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When Hijacked, Lowjack
The Bull and the Otter -
The Soft Underbelly of the Elite
By George Paxinos
In the 1960s. the father of a schoolfriend had a prize stud bull in a field down by a river on his farm. He was very proud of his expensive bull, the father of innumerable progeny of the best social class, as cattle go.
These proud herds strolled about, heads high except when they stooped to graze, when they fell to the level of all lesser beasts and showed something in common with their inferiors, or when urinating or defecating, when all they showed was that they ate and drank more, to fatten them up, and so that what they finally left behind was a little more of a mess than, say, the Rabbits made.
How one might imagine a young Rabbit, all innocence of youth, daydreaming of growing up a Rabbit Hero and driving off all those proud Cattle, so that his own family could wallow freely in that lusciously long, green and juicy grass, eh ? But the merest frown or a "Moo" would send him scampering away, chastised and finally bitterly conscious of his social-class and size-difference to his betters, to creep out of his burrow stealthily by night and seek for scanty rabbit pickings in the leavings and amongst the droppings of those mighty Herds !
In Germany, something similar has recently happened. I cannot speak for the USA, as most folks there already know or are feeling the pinch as their own grazing gets limited, while their betters, their elite cattle, get given ever-more fenced-in grazing on more and more luscious land, but in Germany, the social allotments for the jobless, known as Harz IV, see (1), have recently been increased by a massive amount : whereas in the recent past, what you were given to live on for the month came to 359.- Euros (¤359.-) per month, this grand sum has now been increased to all of ¤364, in U.S. Dollars at $1.34 to the ¤, from $481.06 to $487.76 ! -- a full increase, per month, of US $ 6.70 ! -- WOW !
Now I know life is cheaper in Germany than here in Switzerland, and here, for a mere Fr 4.- to 5.- you can get a cup of coffee, so I guess if the German Jobless only tighten up their belts a little, they can get all of three cups of coffee a day for an entire month ! -- where their rent or medical insurance or food money might come from, I don't know, but, hey ! -- coffee keeps you awake ! -- and rabbits graze by night, when Cattle are quiescent or self-satisfiedly chewing the cud !
One might wonder about what a German politician, all fat and porcine in his sinecure of First Place at the Public Trough, all florid-faced Pigs'-Knuckles for Sauerkraut-in-the Making might chew on as a tiny extra cud for all of ¤5 or $6.70 per month ? Assuredly, he would never give such a massive tip to some poor struggling waiter or waitress with three kids at home, kids whose monthly allowance has, in the wisdom of their upper class, NOT been increased, there being allegedly some schooling benefits offered to take care of the pangs of hunger, books to chew over, instead ?
We will NOT mention here recent, quite unilateral concessions made by said Government to the nuclear-power industry, without the bother of the legalities of consulting itsn Ministry of the Environment or its Bundestag, its equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives, that reactors about to be phased out will now be allowed to run another 12 years on average, nor that alternative energy source funds be cut, the power industry alleged to have to pay some extra taxes on fuel-rods, money flowing into governmental coffers, as health-care costs go up for the workers and yet are frozen in place for employers' contributions ! -- hey ! -- as long as Rabbits don't MOO, this is Ay- One Oh-Kay, Doh-KAY!
Now back to that proud herd, with its progenitor and protector, its Father Bull ! :
Farmer-man was down in his field, surveying his wealth, when he noticed an Otter come up out of the river to sun himself and preen his whiskers on the bank at the edge of the water. Father Bull also noticed said Mr (or Mrs ?) Otter. And much like a politician protecting that which he does not need ­ or even officially own ! -- to protect by keeping it out of the reach of the starving, this apparently raised his ire !! With much stamping of hooves and many snortings, he made for the bank and the Interloper on his pad, inoffensive little Mr (or Mrs ?) Otter !
[Bunny-Rabbit, are you watching ? -- this little guy is not much bigger than you will soon be when you grow up ! -- maybe you should get some tips, while you can ?! What if you got ALL the Rabbits to do what this little fellow is about to do ? What a SURPRISE for the Cattle ! -- Whooo-eeeee !]
Old Farmer had also seen Mighty Bull getting ready to lambaste Otter out of existence, much like the USA, in 2001, then world's-richest and most-powerful country, attacking, on the self-made pretext of 9-11, see Operation Northwoods, (2, 3) Afghanistan, world's poorest country, composed, at the time of that attack, to over fifty-percent (50%) of its population of Children under the age of Fifteen (15!) years, mainly Orphans left over from many wars, the Russian occupation and with the rest of its population mainly destitute Widows and the Aged ... and Farmer, seeing what was about to happen, yelled and tried to head off his Bull !
Father Bull charged, all muscle, gristle and bone, and Mr (or Mrs ?) Otter looked around, surprised. So, I am sure, did any Rabbits watching from deep cover ! But Mr (or Mrs ?) Otter wasn't going to have their nice sun-bath disturbed ! -- after all, wasn't it some Greek Philosopher who once said to a king, who asked him what he might bestow on the poor Philosopher, who replied "Don't take away from me that which you cannot give me" ? -- the king was standing in the way of his sunshine ! ­ and so Mr (or Mrs ?) Otter stood his or her ground as Bull's massively charging tonnage came on ­ then slipped between the legs of charging Bull and went straight for his genitalia, tearing out his testicles !
The farmer watched helplessly, as his bull bled to death.
Boy, I bet that really made the Rabbits whisper !
Now, transposed to the realm of human affairs, do we have any similar instance, any indicator as to where the Soft Underbelly, if we might call it that, of World Poly-Ticks (many blood-sucking insects ­ Gore Vidal) might be ?
Sure we do ! -- it is those monied Elite who pay the politicians to do what we can see they are all doing under Globalisation today, taking from the Poor to give to the Rich, just as Jesus said : "... and from them that have not, even that little that they have, shall be taken away ..."...
... but He also spoke, in the Parable of the Bad Husbandmen, that those same Bad Husbandmen shall be done away with ! -- so maybe we can help him along, soften the Earth for a New Planting, as it were, while we are waiting ?
And WHERE is the Soft Underbelly of the Elite ? -- why, where the Bull's Genitals are (or in the Otter's World, were) : that which makes the Herd propagate ; the Financial Markets, without which the Elite must also stand in line for Harz IV, and kowtow in gratitude for their increase of $6.70 per month !
So let us look at where someone recently struck their ... ah .. gonads ?
When the British Government would not negotiate with the Irish Republican Army ­ who only really wanted their country back from under British Occupation ­ there were many senseless killings, especially bombings, which only made British oppression worse.
Then the IRA got smart : instead of going at innocent people, they hit London's Financial Sector with two bombs, about a year apart, on days when the financial sector was almost deserted, so as to minimise innocent casualties, so killed almost none, but caused almost a billion British Pounds' worth of damage the first time and exceeded that figure the second time : and the British Government, in spite of vociferous denials to the contrary, pretty soon found themselves deep in negotiations with the Irish, which they had formerly denied the people of Ireland, see references 4, 5, 6, below. Just take a look at the picture of the trashing done by that second bomb (6) !
Now, contrary to what is written there, I do not believe that was a "fertiliser-bomb" -- what baloney ! What it probably really was (mentioned on the radio at the time, if I remember correctly, was a Fuel-Air Bomb :
So what is a "Fuel-Air Bomb" ? You remember, surely, when you were a kid playing with matches, and one day you got hold of a bottle of Benzene, Gasoline, or some other such volatile, flammable liquid, and you poured out a little puddle on the ground or on the patio and then threw a match at it and probably burnt your fingers when that puddle went up with a friendly little "WHUMP!" ?
Well, a Fuel-Air Bomb is the very same ­ only bigger ! An explosive charge slams a container of some such fuel and vaporises it, and a second charge a tenth of a second or so later bangs out a spray of stuff like fireworks' sparklers are made of, white-hot shards of iron, aluminum, carbon, glass ­ what-have-you ­ that enter the cloud of aerosolised fuel and detonate it, preferably all at once, if possible : that little Whump becomes magnified several thousand- or millionfold and the overpressure wave spreads out all round about, wasting whatever happens to be in its way, a mini-tornado-of-sorts, just take a look at that picture in reference 6 !
To be efficient, the cloud should be as flat as possible, distributed evenly at several feet above a hard surface, like the ground, so what the IRA probably did, was glue sheet explosive (explosive crystals like RDX or HMX mixed up in a goo like rubber cement and then spread on panes of greased glass and allowed to set so they could be peeled off as a sheet) on the tank they had the fuel in, probably gasoline mixed up with some dissolved styrene foam and naphthalene to give it more oomph, and the top half of the covered tank and its bottom half each had separate lattices of primer cord-detonator taped on them, so that when they went up, they slammed the tank from both top and bottom simultaneously, like two hands clapping a mess of jelly between them, and a vaporised sheet-like cloud of fuel came out parallel to the ground, moving supersonically fast, while a smaller, tube-like tank of igniter, running along the long axis of the main tank and filled with thermites, iron, copper and say lead oxides, mixed with aluminum and perhaps magnesium powders of different granulations so as to ignite and decay at differing rates as they progressed outward and so to achieve uniform ignition of the cloud, when squeezed by the blast, ignited spontaneously and their white-hot granules sent swirling out into the maelstrom of the gas-cloud to ignite it : no need for a a timer, at all, as when the fuel-air mixture is just right, it can almost go by itself, but the igniter makes it go better, faster, and more uniformly,
Then the expanding gases, caught between the unyielding earth and the spring-loading of the flexible atmosphere above itself, would yield up long overpressure waves that would spread out, like ripples on a pond, only supersonic ones, and waste everything it encountered. This is my personal take on what really happened in London.
Of course, thousands of people armed with mere Molotov Cocktails, simply old bottles filled with a mixture of 20% diesel oil in gasoline (the oil makes the more volatile gasoline sticky enough to adhere to surfaces while it burns), topped by a rag stuffed into the bottle's neck that soaks up some of its contents so that it can then be lit and the bottle thrown to break on any hard surface and set it on fire, will also bring down a target, simply by burning down whatever is attacked. I guess that most Irishmen were too poor to all travel to England to do it that way ?
In closing, it is a sad reflection on innate human insensitivity, indeed, even human viciousness, that such measures should have to be resorted to, in a dishomogeneous society that, for long ages past down our history, has only ever known social justice -- of a sort, until the next hegemonic regime is established out of the sashes of its predecessor -- after its disenfranchised peoples have finally resorted to armed resistance and open revolution, in some cases, such as the French Revolution, to the point of catching and exterminating their Elite.
Let us hope, therefore, that some understanding of the lot of the poor underdog is achieved by that Elite before it comes to armed revolution again, and should it nonetheless do so, they will have only themselves to blame.
Why can't we all just be peaceful Beings, all basking in the Sun, which shines equally on all of us in this world that really could be a Paradise, if we were just smart enough to only have two kids per couple and so stabilise our population growth, without some overblown bully always wanting to bug us, to someday run himself afoul of the peaceful Rabbit who, for once, like the Otter, will not budge ?
Think about it, that in the Disney comic books, when it comes to the crunch, even Ducks grow teeth !

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