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The Non-Existent Contract
Between The US & The Unfinished State Of Israel

By Jim Kirwan
For the last sixty-two years the relationship between the so-called state of Israel and theUnited States has supposedly been based upon a "special relationship." However there is no treaty, no written contract, nothing, nada, zip that obligates the United States to do anything with regard to the still unfinished state of Israel.
How much has this 'special relationship' cost the United States in money, in American lives, or in the global destruction of America's reputation in the world? It might be an overstatement to use the word "everything" but not by much!
When I first began to write about this continuing crime against Americans 'we' had unofficially already given Israel over thirteen trillion dollars. That was eight years ago; and that figure fails to include some of the largest bequests that came from the US Black-Budget and Special Operations. I wondered then about this mythical contract which could explain this very special relationship, that has now almost completely destroyed the integrity of the United States in Foreign Affairs, in US Military-Intelligence (An oxymoron, by any standard): Not to mention all the continuing damage these various "negotiations and fraudulent elections" in Palestine have done to discredit everything the US says; on any topic that is focused on the crucible of Middle-Eastern affairs and beyond.
Today I tried again to locate any document that could spell out this "special relationship" ­ and at least as far as the Internet is concerned there is still no such document!
Given the tremendous failures of all US Policies, in the region, over the last 62 years: Beginning with 'Dirty-Harry' Truman who introduced the artificial creation of the State of Israel at the United Nations: It would seem that instead of a "special relationship" the United States ought to be demanding that the Walls of Separation, built by Israel within Palestine, must be obliterated as a first condition.
In the absence of this act: The total destruction of that WALL that would free the Palestinians within their own country; Israel should to be facing a massive US retaliatory invasion by land, by sea and from the air for what they have done and continue to do, in contravention of American and International Law, to the people of Palestine. The Apartheid, one-party Zionist-state of Israel continues to attempt to genocide the Palestinians while committing war-crimes unending-against an illegally captive people-while the world looks on in disgust!
Today America is discussing just how much more blackmail to pay Israel in order to get the barbarians in charge of that unholy-nest of Outlaws, to hold off on new and evermore-illegal construction of even more "Israeli-settlements" inside occupied Palestine.
The same man that promised to close Gitmo, before he was selected, has now decided thatGuantanamo will continue to exist in perpetuity. And now Obamanation is bending-over-again for Israel in this latest concession to these founders of modern day terrorism-tactics, that Israel's own terrorists used against the Brits, while trying to establish the "state" ofIsrael.
The Irgun and other Israeli terrorist groups have given the world the same tactics that so many have condemned around-the-world today. Many of Israel's Prime Ministers came to power precisely because of the active part they played in these bloody groups, such as the Irgun that blew up the King David Hotel in June of 1946, killing 91 and injuring 45. (1)
It would be ironic if it were not so tragic that the same hated little parasitic cancer upon the world today-Israel-is demanding that Palestine (In a total reversal of what they themselves demanded from the Brits in 1946) be prevented from having any voice in their own future. And while we're on that topic: Another obscenity that is unavoidable is the comparison of how the Nazi's supposedly treated the Jews in WWII; compared with how these same "victims of Anti-Semitic hatred" (the Jews) are now treating those people (the Palestinians) whose state they have been occupying for 62 years, instead of the twelve years of Hitler's concentration-camps.
Incidentally the Palestinians are a Semitic people! So when Israel levels charges against their detractors as being guilty of Anti-Semitism; it would be good to remember that the Palestinians are Semites-So the finger of blame that Israel has raised to defend herself, is actually pointing directly at Israel as that unfinished place which is responsible for perhaps the greatest Anti-Semitic crimes of all; surpassing even Hitler, once the truth of these genocidal-crimes finally reaches the wider world. Israel today is nothing more than a puppet show featuring Obama & Hillary as American clowns that are constantly being shut down and spit upon by Israel, in that country's most arrogant "considerations" of Americas' latest bribe, to try and keep the world from realizing the truth about our impotence to do anything at all about the real-time actions of this Outlaw-Territory in the midst of the Middle-East-with America running continual interference to protect arrogant Zionist outpost from the global reprisals they should be suffering from today.
If any country in the world is deserving of sanctions; it is the Zionist-Outlaw State ofIsrael. But this revelation just won't happen unless and until America wakes up to the fact that the USA is now nothing more than an Israeli Colony; and that we as Amerikans are in reality nothing more than enslaved colonists!
So when you lose your job, your retirement, your dreams and even the possibility to survive in this environment: You need to remember 'The Goldman-Sachs' You might also wonder how exactly we came to be in the position of having lost our entire economy: All of these questions and more are answered in this seven minute video which explains the entire quagmire in the simplest of terms that even dummies cannot miss! (2)
Then of course there is the entire entertainment industry-that place that so many look to, to translate daily life into something that fits within their own worldview. Despite the fact that the public has been groped, abused and tortured by TSA for the last seven years-Hollywood has never shown us any of this completely un-American behavior in their films? Why not! The complications this presents to so many, would seem to offer a number of fascinating film scenarios: Yet somehow airports just don't come up anymore-but then every level of entertainment and the arts today, contains vast numbers of Zionists among their thousands and thousands of key-members.
One example of this is the TSA that was designed and implemented by Michael Chertoff, the Zionist that ran Homeland Security for Bush. American Security policies now serveIsrael first, and then Americans: Just like the solemn Oaths that were taken before AIPAC cameras when Obama, Pelosi, Cheney and Biden and many others all swore loyalty to "Israel first, above all others" and thereby became traitors to this country-just high-level servants of the Zionist state of Israel. This stuff was NOT secret; so why have Americans not demanded answers for all of what has taken place?
Why for instance has no prominent American ever demanded to see the contract or treaty or whatever has been committed to paper in the last 62 years ­ that obligates the citizens of the United States to keep on paying BLACKMAIL to the Outlaw-Zionist State? The answer is simple:
"Everybody Knows that the dice are loaded: Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost ­Everybody knows the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich and that's how it goes - Everybody Knows" (3)
Yesterday I wrote about the coming début of "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" and the silence from the public, about this coming film was deafening. I did get a couple of emails about how I was practicing "yellow journalism" by offering this trailer for the film, to the public, for their consideration. But the public is afraid of the blatant truth of what this nation did under George W. Bush-because for many this might well mean that they might-share in his guilt in some way. Here it is again: Please watch it and read the text provided on the screen.
The writer of the book that became this film is Vincent Bugliosi, a former prosecutor whose record is shown on-screen in the trailer. If you do nothing else this year; please watch this 9 minute video and think about what it means to continue to ignore the crimes of George W. Bush and all of his known associates, in this most heinous of crimes against not just America, but the world! (4)
1) The Bombing of the King David Hotel
2) The Coming Financial Disaster in a Nutshell ­ 7 minute video
3) Everybody Knows ­ Leonard Cohen ­ video
4) The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder ­ 9 min trailer
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