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Failing To Protect US-INC From the Public
By Jim Kirwan
The truth about this nation is quietly making its way into the information base of the world. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine & Death) are being rereleased from their formally thought-to-be-dormant state, to roam freely over the planet once again, in service to US-INC. While the free world in the rest of the image tries to continue to "live" amid the continual threats and Gestapo checkpoints that will soon become as common as traffic-lights in the now dead USA.
The Dragon of modern China is seen suspended in the lower left portion of this 1979 Detail from 'Midnight Caravan' (pre-Internet) while the infant-ghost of USI pleads caution against awakening the sleeping 'angel' that represents what was the conscience of an America, that actually believed, that we were after-all really free! The pages of the history books are blank because the informative writings of history are being erased as fast as the censors can "make-it-so!" While in the background the fireball of resistance has entered the studio, just ahead of the real knowledge that is carried on the wings of the owl from the depths-of-the-ever-present night beyond the open window.
To set the stage for what I want to say here is something from Global Research called "New Eugenics and the Rise of Global Scientific Dictatorship The Technological Dictatorship and the Future of Freedom ­ Part 3.
"We are in the midst of the most explosive development in all of human history. Humanity is experiencing a simultaneously opposing and conflicting geopolitical transition, the likes of which has never before been anticipated or experienced. Historically, the story of humanity has been the struggle between the free-thinking individual and structures of power controlled by elites that seek to dominate land, resources and people. The greatest threat to elites at any time ­ historically and presently ­ is an awakened, critically thinking and politically stimulated populace. This threat has manifested itself throughout history, in different places and at different times. Ideas of freedom, democracy, civil and human rights, liberty and equality have emerged in reaction and opposition to power structures and elite systems of control.
The greatest triumphs of the human mind ­ whether in art, science or thought ­ have arisen out of and challenged great systems of power and control. The greatest of human misery and tragedy has arisen out of the power structures and systems that elites always seek to construct and manage. War, genocide, persecution and human degradation are directly the result of decisions made by those who control the apparatus of power, whether the power manifests itself as intellectual, ecclesiastical, spiritual, militaristic, or scientific. The most malevolent and ruthless power is that over the free human mind: if one controls how one thinks, they control the individual itself. The greatest human achievements are where individuals have broken free the shackles that bind the mind and let loose the inherent and undeniable power that lies in each and every individual on this small little planet.
Currently, our world is at the greatest crossroads our species has ever experienced. We are in the midst of the first truly global political awakening, in which for the first time in all of human history, all of mankind is politically awakened and stirring; in which whether inadvertently or intentionally, people are thinking and acting in political terms. This awakening is most evident in the developing world, having been made through personal experience to be acutely aware of the great disparities, disrespect, and domination inherent in global power structures. The awakening is spreading increasingly to the west itself, as the majority of the people living in the western developed nations are thrown into poverty and degradation. The awakening will be forced upon all people all over the world. Nothing, no development, ever in human history, has posed such a monumental threat to elite power structures." (1)
In light of the above 'Amerika' has now returned to where all of Latin America was some 200 years ago-virtually at the mercy of foreign mega-powers that almost totally control everything we thought was ours, as well as every thought and act we attempt to undertake, under the very real and ever-present threat of arrest, torture, imprisonment or death.
Here is the situation as it exists today: thanks to the recent 'outing' of the Law of 1871.
""The US Government Incorporated as a for-profit commercial enterprise in the legislative act of February 21st of 1871; 41st Congress Session 3, Chapter 62 page 419 and charted a federal company entitled 'United States, i.e. United States AKA US Incorporated, a commercial agency originally designated as Washington D.C.; in accordance with the so-called 14th Amendment, which the records indicate was never ratified. The iron-fist government is a foreign corporation with respect to the state." (2)
Finally we can give a name to this 1973 face of The New World Order; he could be called USI
in all future discussions. United States Incorporated. 'US-INC. does NOT tolerate any so-called laws, except corporate ones that they have written OF themselves, BY themselves and FOR themselves. That's why mentioning the Constitution will get you arrested. Mentioning the Bill of Rights will get you arrested. And disagreeing with any "officer" (uniformed thug from any "agency") will get you beaten and arrested - if not shocked, tortured or killed. The Constitutional United States of America DIED in 1871 - and what replaced it has no interest at all in anything that was developed for use while the constitution was still viable!
What's done is done - and it's over - there is no longer any reason for political parties, or for a congress, or for the courts or even for the Administration - All that is required by the private-for-profit foreign corporation is a corporate Boardroom and an army of many-millions of thugs that will follow orders to the letter - no questions will be tolerated., and all resistance must be rendered futile! That is what is overruling Natural Law today & tomorrow or until that private-for-profit foreign-Corporation is dissolved into the dust of history.
Just think of all the billions of decisions that were made in the course of the last 139 years: The wars that were supposedly fought to protect this place. Instead they brought us unending death that we in turn bestowed upon the world. The court decisions all the bogus wrangling over the stupidity of the laws that were never meant to move the nation forward but were only created to tear us apart while they continued to rip the carcass of justice into shreds, while planning their next rape of justice for the public to swallow whole.
EVERYTHING in those 139 years was a LIE!
We might as well empty the congress, the White House and the Supreme Court Buildings and give them to the Smithsonian to use as Museums where people can come and see what this country was supposedly created to give to the people of this stolen land, by way of an actual government. And of course we can save all that money we've been wasting for the past 139 years on congress, the president and the court-system ­ because they were and still are nothing but actors in a drama that the whole world now knows is nothing but a very-long running criminal act of Treason.
Think about all those trillions that we've spent on lobbyist (our money that we are still supposedly on the hook for) and the phony elections, and the constant IV that has been inserted into the US Treasury to drain it right into the pockets of the Zionistas and the Military War machine. At least we could force the end of the LIE, that the debts incurred had anything at all to do with the population-as the DEBT is the sole property and responsibility of US-Incorporated, and their 35,000 corrupted subsidiaries. (3)
And that's the way it is today: No more need for any political parties as they have all sold out the public they were supposedly created to protect and advance ­ in the course of all that time in which they existed to serve us ­ when in reality they were only there to divert our attentions, and to steal our money while they plotted the end of this nation.
What the revelation of this CRIME will do to the international political circus that continues-regardless of the failure of this country to even have a government in any normal sense: Is anyone's guess. However it should be helpful to unraveling what's really involved in the massive military and political leaks coming out about the Middle-East wars and US Military policies along with the cover-up in the most recent document dump, of Israel's role in all of this.
This is so because most of the government's in the Middle East are just like the fake one that we have just uncovered here. When the world speaks about "Arabs" they do not mean the Arab people, they are talking about the 2% that rule in each of those corrupted Middle-Eastern governments: And that presents the world with a very different picture of global politics than the one where each nation has its' own government ­ except that now we know that the USA is a fraud and its government itself is a treason against the entire nation. Is the same thing true in throughout the rest of the world as well? How many governments only exist to protect themselves from their own people?
It could be true, because this is afterall a global corruption that set out to steal the entire world for the private-foreign corporation that owns and controls what used to be the USA but is now only USI ­ just another bunch of corrupt lawyers, bankers and politicians doing what they've always done; at least since Shakespeare's time ­ when Shakespeare so infamously said ­ "First we kill all the lawyers!"'
1) The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom ­ Part 3
2) Myths of Power vs. Reality
3) The US is a Corporation - video
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