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'Kill The Boss Good-Bye'
By Jim Kirwan
This is the cover art for the
Black Lizard Book by Peter Rabe "KILL THE BOSS Good-By"
© Black Lizard Books 1988
"The study of the self-destruction of a gambling boss as he passes over the borderline into manic psychosis reminds one of the great gangster tragedies of the '30's."
Anthony Boucher, New York Times
The art for this noir story comes from that place where madness rules the moment which leads to self-destruction: Which is why this is also a fitting illustration for all that continues to unfold around today's madness in our very personal world of global gangsters and mass murder that is finally about to consume the planet-except that none of this was necessary!
Recently some ex-pat's living abroad wrote to me about what they considered to be the completely insane view of what we can actually do about what is happening to us now. Their argument was simple: 'We can't win because of their technology and massive weaponry' (the New World Order & their underlings): I maintained that we still have the upper hand because ultimately everything still rests upon the people that occupy key positions in what so many view as this unstoppable power that wants us dead. See the BACKGROUNDnote below.
Then I remembered this simple illustration that tells the whole story of what is about to happen to these supposedly unbeatable overlords. For the last ten years these 'invincible-outlaws' have begun to rely more and more upon the supposedly superior mercenaries, which they have hired either through the government or privately; to protect their sorry-asses from us. Fine! And to assist them in this herculean feat they have employed huge amounts of high-tech-weapons as well as the most sophisticated intelligence that it is possible to amass; to then collate the data and then to use it all in their tireless efforts to keep their international-criminal-employers alive: Despite the fact that the ordinary people and the veterans outnumber them by a factor of over 5,000 to one.
My argument for our survival against these 'odds' was simple: 'Everything comes down to people, because it always has and always will-as there is no sure way to guarantee the effectiveness of the technology without the people that are using that stuff which will only be as effective as those behind the equipment are: If they remain loyal!
In the Noir novel, "The Boss" lost it: Just like these creatures are losing it now. Greed and paranoia always gets them in the end anyhow; but too few actually know any of these Outlaws or have suffered at their hands directly-so they fail to see or understand just how fatal such shortcomings' truly are to those that actually have come to believe their own PR, while trying to live their twisted lives, using only their reptilian brains to direct their every waking thought.
When the day comes (Supposedly very soon now), there is a huge part of this entire puzzle that remains just beyond the edge of the images that too many now believe they are finally "seeing." Because what is missing from all of this is that no matter how massive their arsenals might be; there is absolutely no loyalty among those they believe they own and control. Mercenaries have always worked for money, and only money, because any thoughts of any real loyalty were burned out of that part of their brains to make room for more profits; whether legal or illegal, because for them wealth is all there is and they do what they do just to get more of it. And as everyone knows by now; there is never enough money for either their bosses or for those that supposedly protect "THEM." When the money has no value; the mercenaries will kills their bosses in a heartbeat!
Consequently when their guns are finally drawn against the public-there can be no going back. From that point on it rapidly becomes "All or nothing" for those that are depending on brute force to win the day, while they seek to take total control over the living nightmare they want to inflict upon the rest of humanity. Yet in their greed and constant-insecurity they have also been moving like a wildfire through the entire financial sector, to vacuum up every last drop of wealth from everyone else that also thinks that when the day comes they will be spared because they have invested in gold or something other than dollars as a hedge against disaster: Failing utterly to realize that this "exit" has been blocked now for years, by executive orders that disallow the private ownership of gold or silver by private citizens: Ergo, those investments will be confiscated and the "owners-of-the-gold" will be left with nothing.
The reason that people are still allowed to buy into these "investments" is to insure that the Outlaws will be able to get every last penny which those relying upon this "out" will continue to invest, right up to the very last second. That will be a hard lesson; but it is not as if these 'people' have not been warned over and over again. But then insanity, in this case, has never been the sole province of the Outlaws: Because when chaos threatens people tend to believe whatever they want to believe just to "survive," even if it is nonsense in reality. Had those 'investors done their homework they would not be as outraged as they are about to be, once they come to the edge of oblivion only to discover the truth. Here's the trail of documents that are the reason why people are now buying gold. (1)
The part that most people are unaware of has to do with the control of money (and precious metals) once martial law takes effect and the Patriot Act swings into full compliance. At that point the government can take over every bank account and repossess any gold or silver that you might then have-and this has all been there since the first P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act was passed at 4 am without even being read by congress or anyone else until long after it became law.
Here are some provisions that you might not have understood correctly. The lens being used to view the below topics is one of "TERRORISM" and as you should know by now ­ anything and everything is considered by this Outlaw government to be "TERRORISM" unless they are committing it. So the ownership of gold, despite the apparent access granted to private citizens above; can, in this context, see footnote (1); be clearly seen to be nothing more than an attempt to undercut the currency of the United States ­ which is enough for them to seize your gold and thereby eliminate the supposed threat to the financial stability of the nation that is still under the protection of the USA PATRIOT Act-because YOU did not demand that this illegal document be terminated as it was suppose to have been; under the provisions of this bill as originally written!
"Subtitle B-Bank Secrecy Act Amendments and Related Improvements
Sec. 351. Amendments relating to reporting of suspicious activities.
Sec. 352. Anti-money laundering programs.
Sec. 353. Penalties for violations of geographic targeting orders and certain recordkeeping
requirements, and lengthening effective period of geographic
targeting orders.
Sec. 354. Anti-money laundering strategy.
Sec. 355. Authorization to include suspicions of illegal activity in written employment references.
Sec. 356. Reporting of suspicious activities by securities brokers and dealers; investment company study.
Sec. 357. Special report on administration of bank secrecy provisions.
Sec. 358. Bank secrecy provisions and activities of United States intelligence agencies to fight international terrorism.
Sec. 359. Reporting of suspicious activities by underground banking systems.
Sec. 360. Use of authority of United States Executive Directors.
Sec. 361. Financial crimes enforcement network.
Sec. 362. Establishment of highly secure network.
Sec. 363. Increase in civil and criminal penalties for money laundering.
Sec. 364. Uniform protection authority for Federal Reserve facilities.
Sec. 365. Reports relating to coins and currency received in nonfinancial trade or business.
Sec. 366. Efficient use of currency transaction report system.
Subtitle C-Currency Crimes and Protection
Sec. 371. Bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States.
Sec. 372. Forfeiture in currency reporting cases." (2)
Two other topics that came out today have to do with "resistance" to the Police-State." The first of these is a 2 minute video called T.R.I.A.G.E. (Target, Respond, Identify, Administer, Globalize, Exit). This is designed to scare the hell out of you and me. "Discipline" must come from the outside and the overall design of this piece of terrorist propaganda relies for its believability upon the overwhelming force of the Police State. At the moment this "fact" is yet to be proven but from the tone of this ad, you and I are expected to surrender to whatever T.R.I.A.G.E. decides must be done. You need to be the judge of why this video was created. (3)
Then there was this from Alex Jones. This is based upon something from WWII that is definitely no longer possible. He wants you contact him for posters to be placed wherever they can be placed around the country to let people know that there are people doing something to stop this invasion of the USA ­ by placing these "V" posters wherever possible. What has been overlooked here is that this is not France in the 1940's. Every keystroke on any computer here is tracked and monitored-so those that request these posters will all be part of yet another list, precisely because the Big Brother of the 1940's was not technically capable of monitoring everyone involved in creating the "V" campaign of that war. Today there's a whole new set of high-tech censors that will pick up the slightest rumblings of any rebellion whenever resistance is the desired goal.
This: given the sophistication of the technology, is nonsense. The only thing that even has a slim chance of success is a real resistance that is spontaneous and is not dependent upon an organized movement ­ but is something that springs from the independent actions of individuals who are motivated by their own conclusions which are not broadcast to the net but are simply done by those that see a weakness and choose to act accordingly. Is Lockhead Martin Shadowing You? (5)
"The Resistance," by Matthew Cobb.
America is in peril, the United States is being occupied as Homeland Security launches a total takeover of society and attempts to indoctrinate an army of citizen spies as the country accelerates its slide into banana republic despotism. Americans who can see what is unfolding feel helpless, powerless and overawed by the clear evisceration of their freedoms. The time has come for a massive campaign of powerful, symbolic, peaceful resistance.
The Department of Homeland Security has released a trio of chilling PSA video clips in which ordinary everyday activities are characterized as signs of potential terrorism, with the public being indoctrinated to assume the role of domestic spies reporting on their friends and neighbors as America sinks deeper into a decaying police state.
DHS will no longer be limited to the airport in the form of the TSA, but will become a ubiquitous entity policing everyone through a network of citizen spies and infrastructure security technology. The agency will also assume the mantle of regulating Americans' every behavior and activity.
In wartime France, the victims of the Nazi occupation could see who their oppressors were, in 21st centuryAmerica we're not yet being policed 24/7 by black boot wearing stormtroopers, but perhaps something even more insidious ­ each other. Homeland Security is training Americans to spy on their friends, neighbors and colleagues by making us obsessed with the fear of terror ­ using the very tactic of terrorists to chill the 1st Amendment, tear up the bill of rights, and intimidate Americans into accepting constant harassment, bag searches, body scans, interrogations, and suffocating security-theatre everywhere they go.
So why the V campaign? What is it and what will it achieve? It's all about fighting back against the psychological warfare we are now being subjected to by our new would-be slavemasters. They like to remind us that they're our bosses with their signs ­ report suspicious activity posters and video messages at Wal-Martcheckouts - terrorism tip line billboards ­ Homeland Security posters telling Americans where they can and can't park their car ­ using symbols, slogans and messages to herd the sheep and elicit their obedience is obviously a very important component of any authoritarian regime ­ so why not fight back with our own symbols, slogans and messages?
The Obama Joker poster campaign attracted massive attention and was a huge success in creating an underground buzz of resistance. The V for Victory campaign is based on the same basic idea.
We need to tell them who we are and that we're not their slaves. This in turn will encourage others to feel secure in the knowledge that there are Americans who are working to protect freedom of speech and the right to criticize government without being treated as a terrorist, and that Homeland Security's constant hyped fear-mongering about non-existent terror threats is nothing more than an act of psychological warfare to make Americans shut up, mute their dissent, and follow order like good little children" (4)
This is 2011, and if people want to resist the Police State then they have to be far smarter than those they will find opposing them. That is what I was trying to explain to those ex-pat's that were so convinced that we don't have a chance against the high-tech-outlaws that currently want us to believe that they already own this place!
1) Private citizens & the ownership of gold
2) Public Law 107-56-Oct.26, 2001 USA PATRIOT ACT
4) You are the Resistance Against the DHS Occupation of America
5) Is Lockhead martin Shadowing you?
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