past of bloody-colonial-conquest to an unimaginable degree. (1)
The world should finally begin to face what we have tolerated, supported and encouraged, by "how we continue to spend our money" especially over these last 62 years because, if we do not soon begin to change this, then there can be no future for anyone or for justice or freedom anywhere on the planet. This disease is clearly evident in the polices of the USand Israel and has clearly been developed around an imaginary "special status for the few." This insanity must be eliminated by concerted action, or it will exterminate anyone that cares about anyone else or the viability of the planet. We have to stand against this intensely arrogant continuum that has enabled this parasitic-disease to nearly kill the host-lives on which it feeds: That would be the rest of the entire world that is not Israeli.
In the 1991film (Son of Morning Star) the character playing Ulysses S. Grant says: "They call it Manifest Destiny; the inevitability of those who have, to rule over those who have not." Then he concludes: "I think nations, like individuals are responsible for their own transgressions."
The questions we must answer; after so many hundreds of years of being the truly arrogant conqueror's of so many millions of people the world over is:
'Can we ever really change' and 'Do we really want to'!
1) Gordon Duff: Prominent Israeli Rabbi: "Gentiles Need to Die"

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