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Freedom & Democracy Now
By Jim Kirwan
The call for Freedom & Democracy brings the Siren & the Sorceress into play. 'Say What'?
If we look back at where we've been playing god for the last 63 years we can see that roughly every 30 years or so we decide to dump our puppets and reshuffle the Deck of Fools that we put in charge of far-away places and things.
Sixty-three years ago we decided to kick the Palestinians out of their own country and replace them with Zionists.
How's that going now? Well so far we've managed to force the world to accept our version of what it means to be a nation, which just happens to violate every international law that was ever passed or even thought about: But thanks to our protection and eternal material support, this rabid-dog of a place (Israel) is still there; still torturing and murdering people in the millions while they make war on babies and civilians instead of fighting armies or nations with real weapons.
Whenever it happens that Israel picks on a real nation: The targeted nation kicks the shit out of Israel, and then we have to go in and protect her-tiny-little-self from any further retaliation that might actually end her illustrious career as our unofficial executioner of America's undeclared enemies! That was the case when Hamas soundly defeated Israel in 2006, in front of the whole wide world. (1)
Apparently it's the job of US INC. to disarm any nation that might ever threaten "defenseless-Israel, while raping and plundering those same potential threats to Zionism; that just keep on trying to cling to their own history's that we are determined to erase: Iran and Iraq come to mind in addition to Palestine that is already nearly completely gone.. .
Does anyone still remember "G. W. Bush - the Decider" and the promises he made to Iraq upon his illegal and pre-emptive attack upon that country? He said "We're going to bring Freedom & Democracy to Iraq." So-how's that working out? Well Iraq is far worse off now that it ever was under Saddam. Their infrastructure has been destroyed, drinkable water is still hard to come by and electricity is still not available 24-7. However we have built a massive city within the City of Baghdad for our mercenaries and the contractors they protect to enjoy; while they finish giving away that now enslaved-state. Our temple to power-unending is called The Green Zone.
We decimated the various factions in Iraq and then created civil war among the survivors. We erased the past when we stood by while the Baghdad Museum was sacked. And we've managed to kill far more Americans over Iraq than we ever did in Vietnam (73,846 US Dead, and 1,620,906 Disabled, as of 2007): But we have managed to keep that fact a secret from the rest of the world. (2)
If the public ever figures out that we have been continuously at war in Iraq since 1991, for over twenty years now, they just might feel a bit differently about everything we've done with all those Americans (not to mention the millions upon millions of Iraqi's that we have slaughtered in this process). So much human life and treasure wasted and for what? All that money that we've poured into the pockets of criminal-contractors and mercenaries worldwide, using secret-no-bid-contracts that have literally drained the wealth of the entire middle-class in America; in the largest wealth transfer in history.
The short answer to what we have brought to Iraq is "CHAOS, DEATH, DECEPTION & DESTRUCTION, unending"! Freedom and Democracy was the lure, the totally false promise that has erased Iraq from the viable list of nations. But Hey - Isn't it great to be a real-friend of US INC.?
Another 'country' that we have more than just messed with is Iran. Back when Ike was in the Tarnished House we overthrew Mossadeq, the legally elected president of Iran.
"The Eisenhower administration approved a British proposal for a joint Anglo-American operation, code-named Operation Ajax, to overthrow Mossadeq. Kermit Roosevelt, head of the fledgling U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Middle East division and grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, traveled secretly to Iran to coordinate plans with the shah and the Iranian military, which was led by General Fazlollah Zahedi." (3)
This was followed by the CIA's creation of SAVAC, the Iranian Secret Police, and that pretend country lasted until we decided that it was time to replace the Shah, in much the same way as Mubarak was just removed from Egypt. But we misinterpreted the Mullahs that headed the Revolutionary State. For one thing they raided our Embassy and kept those men and women for 444 days before they gave them back in a dirty-deal negotiated by GWH Bush. We then entered into arms for hostages trading, along with guns for drugs in Central and South America, again with GHW Bush as the facilitator. So for all our "American Rhetoric" the Reagan-Bush administration loved dealing with the Iranians privately while spitting on them publicly. But hey; that's just the American Way of Busness - it's not personal, you understand? The Shah died soon after being deposed: something that no doubt will also happen to Mubarak. What remains unclear is exactly what will replace Mubarak: However one thing is certain whenever US Inc. promises any other nation "FREEDOM & Democracy" that nation's people need to either flee for their lives or hide the silverware and lay in a large supply of weapons, because all they will "get" from us is Chaos, Death, Deception and Destruction. Those are our only credentials wherever the US Department of "States" is concerned.
What is troubling overall, is that it is crystal-clear that the US has no idea of what to do, or how to do it, anywhere they choose to point their ineptitude in foreign affairs. So Yes, things do not look good for Egypt at the moment: but what has not happened yet in any of the other uprisings around the world-is the possibility of the army actually changing sides after the overthrow of the Dictator. There is a 'thirty-year-cycle" that just happens to run through all of life, and in every area, which might actually supply a kind of use-by-date upon USrael-CORRUPTION, as well as on other corrupted powers. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens in the arts and throughout societies across the world. This tends to mirror those periods of re-examination in people; it's what we think of as 'mid-life-crises.'
The truth is this reevaluation happens to everyone around 25, and again around 40, and of course again around 65, it continues on as we begin to near the end of life. It's a natural look-back-to predicate what we might want to change going forward. In politics it's no different; despite the number of Cheney's or Scrubs that would tend to disagree. Our real problem is that our politicians are stuck in the darkness that preceded the 1900's-technically they have yet to actually accept the high-tech age when it comes to policies, procedures and especially "planning."
This is what will kill them in the end because they cannot think or act with intelligence or foresight, and never do they have the speed required to stay on top. Truly Big-Brother is just another flawed-fantasy of theirs because they obviously believe that their "powers" can only get stronger. They absolutely refuse to see any real problems; consequently they are usually caught off-guard each and every time they have miscalculated.
These global-criminals have forgotten to factor in the importance of these cycles that bring those natural changes which tend to reformulate every life; according to new guidelines that are necessitated by realities'-and these changes cannot simply be outlawed-which is why real changes are never as far away as many seem to think they are.
True the bastards have been calling-all-the-shots now for a very long time; but their ancient and decrepit "leaders" are also dying now-and without a cadre of younger creatures to even come close to taking-over from this dying and deceptive breed: The time now for an actual global-renewal; that 'indefinable something' without which life will cease to exist.
So whenever you hear this government begin to talk about "freedom & democracy," you might find yourself beginning to chuckle: because you know that these war-torn concepts are the exact opposite of what the OWNERS have planned for everyone they can theoretically touch, anywhere in this shrinking world.
Twitter may have lit the torch in Egypt, but the Egyptians will keep the fire alive: So why not join with them in keeping that rabid Israeli-dog of Zionism in its kennel and off the backs of every other state they covet: While we try to reduce the flow of American Arms to the entire Middle-East, ASAP?
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