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We've Been Had!
By Jim Kirwan
In every war that we've publicly known about the American Public was conned into believing that it was always "the right thing and the ONLY thing to do." Fifty years after the fact when the archives were unsealed we finally discovered in each and every instance the United States lied to the people of this nation-just to have the illegal and unnecessary wars in which hundreds of millions of people died.
From WWI through WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the undeclared preemptive strike by GWH Bush in Panama, all the way through the 1991 Iraq War, to the attack on Afghanistan and then back to the war that never really stopped in Iraq, this time under Junior's diseased oversight. Every single time in each and every one of these "wars" the public was not just misled but we were actively coerced by lies and propaganda to enter into these wars as a requirement of the survival of this nation: Well none of that was ever true!
In today's world of massively-invasive technology's we are not being supposedly threatened from outside the nation; but from WITHIN. We are in the middle of a Holiday Weekend ­ on a Saturday which is the slowest newsday in the whole news-cycle. And today the illegal for-profit corporation (USA INC.), that has created not just this crisis, but every single crisis since 1871 has adopted an entirely new way to attack their target-this time.
Their target is the American Public. Their method is by use and abuse of all kinds of invasive, illegally used technology, that if IT is not stopped dead, will end our way of life in a long and very ugly disintegration of our way of life.
That will end any possibility for ordinary people to even live without constant surveillance and continual threats of either being terrorized or of being one of those terrorists ­ there is NO middle-ground ­ as the Bushwhacker said "You're with us or against us." This takeover is as potentially masterful in its scope as it is vile in its applications: If this series of new REQUIREMENTS are allowed to go forward-then we can say a permanent GOOD-BYE to everything that was once normal such as going to work on public transportation, going to a sporting event or any kind of conference-not-to-mention any and all political gatherings where any opposition to the guest speakers is now a becoming a felony offense-because there is no longer any free speech in the United States-and there hasn't been since 1968. Anyone that has tried to "Have their say in public" will attest to this-the rest of the herd only still believes that 'free-speech' still exists because they have never tried to use it-in public!
First of all you should know that we won the battle over scanners at the Airports of this nation over the holiday; TSA blinked, but tomorrow it could resurface unless the public remains determined to end this practice: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/984.html
Here's is some of the "new" information released today: On Saturday, November 27, two days after we kicked the TSA solidly in the ass:
Body-scanners coming to trains, subways and boats
' If they do this on commuter trains, buses etc. (they've already deputized bus and train operators to "police" passengers on whatever public transportation service they are employed to operate) - they will have succeeded in shutting down transportation for work or pleasure - from coast to coast. No one using those services can expect to ever get where they might be going with any hope of keeping to any kind of schedule - (AMTRACK is already hopelessly off schedule as it is) This will succeed in STRANGLING the scheduling component which is currently working (mostly) to get people to their destinations with a minimum of interruptions: ALL THAT WOULD CHANGE IF THESE criminally-oriented agencies get away with this OUTRAGE - on top of TSA. Welcome to the Début of VIPER!' http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/079240-2010-11-25-body-scanners-
Then there was this: DHS Wants Behavior Scanners at Sporting Events and Malls:
'They not only "want it" they have already invested millions and perhaps billions to accomplish this. Welcome to the Fourth Reich - If the public "accepts" invasive scanning, and sexual molestations just to fly" then here is chapter two - the COSTS OF THIS OUTRAGE are NOT just PROHIBITIVE- this whole idea represents the final phase in the beginning of the SHUTDOWN OF THE UNITED STATES as ANYTHING OTHER THAN A VIOLENTLY CRIMINAL POLICE STATE - of this there can no longer be any question. This is a video brought to you by "your" HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY - which is an outrage all by itself!
Just note how many of the questions being asked here are totally against any and all provisions of the first and fourth amendments to the constitution of the now defunct Constitutional United States - but are in perfect alignment with the DEMANDS being put forward by the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT corporation that lives only inside Washington D.C.!' http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/079234-2010-11-25-dhs-
Then this: Full body scanners popping up at Courthouses nationwide
'Travel is one thing but scanning employees on their way to work, or anyone that is CALLED to visit a government office is a whole other thing. If you don't show up (OPTING-OUT) then the result could be jail or fines or both. Enough is enough already: These machines must be assembled and publicly destroyed - and everyone associated with their purchase needs to be arrested on suspicion of being complicit in attempting to indite ordinary people for Artificially created SUSPICIONS that are being manufactured each and every hour by INSANE government robots that have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to do ANY OF WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO TO INNOCENT PEOPLE!'
Full-body scanners popping up at courthouses | World News |Axisoflogic.com
The amount of radiation that these programs will collectively put into the general population will kill us all very quickly-especially those who will have to undergo this twice every day whenever they try to get to work, as a routine part of life.
This coupled with everything else that has all been done in SECRET supposedly for reasons of National Security amounts to committing a heinous series of crimes on top of treason against the same people that are paying their salaries while volunteering to be targeted by a falsely created government agency whose sole purpose is to finish destroying whatever might be left of this country.
Anyone that is not moved to act against this conspiracy, by the privately held for profit corporation that has replaced the long dead Constitutional United States ­ has to be considered legally incompetent ­ because this is clearly a major and massively expensive hustle just to force Americans into surrendering every right we have to the police-state that has been built to segregate, marginalize and imprison the entire population-under the totally false-flag of world-wide terrorism (Which was created by this government from a previously existing agency of the CIA)-immediately after the events of 911 in order to concoct this entirely false situation that now has every American looking at arrest, at possible torture and or imprisonment just for being Americans!
I don't know about you but I absolutely hate to be conned-especially when the con has been going on since 1871, which is one hundred and thirty-nine years!
Damnit people will you not take the time to DO SOMETHING about this-This time!?
P. S.
A Special Invitation to the Herd:
If you choose to disbelieve the above warning, then can I suggest that, if for no other reason, you come together on behalf of all the millions of people that have died because of the craven desires of these very few among the Elites that have always sought to have it all. Because among the millions that were maimed, tortured and crippled for life-there have been millions of our loved ones as well. So if you won't do this to save your own life: Then why not do it so that no more people will not have to go through what you went through, in what you thought were legitimate wars, that in the end required the services of your loved ones on the alter of corporate profits, which in reality had nothing to do with either national security or real patriotism!
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