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Forget Politics
By Jim Kirwan
To Hell with Politics and politicians, because 'politics' has brought us to the brink of ruin with more to come! Let's take them at their word for a change. They are constantly telling us just how brilliant and how completely right they 'always-are' about everything to do with business or society. Okay ­ Brace yourself and let's take a look at what they've actually DONE "for us" in the last ten years.
We used to have an automotive industry, that's gone now and Detroit has become a third world wasteland where almost no one can any longer even exist. Since the beginning of this 4th Reich in Amerika we have been repeated told just how smart and how cleaver our leaders have always been, through two terms of a Dictator and half a term from the Invisible man that claims many things but has created nothing but more chaos wherever he has tried to actually 'touch the real world.'
The righteous Right has repeatedly lectured us on the superior wisdom of "private-enterprise" and Conservative government policies: I just have a few questions.
What happened to all those jobs that those now infamous TAX-CUTS FOR THE RICH were suppose to have created? Year after year congress wrings its hands and makes exactly the same proclamations about needing "to create jobs" and yet every year the flood of jobs that continues to leave this country gets bigger than the year before? More people fall below the poverty line, and every year there is less money for those that work: While the boys in high finance just keep raking it in producing the largest bonuses in the history of keeping records of such things. And those that deal in those monster trades and swindles pay no taxes at all ­ that's some gig if you could get it!
Where's the PROOF that anything that government has done since the Cheney-Bush Coup has ever worked except to enrich them while impoverishing us?
In their-world; the world where good-business is King, and private management is so far above the public sector that the "PUBLIC-SECTOR" must be wiped out to enable more OPPORTUNITIES for privatization to take over the public's assets (at ten-cents on the dollar) ­ so that America will become business-efficient and that will basically raise all boats.
The truth is that privatization is beginning to run out of targets which is why you and I are about to swept up and captured, so they can sell both us and our services on the international stock markets at a profit-because there is nothing left to give away or sell. That's how "they" have "managed this place. For the trillions that they have played with as if it were monopoly money they have LOST Trillions of dollars that they just "cannot account for." Imagine that if you had been the someone that was "responsible for such a mega-loss!
How many times were they given a BAILOUT on the promise of finally opening up their vaults and beginning to actually loan out that money (the entire reason for the bailouts in the first place): Only to discover that they kept the money and made NO LOANS, not even to those with impeccable credit ratings. So we had that whole series of the Banks, the Insurance Companies and the Hedge Funds that came away healthy while the public was decimated. In a real business world when you get screwed royally by a company or a group of people you stop doing business with them. Then, if they persist you sue the shit out them for FRAUD, misrepresentation and possibly extortion, if applicable.
But what have we as a nation "done"? WE have never said one word about it-and we have not even fired any of those that did this to us: In fact we allowed our Invisible Man to bring back into government the same creatures that first created his same mess under Clinton. What happened to common sense: When someone clearly proves over and over again that first they should never be trusted ever again-it's should be a no-brainer-we should never have let any of those thieves, liars and on-the-record criminals anywhere near our money: Instead we continued to give the keys to not just the front door but to the vault and now to the lives and fortunes of our children as well! There is possibly "no-way" that we could have done more to give-away everything we said actually "mattered" to us. And to top that off we gave it to the same people that were not only supposed to be "protecting us" from criminals and invasions-this has now gotten to the point where we have allowed them to target and arrest us wholesale in the name of a "security," in an invasion of this country to justify a situation; that not even god could protect every human being from, in this country! In fact while all this destruction of the nation, the government and the society has been proceeding (without any interruption whatsoever) ­ to the point that now ordinary people are being told to turn-in any suspicious person to the government: "To keep us safe" of course from the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which this government has chosen to now criminalize!
Whenever you hear the term Bipartisanship ­ KNOW that this stands for treason against you! Because it means that government is circling the wagons to keep out any and all consideration of any other course of action than they have chosen to pursue. A excellent example of that was by outlawing even the mention of "a public option" in the so-called health-care bill that guaranteed instantly more debt in every household with no reforms of the mega-health-machine that includes sending people to jail for not buying private health insurance-which by the way does not guarantee that your medical problems will even be covered, even if you have paid and paid and paid to get the forced-insurance which the government is demanding.
Add in the end of Social Security and Medicare, and you have the last life-lines for this society being publicly cut to "save money" so that the war-machine gets even more of what you and I shall no longer have.
What did you "DO" about any of this ­ NOTHING!
I've been doing this for over fifty years and throughout that half-century there has always been one common theme throughout every administration.
The first and most important thing is always blaming the "other party" for everything that goes wrong. The second thing, after the mid-term selections that have all been rigged ­ is always the fact that somehow every one of 'their failures' somehow, has suddenly and inexplicably become "our fault."
And of course regardless of whatever the outcomes were, those of us that work are always forced to pay for every bit of what they failed to do. And then there's the really massive extortionate lie that says "your party will fix this-so vote for us!" The ONLY time most people ever hear from any political party is during an election season-and then it's only about "getting your vote" (which is no longer actually needed because both parties have already decided the outcome long before voting day). All the rest of the time they don't want to "hear" from you: in fact as George Carlin says so well "They don't give a fck about you!"
So why do so many people keep on mentioning these totally failed political parties? 'Habit" is the primary reason, and beyond that (of late) there is obviously no reason to believe in anything that any party promises to anyone-because they all LIE massively, before the election and afterward they shut the public out from everything they are actually doing until its too late to even talk about it.
Just look at the latest firestorm of legislation that will change this country forever-yet we didn't even begin to hear about any of it until they began voting on it! Damnit people have you no SELF-RESPECT, do you like being treated as if you are BRAIN-DEAD and totally COMPROMISED into permanent SUBMISSION?
What people need to do is just say NO to everything from IRS to whatever bullshit the government is putting out there. They are the ones that have stolen all your money: Now it's time to take that money back by denying them anything at all. Starve them out. Ignore everything that claims to have a party-affiliation of any kind. Do not take their phone calls; do not answer their poll-questions and start making demands of those that are supposed to "represent" you and me. Cut the politicians off at the knees-whether they have become long-time family friends or whether they are just a name on a ballot ­ STOP TALKING TO THEM and begin to treat them as the mega-criminals they truly are! There can be no greater crime than to accept an office to protect and defend this country-while at the same time they are taking payments from a foreign nation that wants all actual Americans ­dead!
One exception to the foregoing: Call their god-damned offices, fax the bastards and email the hell out of them: and tell them what you really think about their "beyond dismal ­ possibly-treasonous" performance, because all of it of course, is being done in your names. And to top it all off: These same "representatives" are the same people that have stolen your money, your jobs, and your futures and that have allowed DHS to turn us all into terror-suspects just because we might choose to travel anywhere, by any public or private means of transportation. These people are the real THREAT has now been expanded to include shopping at any of the 800 Wal-Mart stores who have decided to "partner" with the illegal government of US INC. in order to spread more fear, more suspicion to create even more FEAR ETC throughout this war-weary nation that has suffered almost nothing, by comparison, to those millions upon millions that we have subjected to the absolute worst that the twenty-first century can deliver through our wars upon the rest of the world.
Here's what some have said about the need to END the Department of Homeland Security ­ Permanently! (1)
If you are serious about fixing anything that's going on now you have to understand that Bipartisanship means that the government is committing treason against the entire idea of representative government. You must also dump anything and everything that has to do with any political party because it's all a massive part of the kind of self-delusion that USI instituted to convince you, that "you" actually could change anything by supporting or opposing any action in the public eye. When was the last time that a petition or a demonstration alone actually CHANGED ANYTHING? Boycotting works, which is why Israel and USI want to outlaw it. Shunning criminals by refusing to have anything to do with them or with any of their proposals also works-but cutting off their money does the most damage to these tyranny-prone criminals.
That is why we must begin to monitor who in our supposed-government has been bought and paid for by Israel, just as we must fire every single person in the government at any level that has a dual-citizenship arrangement with the foreign state of Israel. And for good measure we must charge the congressional people that have accepted political bribes from Israel to create the very legislation, on so many different fronts, that is killing us today!
To Hell with Politics ­ let's get back to being Americans first, opinionated,
stubborn and independently minded who can and will again begin to think for themselves! If we can't do that then we deserve every bit of what we are about to get from USI & Israel while they begin to turn this place into yet another GAZA!
1) Homeland Security is a Scam
Seats of Jewish Power - video
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