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It's Not Just About Flying!
By Jim Kirwan
How short the public's memory is! Does anyone remember their first outrageous move? On September 10, 2001 we had 17 people on something called The No-Fly List. However thanks to a Bush instituted national and illegal spying program against every single US citizen that began in February of 2001, seven months before 911; so that within a year of 911 we had close to a million people on the NO-FLY List. This super-secret list had no parameters and was CLASSIFIED. If you were on it no one could tell you why your name was there and there was absolutely no-way to get your name removed: This was their first intrusive and illegal action taken to interfere with people that wanted or needed to fly in this country. And the whole damned thing was totally unconstitutional; yet no one really challenged it because it was all secret and there was no one to answer any questions within or even outside the government.
That was followed by the passage at four o'clock in the morning of the USA Patriot Act, which managed not to be read before passage, but which virtually assured the government access to all your money IF they suspected you of anything to do with terrorism.
The obscenities inside the airports that had begun with scanners was followed by the removal of shoes based on a "bogus shoe-bomber" which forced people to remove their shoes and gave a boost to a "heightened security awareness." That ridiculous affair was followed by another false-flag event which was created by the US government that put a "bomber" on a plane without a passport (the government then filmed him throughout the flight) and then they had him arrested when a firecracker went off in his underwear (doing little to no damage) but creating this entire charade regarding the searching of everyone's genitals for bombs etc. (including but not limited to pregnant women and babies in scenes right out of Orwell's 1984.
By this time the body scanners had already been purchased at the urging of the former head of Homeland Security a dual-passport carrying Israeli-citizen named Chertoff who has made billions off of devices he has been involved in selling to Homeland Security during and after his "watch" was completed.
Each time "security gets heightened, the reason always turns out to be some bogus bullshit created by Homeland Security itself: usually something that involves their "FAILURE TO DETECT or to Stop something that they can then 'claim' requires a heightened SECURITY ALERT. A child could see through this obvious ploy to get more money, to terrify more people, and to intensify their own intrusions into the daily life of ordinary people. But apparently Americans are incapable of being able to look upon this situation with clear and open eyes: Because when you do that you can easily see that "We, the public" are being played like a cheap guitar" for no real reason except to further degrade our own opinion of ourselves-and to insure that we NEVER QUESTION anything from any of the thugs in a TSA uniform.
That is where we are today; but here's the kicker. Firstly TSA is expanding into VIPER which will take their road-show to the bus terminals and train stations of America and that will end freedom of movement throughout the nation. But there's the part that few have actually noticed. Up until now these procedures have only been publicly used at the airports and at a few bus terminals: But the plan is to use them at all government offices as well. That might sound tame but think about that for one silent minute! That means that every time you have to go to court, to the police station or the tax office you will be subjected to Chertoff's-Curse and in most of those cases there will be NO ALTERNATIVE to the scanner and the pat-down; because if you do not appear at the government office-then guess what-It's jail or worse!
You see this has never been just about flying which TSA says is "not a right but a privilege" which they can disallow at will. So if Americans do not stop this continuing molestation and invasion of our fundamental rights: Then very soon there will be no alternative whatsoever to protect people from this virtually unlimited snooping and scanning and molestation that will be carried out by VIPER-Teams all over the country-and it will no longer matter why you will be subjected to these searches-the very fact that you disagree with them will be enough to jail you on the spot.
This is what this whole masquerade has always been about from long before anyone even knew that Bush was spying on every single person in this country-illegally. Because there was NO PUBLIC OUTCRY when the truth was revealed, about his theft of the presidency or his absence on 911 due to his being detained by second-graders while the towers burned. Or when it was finally announced that he had secretly order spying on everyone in the United States, illegally, and completely without any cause whatsoever in February of 2001. So when it came time to institute the scanners at the airports; the government began to treat the public like the CRIMINALS that they have always believed most people really are-how else could you have over two million people on a list that began with only 17 people ­ and then move on to automatically searching every single person that books a flight on an airplane; regardless of age or infirmities?
What is happening now is just the final phase before they shut us all down and forbid us to travel at all without their approval: Having completely forgotten that they work for us and we did NOT approve of what they have decided to do TO everyone of us.
We must take back this country by firing the head of TSA, the Secretary of Homeland Security and we must locate and charge everyone in the congress or the government that is profiting directly from this illegal and shabby attempt to carry out a government coup against what's left of this Republic!
Here's something Becky Akers said about the nature of these vile policies:
"Standing Up to the TSA - excerpts Becky Akers, 11/17/10
Are you still flying? Why? For your own protection and that of your children, for liberty's sake, stay on the ground until Congress abolishes the TSA. No destination on earth or convenience in reaching it, no vacation, Thanksgiving dinner, meeting or sales trip, is worth the degradation the TSA is dishing out. ... Such mass
mauling is unprecedented. No regime anywhere at any time, however totalitarian or brutal, has ever routinely denuded and molested
Don't underestimate the trauma of such aggression nor succumb to the TSA's bland assurances that a screener "of the same gender" will paw you. We're talking sexual assault here, not a few moments of discomfort you'll quickly forget. Feelings of rage and helplessness, depression and worthlessness, can plague victims for months. ...
It's one thing for a predator to force your submission at gunpoint; it's another to voluntarily enter an airport and endure the TSA's
onslaught. Knowing that you could have avoided it entirely but instead cooperated with your assailants and even paid them to violate you will cripple you with despair. ...
As you value your life, as you value liberty, don't fly. We must boycott aviation until the TSA dies. Nor should we settle for a mere suspension of the agency's ogling and groping. Our goal is nothing less than the TSA's complete abolition; so long as it survives, it will await its chance -- or create one -- to molest us again. ...
Stripped of its marble monuments and fluttering flags, the State exposes its utter evil each time a screener torments a toddler or "groin-checks" another citizen. As the TSA denudes us, government is nakedly on display."
Our choices are clear ­ we must resist this tyranny at its core or we shall lose what little freedom still exists. However as we move forward and succeed in abolishing this nightmare ­ it then becomes a much easier road to begin what still needs to be done to strip those people who designed this enslavement of their citizenship, and all their possessions, via the RICO statues (as this is racketeering to the max) and then either put them in jail forever or deport them to wherever the hell these criminals came form!
This is the Price of Prosperity in the Land of Obamanations' Inc.
If this angers you then DO something about this situation
Instead of just bitching about it!
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