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Licensing Assassins
By Creating Artificial 'Truths'

By Jim Kirwan
The topic here is and has always been total control over the Media in America that began with the take over of the board of the Federal Communications Commission under the evil seed that was General Powell's son. This goal was accomplished by eliminating all competition between media outlets and allowing a few monsters to basically come to own and control everything from newspapers and magazines to television stations in ways that tended to silence any other viewpoint, in the public forum, other than the one which the New World Order mandated. This sabotage of our "right to know" was a major key to keeping the American public in the dark about the outright criminality that began to run wild even before the fireworks went off to celebrate the New Millennium.
The TSA was only the latest iteration of something called Total Information Awareness that got its start under Reagan (Under Admiral Poindexter ­ a convicted criminal) and went through numerous iterations and name changes until it finally ended up being the secret data base behind the Bush Doctrine's illegal spying upon all Americans that got serious in February of 2001, and this is what spawned TSA and now VIPER. If the public is serious about changing anything-we need to close this illegally-created office and destroy all the files.
This might sound extreme to some but in reality when we allowed US governments, beginning with Ronal Reagan's, to override the Constitution in favor of a Police-State we became partners in the signing our own death warrants.
Fast-Forward to the media after 911-specifically to the network programming that could no longer be created without the full and specific approval of the Pentagon. What began to happen then and has continued unabated to the present moment is the television-programming that takes as its basis totally fictional attacks upon the public. Shows like "24" and dozens of others that feature supposed attacks on either Americans or on American soil by the hundreds. This psy-ops attack upon public opinion is what created a public justification for torture as well as the inhumanity we display toward the entire Muslim world today.There have been hundreds of these programs and commercial ads, that feature as the point of each one, the activities of terrorists, would be-terrorist or homegrown terrorists that are either threatening to or have already exploded bombs, killed dozens of people or who are threatening to kill millions of people and the party-line never conflicts with the failed Pentagon policies that got us into these wars in the first place. The FACT is that nothing has happened here that wasn't staged by the administration, since 911 was perpetrated against this country.
Currently syndicated television programming has expanded into featuring the WAR upon Americans by Muslims and homegrown sympathetic terrorists to Muslim causes, as terrorists with no real reasoning shown; other than the philosophy of "the good guys" that of course always win in the end. All you need to do is to look at who is creating, producing and staring in these programs ­ which are the exact same people that have owned and controlled Hollywood since the days when Reagan became the film industries' stooge; for the House Un-American Activities Committee chaired by Senator Joe McCarthy. That entire escapade was the national template for what is playing out now over the transgressions and crimes of the TSA.
It is also noteworthy that there is no news whatsoever coming from American networks about events in the world beyond our borders. Be that financial, medical, military or political: Consequently we are some of the dumbest people on the planet today ­ when it comes to what is actually going on in the wider world.
Everything that the Cheney-Bush-Obama Administration has "added" to their supposed right to govern this country "In a time of War" is illegal because the Congress did not do what it was charged with doing under the US Constitution. Congress gave away their responsibility to oversee these wars to the executive branch-which-under the Constitution they cannot (by law) do! The reason for the existence of Congress is to "oversee" the Executive and the Courts-that was their responsibility and they turned their backs on us!
The only real protection for the people of this nation, from the kinds of things that TSA and VIPER are supposed to be protecting us from, is and has always been in the Constitution and in the clearly written laws that were in effect until the Constitution was utterly destroyed by Cheney-Bush-Obama.
The only thing that ever assured that our freedoms would remain intact; were the potentially free and open trials that were once possible under the US Constitution. Those days ended when Guantanamowas created along with its "military commissions" because this ended the constitutional US justice system, here at home, and created a place that is no longer a country but just a holding pen for the herd until our individual death warrants are ready to be signed. And Obama just refused to honor his campaign promise to close Gitmo - maybe that's good at least there will be a place for him, his predecessors, and all of their cabinet-level criminals. (1)
The above became true because with the imposition of the Military into the actual-authority over the US justice system; we went from a nation of citizens to a nation of military prisoners that can be punished for any infraction, anywhere, anytime and for no reason at all, without due process of any kind. It's all there on the TSA video-tapes how blind can you remain after seeing this over and over and over again? (2)
So it's clear that the issue at issue over the continued-existence of TSA and VIPER must be seen as something that affects far more than just the Flying Public of the United States. (3)
1) Take Down That Flag Over Guantanamo
2) The TSA Is Out of Control ­ video
3) It's Not Just About Flying
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