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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
By Jim Kirwan
Now there's a phrase that "law enforcement used to be proud of; back when we had "law enforcement."
Today we have: The U.S. Dept. of Criminal Evasion & Citizen Persecution; so why in these times when there is "no money" for anything totally unnecessary do we even need a United States Attorney General? Let's just fire him and let the government openly rule over all the uniformed criminals that are actually running US Internal-Mercenary-Operations (IMO) that used to be the sole province of "Police and Law Enforcement" types.
That way we can officially adopt the real motto of the CRIMINAL-Department of Just-us which is:
There is of course a precedent for this total reversal of the intended purpose of any department within the US government. And now have so many more totally illegal actions: Actions that invade oppress and accuse American citizens that were never supposed to have been interfered with. And since all these new czars and their accompanying agency's must be monitored we have allowed so many more agencies to become Judge, Jury & Executioners from the courts through the Administration-all the way down to and including the National Intelligence Director ­ another invisible czar that has his own private kingdom within the cloak & dagger world of spooks and unmentionable US government thugs that are ruining the lives of so many Americans-so why would we need the services of a totally superfluous Attorney General!
Think about it. The current Attorney General refuses to charge any administration official, past or present with any of the massive charges that still hang over their collective heads. The Administration has total immunity from punishment for anything they do while in or out of office. There are Crimes Against Humanity, Treason, Genocide ­ the list is quite long and yet we never hear one word from Eric Holder, the most cowardly AG America ever had.
Now that we're about to launch an entirely new way to murder people because the government "thinks" that some people "might be guilty of something" ­ so we've decided to use armed predator drones to start murdering those that the government doesn't "like." (Call it just another new employment-stream); among the oh-so attractive jobs which this government can award eager new murders with! And these creatures (the ones actually doing this job) won't even need to bother themselves about anything as silly as a motto or a code of ethics: Because between the last few presidents all that moralistic crap has been replaced with good-old-fashioned HATE & FEAR on all sides. This of course then REQUIRES the government to start murdering people in the same way that we've been locking people up without even being charged now since 2001. No Habeas Corpus, no visitors allowed: hell we don't even need to reveal where we keep these people while we're torturing them or just using their bodies to gratify the twisted fantasies of those that are their guards or executioner's; whichever applies.
And where is Eric Holder in all of this? Bypassed of course, as he might as well be replaced with a rubber stamp. He has the personality of a parking meter and the manner of one of those robots from a Star-Trek episode back when the props were clearly made of cardboard. To say that "Holder's a Fool" would be a gross upgrade for him and his totally unnecessary "job."
Of course anyone might wonder why no one in the supposed "legal profession" has not brought up this topic before? That's probably because no lawyer wants to anger the only game in town by opposing the status quo. Still it does make the country rather uncomfortable to KNOW that there is no longer any law for the people and against the government whenever the government commits crimes; in this now godless and lawless place that so many used to think of as 'home.'
That was all gone once we allowed these Zionistas rename "America" and convert it to The HOMELAND by way of completing their occupation of the old USA in favor of the NWO and the Zionistas that now OWN us-outright!
We have a country that only the elites can truly enjoy. "We" for our part must spend our lives on PROBATION, because at any moment, one of us might commit some non-descript violation of any of the millions of laws now on the books that could see our perfect lives ruined forever: Because there is never a second-chance to do anything here. Make one-mistake: just one and your life is over-forever!
Welcome to the United States Incorporated. Of course the executives in this magical land of plenty for them and nothing for you, can literally do anything they want. They are never held to be responsible for anything they do no matter how outrageous-and they get unholy bonuses beside-which because 'we' say nothing; just keep on getting bigger every quarter, while
you and I get closer to oblivion with every day that passes. It's amazing that there are so many blatant cowards living here and still claiming to love this place-despite the FACT that they know that every bit of this article above is unfortunately all too true!
Remember: Never do anything that conflicts with the elites, no matter how small, because that could 'get you fired.' And then of course the RULES keep changing each and every day: If you fail to keep up with the most recent version you could still be dumped without notice or severance: but Hey! That's just the way it goes in the Greatest Country in the World (right now). So GET USED TO IT, because unless you grow a pair, nothing will ever change except to get much, much worse!
Ah but you're not listening, I forgot today; is SUPERBOWL SUNDAY and that's some kind of sacrament in The HOMELAND, isn't it?
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