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Between The Cracks!
By Jim Kirwan
Compare and Contrast the behavior of this so-called nation and what is routinely expected form those that must still try to live in it!
The image above is of something that has yet to happen in reality but which is actually much worse that this image might lead anyone to believe: So it makes a perfect example of the exterior differences between 'government' and those that make this government possible.
First of all it must be recognized that every single word that comes from this government, on any subject is filled with lies-about everything they have decided to touch. The contrasting demands of this government, of the people they are responsible for, requires each of us to maintain a perfect credit and employment record; if we are to ever get a job or to receive any benefits from the society that is supposedly providing for all of those that have entered into some kind of contract thru either taxes or Social Security, or indeed any form of insurance or medical care. If we do not have a perfect history (anywhere within the entire body of the records that are kept on each and every one of us (Going all the way back to the day we were born) -then we have made it possible to be DENIED what would otherwise be ours, by right of the arrangements we entered into, with any of these totally corrupted bureaucracies.
How ironic: Given that the other half of these agreements are all allowed to LIE about everything they do; cheating us out of every cent that we have paid into insurance polices, credit-card rates, or retirement accounts. This behavior extends itself to breaking all the laws regarding the purchase of property, vehicles, or indeed anything that might amount to a major purchase-based solely upon there being some infraction or "pre-existing condition." This behavior VOIDS the need for "them" to honor any agreement they took money for, from each of us, thereby committing a fraud upon the public as the routine and normal method for conducting business in this totally compromised police-state; which they insist upon calling a nation.
The whole point behind living in the old USA was to be able to live in a place where there was indeed something called "a second chance." Under the new rules any infraction on your RECORD, is grounds for a lifetime of condemnation for any infraction of any rule, any law, or even for any private conduct that violates any of the Nanny-state or Nanny-city rulings that are not legally enforceable under the US Constitution. This now includesTHOUGHT-CRIMES as well.
By contrast politicians are allowed to steal, cheat and lie to their black-heart's content and nothing they do is ever punishable by any law: regardless of how much money or property is involved (in the Trillions sometimes) and including Crimes Against Humanity and/ or War Crimes. Isn't that interesting? These same politicians need not even prove who they are: No scathing background reports about their pathetic lives ever become part of their public-record: Regardless of the scale of the offenses they routinely commit over and over again as members of the ruling-elite.
The entire Bush family, for instance, has always been associated with the Nazi's going back at least four generations: yet this has never been mentioned in either George HW Bush's or George junior's presidential campaign-why not! Obama still refuses to permit the public to see his birth certificate (he's spent $12 million to prevent just such an event). He is an imposter, a fraud and should be prosecuted: yet somehow this never even comes up anymore. How the hell did we get to this impasse?
Some believe this came in with the age-of-hypocrisy (the Victorian Age), where conduct was sworn to in public (purity, sober-mindedness and the like) and then violated with a vengeance in private. Prostitutes and Opium dens never had it so good! Citizens that couldn't pay their bills were imprisoned in "poor houses" or "work houses" to work off their DEBTS. It was actually here that the idea of using psy-ops, disinformation and mind-control by public acclaim was introduced. It was here that the idea of corporatism was born and protected from the public by the banal twistings of what it means to be "an American." This was the birthplace of mediocre minds that could be manipulated like just so much putty.
Meanwhile the elites were granted all kinds of variances, waivers, and were still treated like royalty regardless of the barbaric nature of their insanely privileged existences. In this country in the nineteen-twenties Rockefeller tried to introduce the openly vile destruction of public education; to produce moronic workers that basically could not read beyond the work rules in whichever factory that the worker-bees had chosen to become indebted to.
However the First World War screwed that up. Followed by the Second World War which actually had something called a G.I. Bill that allowed the retuning dog-faces to actually go to college. That really set Rockefeller's schedule back quite a ways. Imagine what happened when wage-slaves actually began to go to college and then to take-full-advantage of what they had learned there: Damn, how dare they think, even for a moment, that they too might actually be able to earn their way out of the elite-approved-serfdom which Rockefeller had already planned for each and every one of them!
It took awhile; but after Dirty-Harry-Truman did his thing and forced the issues by creating Israel, the CIA, the UN, and the National Security Council (that actually replaced the US congress): Things began to get back on schedule. By the time Ronnie's-Raiders arrived on the scene; the United States was well on the way to massive greed, colossal arrogance and global ambitions predicated upon the PRIVATIZATION of everything public in America.
So by the time George Junior became Dictator (Or "The Decider" as he preferred to be called), it was a really short jump to go from stealing the presidency to stealing the whole nation and eventually the world: Through the convenience of the New (OLD) World Order.
Where was the public during all this? Oh we were far too busy being "Number One! (In name only); while in reality we had already begun (under Reagan) to give away all our jobs our manufacturing base, or best ideas, and virtually everything else that could be shipped offshore to make trillions for the massively criminal corporations. BTW ­THIS is WHAT WE NOW KNOW AS CORPORATE-WELFARE and the amount of stolen jobs, stolen property, stolen resources and cash; is so vast that our national debt is currently in excess of 1.4 QUADRILLION dollars. This while Ronnie was bitching about "Welfare Queens that were "ripping-off" the public. The truth was and still is that this place has always been the property of the massively-criminal and private corporations, that have been ripping us off, like rubes on the midway at a small town carnival-for hundreds of years!
This is the actual "life of the USA" as it is being lived "Between the Cracks" in this supposed society-today! Make no mistake this place will burn for the crimes that it still refuses to acknowledge; as we should-because we have been complicit through our continued SILENCE that has surrounded everything we let our money pay for; from the Zionist Occupation of Palestine to the Zionist Occupation of USI, formerly the USA.
It looks like many more of us will have to begin to learn how to live "Between the Cracks" before this nightmare can be brought to just-ending. If you disagree with this interpretation then ask yourself why you have tolerated the IRS, the TSA, VIPER, ICE, the FBI, NSA, the CIA and all the other totally illegal government agencies that were created just to keep you and I in total submission to a totally illegal system in which we have been both the provider of the money and the illicit profits, which they steal from us each and every day: While at the same time we have given ourselves to them as permanent targets for any perverse thing they might wish to do to anyone; anywhere within the borders of our own country!
They spy on us, lie to us with every word or document they utter or set forth: And then they demand that we shall never be allowed to confront them in person, challenge anything they do, or charge them with any of the millions of crimes they commit each and every year that this criminal-charade continues. So the next time these assholes choose to single you out just tell them "NO," don't even allow them to finish a sentence: Just tell them "NO" and walk away. (1)
1) The Future
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