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Hunger Revolutions & Activism
By Jim Kirwan
HUNGER is what has driven uprisings from Bolivia and Venezuela to Tunisia and Egypt and it is that same Hunger that will keep the passion alive, in the chain of all the other nations that are still boiling with revolt. (1)
These uprising will not stop with Egypt, because the last eighteen days of that uprising firmly lit the fuse of revolt around the world-and that's a fact! This new power as exemplified by the Egyptians is not an isolated event, nor can it be relegated to something as simple as the Illustration above of the Dictator and the Chosen leader, because far to many of the rest of us are also totally corrupt as well as is the leadership of so many other nations that want the world to believe they are not just criminally-biased corruption-schemes.
Somehow it seems that many on-line-observers of this Egyptian phenomenon have totally missed the real passion beneath what has just begun in Egypt. What is happening has to do with the GLOBAL-PRICE of FOOD that is rising around the world to the point that if it is not brought down-this will lead directly to either global starvation for everyone except the elites and their direct supporters: Or to all out REVOLUTION!
Politics and global-schemes-of-power are one area that everyone seems to feel they know "something about." Possibly this is because too many outsiders have come to believe that they really do "know" what's happening in other places. This assessment is not valid, because there is a huge component that most of these "observers" have chosen not to factor in.
"Bolivian President Evo Morales has abruptly abandoned a mining town after protesters angered by rising prices booed him and set off dynamite.
Mr. Morales was due to speak on the anniversary of a colonial uprising in Oruro but canceled plans to participate in a march yesterday after demonstrations against rising food prices and shortages.
There were also protests in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, and the cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. The Bolivian populace are angry over a near doubling in the price of sugar after the government lifted subsidies.
The president's popularity has plummeted since he tried to lift subsidies on gasoline, flour and sugar in December." (2)
The missing pieces have to do with basic survival (food & water); to which "politics" and our threadbare-political-philosophy's must now take a back seat. Poverty begins with the inability to buy bread (everyday). While "Hunger" is bound up with all kinds of yearnings that; by-virtue of the United States of Israel's desire to crush any and all people that fail to totally submit to a bunch of thugs masquerading as either politicians or leaders. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Egyptians are not only protesting a murderous political outrage: they are also DEMANDING that conditions on the ground must change.
If more people had the same actual-experience of a Robert Fisk or any of the handful of others that have followed revolutions in nation after nation for decades: Then they and we, might be able to see the fallacy in categorizing this uprising as something that tries to pit politics against humanity. In the real world "the act of breathing is political" but in the world of commentary for too many: Everything must be weighed against the supposedly "real-powers' that too many have become unconsciously-convinced of, that the NWO is unstoppable, primarily because of the recent history that began with Israel (Which has yet to suffer a real setback since 'Israel' was hatched in 1948).
Political cynicism is a good thing unless it is taken to the point that there is no room left for LIFE to intervene and surprise us all with the realities that have always been waiting to be discovered; as something more than just 'political talking points.'
Amerrikans need to "get-over-themselves" and learn to accept the fact that revolts do not come in neat little packages, with every aspect clearly spelled out-it's a process that in Egypt's case is just beginning. Also Amerrikans need to begin to understand that quite possibly because the Egyptians have lived through the last thirty years of torture, murder and tyranny, they might just know a lot more about who they want to run their fledgling country, than we do. I have believed in what the Egyptians have been doing since this began. And I have watched while the WEST spins every person and event within the continuing uprising as "facts" that must be dealt with: Basically, for me it is the "Amerrikans" that are full of it, because they remain far too wrapped up in themselves ­ to the point that they cannot see the truth that is staring them in the face!
This uprising was a massively positive outpouring from a people that have suffered beyond endurance. Have you forgotten where these stories about the FAILURES of the uprising are coming from? CNN is not your friend any more than MSM: They are wholly OWNED propaganda organs, in exactly the same way that Nile Broadcasting was before Mubarak left. All the clowns from the outside have been "offered" by the same compromised forces (ISRAEL, CIA, USI and the NWO), that the Egyptians are still trying to rid themselves of. So, instead of seizing on the farce of what is being offered by the media here; because of who is suggesting what to the crowds ­ it might be beneficial to find a way to simply recognize what has happened for what it is: A massive rejection of Israel, USI, Mossad, and every other "WESTERN-power" that does not want to ever see Egypt become its own country.
HOPE & DOUBT spring from the same source; the difference between which wins out, lies in the courage of the beholder.
It appears that too many in the US are so conditioned to always FAILING, whenever anyone or anything challenges the status quo, so that it suddenly becomes very difficult for anyone out there to recognize a real victory, however small.
It was fascinating to me that too many Amerrikans simply could not toast the victory of those millions upon millions of people in Egypt. Choosing instead to celebrate with the broken glass of DESPAIR. The people that did that, are cowards one and all. Only time will tell what was valid and what was just another pipedream in Egypt: but in the meanwhile the cowards of this country ought to begin to ask themselves just what it is that they have done over the last ten years to stop anything that has happened here. Until we are willing to put our bodies in the streets and STAY THERE, as the Egyptians did ­ we need to begin to walk softly like the cowards we continue to emulate.
I've been putting my life on the line for many decades and while I don't know very much: I do KNOW that no one can survive in this world if their views are captured by either too much euphoria or too much skepticism. It is a fact that the sun rises every day-and with it comes a new day, with potentially new possibilities for all of us. Cynicism and Absolute-terminology are as unrealistic as premature calls for victory and both are the blood enemies of real Partisans. Those that can eventually win in the trenches of the world's disputes, are the people that know how to throw a punch as well as how to take one. And why is the following not being broadcast on CNN?
"Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's second-in-command has strictly rejected the establishment of democracy in Egypt, alleging it could have dire consequences.
Deputy Premier Silvan Shalom said attempts at promotion of democracy in Egypt could strengthen what he called radical elements in the country, said Israeli website The Marker, a subdivision of the Ha'aretznewspaper.
He asserted, "We know that, recently in the Middle East, democratic elections have caused the accession to power of radicals like Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon."
The resistance movements, who owe their presence in the defense and political arenas to popular consensus, have invariably defended the Palestinians and Lebanese against deadly Israeli invasions.
"Think of what would happen if the radicals become dominant over Egypt and decide to close the Suez Canal," he said.
The comments came amid popular revolution in Egypt against the country's three-decade-long President Hosni Mubarak's regime.
The uprising, which entered its 16th straight day on Wednesday, has been severely confronted by Egyptian security forces. More than 300 people have lost their lives since the popular movements began, reports say.
Israel has, however, supported Mubarak's stay in power.
To prevent the revolution, Israel has also allowed Egypt to deploy troops to Sinai Peninsula despite a Tel Aviv-Cairo peace agreement, which has kept the peninsula demilitarized for decades.
US diplomatic cables, exposed by British newspaper The Telegraph on Monday, showed that Tel Aviv preferred Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman to succeed Mubarak.
Suleiman, who was appointed as VP on January 29, kept daily contact with Tel Aviv through a secret "hotline," the cables said, and noted that he also had very good ties with Israeli figures." (3)
Israel ­ that shitty-little-country that claims to be the only "democracy" in the entire Middle-East is nothing but a fraud. They are an Apartheid place that has evicted the Christians and the Muslims; making Israel a place fit only for the murderous Zionists who incidentally are not a religious group at all: But are rather just another failed political construct that wants to be able to murder anyone that does not subscribe to their twisted beliefs, including Jews that disagree with their Zionist-only agenda. Then there is this:
Goldman Sachs Saudi Arabia United Kingdom World Gold Council Zurich
It's official: as Egypt was burning, Mubarak was stealing the gold. When we reported, presumably jokingly, two weeks ago that the Egyptian Central Bank may have been plundered, it turns out we were pretty much accurate once again. For all those wondering why Mubarak was refusing to hand over power for the past two weeks as hundreds of people were dying, we now have the answer - it was all just to make sure he transferred his assets, especially gold, to safe regimes (in the process paying tens of millions in commissions to that most noble of jobs - the banker class). The Telegraph reports: "A US official told The Sunday Telegraph: "Hosni Mubarak used the 18 days it took for protesters to topple him to shift his vast wealth into untraceable accounts overseas, Western intelligence sources have said...There's no doubt that there will have been some frantic financial activity behind the scenes. They can lose the homes and some of the bank accounts, but they will have wanted to get the gold bars and other investments to safe quarters. The Mubaraks are understood to have wanted to shift assets to Gulf states where they have considerable investments already ­ and, crucially, friendly relations. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have frequently been mentioned as likely final destinations for Mr. Mubarak and possibly his family." (4)
"Gold" is only part of any real power: Survival comes FIRST because it threatens everything and everyone that fails to meet the daily minimums required for us all. If this uprising in Egypt does nothing else it ought to at least begin to separate those that seek to maintain the myopic-failure-mode of the last sixty-plus years that was planted in this population by the Zionist controlled media, and by our own thoroughly corrupted government. Those that are criticizing Egypt's uprising would do well to re-review their own "achievements" before deciding on what they see as a futile effort!
1) At Last! Another First in History
2) Morales Flees town ahead of speech after miners throw dynamite at food shortages:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1356018/Bolivian-
3) Israel Openly Opposes Democracy in the ME
4) The Reason for Mubarak's Power Handoff Delay
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