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Overwhelming Force A Transparent Mirage
By Jim Kirwan
For almost the last five years; Homeland Security has been trying out its skills in creating the impression that Americans who object to the Police State will be immediately overwhelmed by massive force-whenever and wherever those individuals might be found among the population. (1)
To this end we have been watching TSA become the outrage that it is today. But now we are also facing the emergence of VIPER (basically TSA on the streets & in-you-face), no matter how you want to travel, or even just exist. (2)
What USI has done is to overload their response-to-anything with piles of blubber in uniform, to imbed in the minds of the public that might be thinking about resisting; the idea that RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. However what they are trying to do is so blatantly weighted with overkill that the result clearly shows just how very afraid this government really is-of us!
The truth is that government does not have the manpower, the money or the time to even think about responding to a nationwide resistance-in any form. To compensate for this lack and to actually ponder the concept that the Outlaws of USI could take-down the population of this country; with a bunch of illegal paper that was created just to keep the terrified public totally frozen: unable to respond to what their gut might tell them - that USI is running a huge bluff based on their belief in their own PR.
In "the global-wars" we have been unable to subdue either Iraq or Afghanistan; yet we are moving against Pakistan, possibly Iran and Syria, and Lebanon, and in several African states as if those places will have no choice except to surrender to the all-powerful USI. That idea is so remote as to be ridiculous-because 'we' are still militarily positioned to fight the Vietnam version of Guerilla warfare, in the deserts rather than in the jungles of Southeast Asia. We lost inVietnam for the same reasons that we are losing in the all our current invasions.
Our "generals" have chests dripping with campaign ribbons and yet they are not old enough to have fought in any real wars. They are for the most part just a bunch of 'YES-MEN' that are pretending to have experience-when all they really are good it is torturing the innocent, raping the public and intimidating "other people" inside the countries that we have been trying to steal from those that these "generals" have made their own careers in torturing. It would be a far different thing to get American troops to stay loyal once American troops become aware of the fact that this same government that sent them "over-there" to free other people, that now wants to start going door to door here at home-against their families and their loved ones, while they are stranded overseas in wars that were sold to them based on nothing but huge packages of LIES!
Militarily the US can no more attack this country from within with any hope of success-than it can find the guts to tell the truth about who they are and how they came to be in-charge of anything larger than a bar-brawl. That's why we are being treated to all these videos that try to show us the futility of resisting any order, no matter how ridiculous, that comes from any sub-section of Homeland Security or any of its illegal offspring.
If the public had any real awareness of what is involved in trying to lock-down any city-wherever that might be on the planet-they would realize how insane it is for USI to even go through the motions of writing all that paper that supposedly gives them all the authority they need to kill us as part of their actual need for protection from the armed and angry people of the USA.
This is nothing but an overblown psy-ops operation that is trying to do things with videos that cannot be replicated once the so-called authorities are forced out into the open where they would be unprotected by so many layers of their overfed thugs: And if they had to stay out there for weeks at a time? It would only be days before their precious checkpoints would be overrun by Americans taking their country back. The difference between doing this here and inAfghanistan is that this is home to those we have been using & abusing now since at least 1991. This means that millions of people have been trained and educated in how this military fails to work.
They also know where all the weak-points are in our so-called impregnable military forces-and needless to say they aren't buying the propaganda about the need to fight terrorism-anywhere or everywhere-because they were there so that this "would not happen here!" To have this even be proposed is an insult to their families and their loved ones that also know how cold and inhumane the US military really is. If bullets and bombs begin to fly inside the USA ­ everyone in any kind of uniform will begin to have second thoughts because the anger goes much deeper here than meets the casual eye.
The next time you watch a video and have to notice the overweight idiots that are behaving like savages-in-uniform-just ask yourself how many blocks do you think those creatures could actually run before they collapse with heart attacks? These people are not dangerous-their just overweight and moronic. That's why they use them in numbers so that when they pounce upon an unsuspecting passenger or citizen, their weight will hide their victims from the cameras. They are actors in a play whose only point is to terrify the public; over and over and over again!
Invading America from the inside is not a movie, not a war-game, and definitely not a very bright idea. In fact it clashes totally on nearly every point in The Art of War, which is or was taught once-upon-a-time in all our military academies-back when we thought we were the Good-Guys. But 'everybody knows' now the good-guys lost. What we have instead is nation of opportunists without a moral compass, without any idea of what this life is all about beyond the absolute worship of MONEY and all of its very expensive addictions.
Once the bullets start to fly, then everything will change because that will be real and this will finally be seen for the farce that it has always been. There is no real way to fake victory in an inner-city-war where one side consists of uniformed outlaws that have to fight against huge numbers of real outlaws and gang members that have not just turf on their minds but who know what must be done to survive. Throw in the millions of prisoners that the gangs will no doubt release from the overcrowded prisons, add in the disaffected and furious ex-GI's by the hundreds of thousands and that's just for starters.
And since the mercenaries (which USI is counting on) only work for money; and the money by then will be worthless - how will USI be able to trust anyone they "hire" to kill us? No people this equation that USI wants you to BELIEVE will actually HAPPEN is just another LIE that when faced with reality, will disappear in the dust created by the deserters that will be trying to get away.
The only thing that will be "overwhelming" about what's coming is the scale of the lies they want you to believe, over the truth that you know is stronger than they'll ever be! Ask yourself how many times in the past half-century have we won the wars this nation started? I've been writing about this for over fifty years and ever year this just gets worse. How many times has the US military been right versus how many times has the military been 'DEAD WRONG'? The same questions ought to be asked about all government policies and the people that they have chosen to throw upon us, to "lead you and me" anywhere?
And if you really want to get a massive headache: Try asking yourself which government agency EVER got anything they said or did right? Every single thing that has happened here since Bush stole the White House has been nothing but lies. Banking, Medicine, Health, Education, Actual help from FEMA-ever? (3)
How many of those involved in 911 were ever fired-how many were actually promoted after they failed to do their jobs that day? Did you know that the current head of the FBI is the same asshole that was on-duty on 911? Do you know how many people inside this government are dual-citizens holding Israeli passports-or how many of those that lead entire industries and virtually all the professions are also dual-citizens that arrange their priorities as "Israel FIRST-above all else"? Do you even know how much money has gone into that tiny black hole in the Middle-East over the course of the last 62 years? Check out these facts for yourself and then take another look at this attempted THREAT that is coming from the private, foreign and for-profit corporation that has ruled this place for 139 years!
After you've done the research, then ask yourself why you have not stood up and demanded that these people be arrested and charged with TREASON. It will come out that way because the evidence of treason is truly OVERWHELMING!
If you fail to do this then TSA and VIPER will begin to emulate the actions being taken in the Goya etching at the top of this article-and there will be no excuse for having allowed these brutalizing acts to even have been a possibility-if we had only taken the time to actually QUESTION ­ everything!
2) Surpassing Orwell's "1984" in 2010
3) What do Bank of America, Citi Bank and Sun Trust have in Common?
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