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The Ultimate Irony
By Jim Kirwan
What would you do if you knew there was an unrecognized addictive disease, global in nature that was infecting almost every prominent 'leader' in this nation and probably the world?
We do not allow known Drug Addicts or Alcoholics to hold political office, just as we do not allow rapists or murders into positions of power or control: Which is why we outlawed these behaviors-but we not only allow the Mentally-Addicted to Money & Power into higher office; it's practically a basic qualification.
The mentally-addicted are definitely in the majority among the insiders in all circles of real power; locally, nationally and globally. Yet this disease can and does routinely infect anyone of either gender, or of any race or religion: These are those that are mentally-addicted to the acquisition of money & power, to the exclusion of all else (in the same way Drug Addicts are addicted to their drugs ­ they're just mental-druggies of a slightly different type) and yet it has never been recognized as the mental-disease that has ruined so much of society, and is currently destroying the stability of the entire planet!
Why has psychiatry not bothered to examine, much less identify, this mental-disease in the same way as they have gone to so much trouble to identify all sorts of other prosecutable physical and mental diseases, many of which they cannot even medically prove? Could it be that this is a mental-disease, a phobia really, which this nation wants to foster and protect; almost like a sacrament, or some kind of sacred and very desirable passion?
After all as many believe: "The Business of America is Business" ­ right? And if it's true that money and power are both the root and the goal of most businesses; then does it not stand to reason that the devaluation of money and power to the status of an Addiction should not only be possible, but should have standing as a violation of civil and criminal codes. And would this not begin to give us a way to remove these creatures that have lost all humanity in their quest for their drug-of-choice ­ which can only be obtained through their mental-addiction to money & power?
Perhaps this doesn't matter in the grand scheme of political control; considering that nearly everyone today "who counts" is already a mental-addict to money & power (which is probably why this global-pandemic was never identified by those that want to criminalize all of our other addictions)-for their personal and private profit of course. What do you think and how would this affect the current-prison population in the USA today?
Ironic isn't it!

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