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Ideas Cannot Be Killed With Weapons
By Jim Kirwan
"WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert Mueller is calling for changes in federal law to help his agents with surveillance of communications in anti-terror and other criminal investigations.
At a conference of intelligence experts, Mueller said that in some instances communications companies are unable to provide electronic communications the FBI needs in response to court orders.
His comments come as the Obama administration considers proposals that would require service providers to make the plain text of encrypted conversations - over the phone, computer or email - readily available to law enforcers.
The FBI's general counsel has said proposed changes would not expand law enforcement authority, but privacy advocates disagree."
Robert Mueller, the current head of the FBI was appointed by Bush on September 4, 2001. He is eyeball deep in everything that had to do with 911- and he should have been fired after the attacks along with the head of NORAD, who instead of being court marshaled for utterly failing to interrupt those attacks in any way-was instead promoted to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These are the kinds of people that this new legislation is designed to protect; and they ought to be in prison instead of remaining within the same extended-government that allowed 911 to happen.
In the late 1970's I worked for three years with the California Department of Justice, the National and California District Attorney's Associations and the California Chamber of Commerce as a political illustrator; on projects that indirectly dealt with getting more lenient rules for prosecutors and law enforcement: Supposedly to improve their conviction rates in open court.
Since that time when the concept of Terror was introduced to the public in 1978, as one of the crimes that the victims of violent crimes were supposedly suffering from: The entire system has been trying to do away with Miranda and as many of the protections as the criminals of that day and time had when suspects were being charged with crimes. (1)
It's been 32 years ago since this stance against the public's right to be protected from government spying and police oversight, into every facet of personal life, became something that the US Department of Justice has sought to obtain. But it took the events of 911 to totally cripple the protections that things like Miranda were created to protect the public from the excesses of government crimes against the public-which were never meant to become part of the powers that government should have had over the lives and thoughts of the same people that this government was supposedly created to protect and serve. Instead what we have now is a Justice System that wants to blow-away the all the doors of protection which the Constitution tried so hard to give to the public.
Today England is awash with video and audio equipment to be able to virtually watch any person from the millions of CCTV cameras and recording devices that now litter the British landscape. This latest ploy by the FBI for still more invasive spying upon ordinary people is the first step toward turning America into a much larger version of what London is today:
And under the US constitution it's all illegal. There is far more to life than "National Security" and Americans ought to be demanding that law "enforcement" be reined-in and caged-again; in order to actually protect and serve the people instead of randomly attacking anyone they might think might be a problem.
'Terror' and all the "isms" that accompany that concept are vastly over-rated. To begin with it is not something that can be fought with bullets, bombs or missiles ­ it's an idea -- a concept that can only be defeated by constructive actions that convince the public that their government can actually be trusted not to kill them. Increasing government freedoms to do everything and anything to ordinary people, without regard for either law or privacy only deepens the hold that terror now has over the lives of far too many people today. The feral US Government knows this and has specifically acted, since 911, to actively seek to continue to destabilize the population in order to increase the fear in this country, in order to increase the number of human rights they can continue to crush in the name of their false-flag that is shielded by "National Security."
Our prisons are overflowing, and while we hold more people in prison than any other country now ­ we should be looking at the money spent on those prisoners that could have been used to create the kind of life-conditions that would eliminate the needs that have driven so very many that are needlessly imprisoned here, who should be leading productive lives in freedom from the government in this country.
The answer to this newly proposed-edict ought to be "HELL NO" accompanied by a roll-back of the wholesale destruction of so much of the Bill of Rights. However the terrified general public cannot seem to grasp just how criminal the USCRIMINAL-just-us system has become over the last 32 years since they began to build this national temple to TERRORISM as something that every need and every ordinary person must now kneel to. To exist in this country today is not living. If we do not begin to reverse these Draconian tactics there will not be a country to argue about. (2)
People seem to have forgotten that the people that allowed 911 to happen are still in charge of this country; and no one was fired for what happened on 911, nor was anyone demoted; However many were promoted, while the official investigations were blocked or watered down to nothing while everything to do with 911 was wrapped in a huge package of national and international lies that led directly to the unwarranted and unilateral attacks upon Afghanistan and later was extended to the virtually unarmed nation of Iraq-everything about both these invasions was based on Lies, Lies and More Lies. Yet to this day even though all the government's justifications for these wars of conquest have been utterly destroyed: The US remains firmly entangled in the occupation and slaughter of the people in several countries and a half-dozen other places besides, which those illegal wars have apparently given us the right to expand our international footprints into. But still the public does not demand that these actions be terminated and the money for them be withheld: This is what "National-Security is being used for here.
The relevance of those facts is in the fact that without 911 and the false-flag that it created, none of those wars would have ever been possible; just as people would never have given up so many of their rights had they been told what really happened on 911 instead of being fed the fairy-tale which this government concocted long before Bush was even selected.
Terror is very old, but it can be dissolved as a viable weapon if we care enough to stand and demand real answers as to why in the hell we are even in the wars we are currently waging that is costing this country TRILLIONS of dollars that we do not have?
Law-enforcement does not need more latitude in what they can do to people: They need to be held to answer for everything they continue to do to each of us, daily. The uniformed officers of this society have too often become just rabid-and-raging animals in search of helpless people to abuse. That has to change in favor of those that once looked to them for protection, instead of the belligerent violence they now routinely dispense to anyone that doesn't cringe at the very sound of their voices.
1) Terror, Terror, Terror. . . Where's the Proof
2) Criminality in the CRIMINAL-Justice System

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