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Myths Of Power V Reality - Pt 2
By Jim Kirwan
Everything that is happening now is being done to bring on the acceptance of the final and insulting farce of the Inevitability of the supposed Need for Martial Law: But nothing could be further from the truth!
The Myth of US Military strength can be seen upon the tragically inept and hopelessly outwitted battlefields inside Afghanistan and Iraq. The failures there are not of the troops that we have deployed there: These are the massive failures of leadership of both the military operations and the privatized mercenary forces that we have loosed upon the world and who are making bad military situations a hundred times worse.
In this country we have tried to insure the end-of-life as most Americans thought they understood it. The government has taken SECURITY to a level of insanity that seems to know no limits; and If this tyranny is allowed to run its course then there will be nothing in this country that will ever be secure again from the police-state that we have allowed to be created, in the absence of our constitution that has been replaced by the USA Incorporated which continues unabated to destroy everything that the original constitution was supposedly written to protect. That completes the outline of the circumstances in place as this article goes to press: But this entire concept is based on nothing but a huge number of military suppositions that will all turn out to be lies in the end.
The FEAR being propped up by the government, TSA and the soon be activated VIPER programs is based on the idea that Martial Law will be both nationwide and invincible: In effect rendering Martial Law immune from any and all resistance, simultaneously throughout the country. Given the facts on the ground in the two most well publicized wars we are currently losing-there is just no way that the corporate management of US Incorporated could ever hope to attack this entire nation and have any chance of succeeding at all. Of course since most of the population that is still actively buying into the terror being generated by the same government that created 911-their 'most urgent concerns' are still wrapped up very tightly in the illusions that they bought into via television and the full-court press of the psy-ops operated media in the USA.
The practicalities of war however are very different from the trumped up chest-thumping of a bunch of overweigh morons-in-uniforms, be they on the streets or in the airports. What we see on those hundreds of videos concerning TSA is a totally closed environment within yet another totally closed environment ­ the airports of the USA that were paid for by the people that use them; but that are now owned and controlled by private-security firms; and this transition seems to have taken place in the middle of yet another dark night for both democracy and freedom.
The Republic has become nothing but a disheveled street whore for the privatized-interests of the Corporate United States. So suddenly the pubic is no longer allowed to fly because the government has declared that means of transportation to be a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK that cannot under any circumstances be taken any longer, without completely dehumanizing those that chose to fly anywhere in a plane (unless of course you have enough money to take a private plane where such unpleasantness is not required). This is how the big-boys and girls get around the country in private aircraft paid for by obscenely huge profits stolen from those that work for them-in the thousands of private-corporate havens-that have replaced what used to be a functioning nation-state.
When confronted by resistance, the thugs and the traitors that created this artificial funnel of terrorist nightmares quite naturally have closed ranks and have begun to issue more threats of even more invasive procedures-failing to even notice the openly illegal conflicts of interest by which these scanners came to be in the possession of TSA in the first place. ApparentlyThanksgiving Day of 2010 is to become some kind of public test of our ability to resist these new "regulations-without-oversight" from which there is also no right to an appeal.
Some fear that if the public does eventually refuse in large enough numbers then that will trigger Martial Law. And of course, because too many have become addicted to the government line of "terror, terror, everywhere" many do believe that somehow we have been besieged by hundreds of terror attacks since 911, inside the USA. If you believe all the garbage put out by Israel-wood; then you might indeed think that. But the truth is there has not been a single attack inside the United States that wasn't created by this government-since 911 happened over nine years ago: Yet the government's drumbeat of absolute terror with a terrorist hiding inside virtually every shadow just goes on and on and on. This is not a video or a movie or anything remotely related to the filth that Hollywood puts out as 'entertainment.' This is real life, and in reality we are being threatened by our supposed government with Martial Law if we do not SURRENDER everything to them-in exchange for just being SAFE-according to them. (1)
This entire "threat" is a constructed farce, a delusion born of corporate-greed and fed by the bottomless appetites of the criminally-corrupt. It has nothing to do with the very real threat which this government poses to all its former citizens that have become just slaves in the privatized corporate world that is now US Incorporated. This in itself is far more dangerous than any terrorist act could ever be to the health or to the survival of any US citizen! (2)
When it comes to the actual lock-down of the nation we have forgotten many, many things. Some worry that the major cities will just be surrounded and we'll be starved out. But our cities are the size of some small countries and surrounding them is just not that easy. Moreover since the 1991 illegal invasion of Iraq we have lost more than 73, 846 dead ­ yet the cowardly activists largely refuses to use these numbers even though they come from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. That's a huge difference from what US Inc wants you to believe. And there is also the little reporting problem of one battle in which over 300 Americans were killed, it's not the only one, but what actually happened at the Baghdad airport, may never be known. The point here is that American military force is not invincible even in these tiny countries (compared to the huge land-base of the United States). (3)
"300+ U.S. casualties: Forward Base Falcon "Coverup"!
By Brian Harring
Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006 at 12:34 AM
Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents and U.S. translators were casualties and there also were 165 seriously injured requiring major medical attention and 39 suffering lesser injuries 122 members of the Iraqi armed forces were killed and 90 seriously injured members of same, were also evacuated to the U.S. military hospital at al-Habbaniyah located some 70km west of Baghdad.
The cover up of Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents and U.S. translators were casualties and there also were 165 seriously injured requiring major medical attention and 39 suffering lesser injuries 122 members of the Iraqi armed forces were killed and 90 seriously injured members of same, were also evacuated to the U.S. military hospital" (4)
Since we allowed our troops to go to war under the Bush Doctrine; the US has produced millions upon millions of troops, many of whom have come to hate everything about these wars and especially their treatment by this same government that always speaks with a forked tongue-especially when it comes to troops returning from combat.
The US military is still operating much as it did during the last century with heavy emphasis upon high tech weapons and established bases to insure security wherever possible: This has been a huge problem militarily for US success, anywhere in the Middle-East. (5)
If we cannot control the battlefields in Afghanistan (and we cannot) what makes this government think that they can control millions of ex-GI's that will fight to protect their own homes and families? These people understand the military; they know how it works, where its weak points have always been and they know how to resist. The entire charade being carried out by the TSA on video shows us that the Government is terrified of the public:
Why else would they over-react against defenseless civilians with mountains of blubber who are generally out-of-control perverts, thugs or both? It's is one thing to threaten harmless passengers inside a totally secure environment like an air-terminal but it's a totally different thing to take their show on the road, out in the public arena where "force" can only be supported for a maximum of 48 hours before everybody has to either be relieved or go home. The United States doesn't have any National Guard Troops beyond the token few ­ because they're all overseas killing other people. When they hear about the new WAR that is to be declared against their friends and families here ­ that might not go over very well ­ but it appears the geniuses in the Pentagon haven't really given stuff like that much thought.
In addition there is what the ROUGUE COPS here and now have to consider ever since they decided to punish Americans just for being alive. Read this article and decide for yourself just how safe those in any uniform will be if Martial Law is ever declared.
"Your numbers may be growing among the millions of people wearing some kind of badge in the United States, but your days are numbered. Not because of any direct threat from people like me; no what I'm talking about here is the threat that you are creating all by yourselves. If you had been paying attention you would have seen this coming on your own.
What the military and the mercenaries are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan each of you is now doing here, in your own tiny little world so full of arrogance and basic brutality. Every time you beat a man senseless, or shame a woman to tears in front of her loved ones, or randomly kill someone either by accident or by design it happens just because you can ­ so you make more than enemies ­ you plant the seeds of your own violent end." (6)
There is a lot more at issue in this country than this criminally-inspired corporate government has ever even considered: And truthfully they are in way over their own heads if they think this will be a walk in the park. They cannot take on one city at a time. If they attack us in one place they will have to deal with resistance across the whole nation simultaneously and they have neither the manpower nor the coordination to even think about such a disastrous event.
Combat vets know the ways that invasions work, and the governments, communications as well as their mobility would be largely compromised within the first twenty-four hours. Traffic in the major cities would be instantly gridlocked preventing emergency vehicles from responding to almost anything ­ cities like San Francisco, made mostly of wood would likely burn to the round because firetrucks could not reach the fires ­ so the people themselves would of necessity begin to work together to put them out. The gang situation alone would be totally problematic for the military first-responders ­ because whatever the government might be trying to do "to control or imprison the population - they would obviously be interfering with the huge criminal underground that this same government has been creating for the last twenty years. Same goes for stopping the flow of food and water: That's far easier to contemplate than it is to do because when Americans are under attack they can become very sophisticated in their responses especially to tyranny when they KNOW who the bad guys really are! And by Thanksgiving that task ought to have been accomplished!
So enjoy your holiday Amerika; but know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas you should be starting to prepare yourselves for this out-of-control force that calls itself the US government to begin to do some very bad things!
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