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Misinformation About Heart Attacks From AMA
By Dr. Arthur Evangelista
Friends and colleagues
The latest information about Basic Cardiac Life Support, and doing CPR
is in grave error, and should be ignored, just like the last time they changed CPR to "just compressions" about two years ago, which is also, virtually ineffective.
Why do you think the DHHS/PHS, AMA and AHA are trying to save face from an insufficientlyresearched idea about life support and physiology. This "mistake" is so profound, it is my belief that these new CPR applications are purposefully inappropriate and will cost lives.
The intention of this scenario is depraved negligence or voluntary manslaughter - maybe even murder, considering that this CPR changed is deliberate (and useless), and will cause people to expire from the combined DHHS/PHS (public health service) and medical misinformation.
As a former Paramedic working on a mobile intensive care units, and my long background in emergency medicine, it would appear, that the assumption of these "medical experts" also underestimates the intelligence of the American public - that's just for starters, and many of you already know this. That is one of their 'reasons' to change CPR  into an ineffective exercise.
Physiologically, the body requires oxygen, WHILE the heart is pumpimg. Without oxygen, the body will quicky become acidic, and tissue damage will ensue, whether you are doing compressions, or not. Whether the heart is pumping or not.
The ORIGINAL ABC'S of CPR is the most accurate and uselful hands-on application that be performed by the general public to keep someone alive. I have done it numerous times as an EMS specialist.
The first and correct action is to always ascertain the "victim's" current status. How do you do that? Start pumping on the chest?  NO !!  How do you know their heart has stopped without first checking?   - see where this is going?
Second, Checking airway, and placing clean air into the lungs is critical Then assess the cardiac function by checking the pulse and circulation (carotid, color of skin, lips, nailbeds) then, IF there is no pulse, begin CPR compressions, and have someone breath for the patient, while performing the compressions. Folks, this is simply common sense. You can kill a person by doing chest compressions when the heart is still beating.
Common Sense Example: If you were to stop breathing, your blood would quickly become acidic, affecting the heart, brain, and other organs, sending the patient deeper into circulatory shock. This makes any lifesaving effort much more difficult, if not impossible. That's why paramedics often give patients ampules of Sodium Bicarbonate injections, to reverse the aciditythe other cardiac drugs do not work unless the acidosis can be mitigated or reduced. It's a law of nature.
As such, if you hold your breath, are held underwater, or someone pinches your nose and covers your mouth, you will not be able to receive oxygen.  How long do you think your heart (brain, and other organs) will remain intact and functional without oxygen ?  If you're over 30 yrs. old, you may have about 3 mins. If you're over 50 yrs. old, you may have about 2 mins. (realistically).
A beating heart requires oxygen to function. This is a scientific, non-refutable fact.
I know many of you asked if the new CPR technique that was recently "invented" made any sense ? Of course not.
My answer (and probably the reason why you felt this way) is because deep down,
we KNOW the new CPR that our American medical criminal enterprise is trying to sell the public, is in fact, fatally flawed, serves to confuse people, and to my way of thinking, is exactly what these NeoCons intended - increase mortality and death (population reduction scenario - Georgia Guidestones, etc.) Because this whole issue is insane and depraved.
The ORIGINAL CPR along with its ABC (in that order) is the only way to save a life
If there are any more erroneous changes to CPR, you may have to bring your own leeches !!
Stay safe, don't believe the government (for anything), and be aware,
Arthur Evangelista
Public Health and Medical Fraud
Research Cooperative
A group of professional investigators and researchers dedicated to accurate health education, and to exposing corporate corruption or regulatory malfeasance, which may adversely affect the public health.
Here are the terribly flawed new guidelines -  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39715696/ns/health-heart_health

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