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Have You Had Enough Yet
By Jim Kirwan
Hey America we are standing on the verge of a congressional-coup: they fully intend to take away all our money. If this angers you, presumably more than you already are-then you need to think about how many ways you can cut their salaries and those very special illegal gifts that almost all of them get from Israel each and every year!
We need to add congress to the chain-gang that they have made of our lives.Politics runs on MONEY, and while it is not the be-all, end-all; it is necessary to everyone that lives. Congress has enjoyed the largess ofIsrael now for many decades-without anyone of significance even challenging this little-known act of treason. Think about what you would do if China were giving the congress as much money or more thanIsrael does. Would this enrage you, since most American jobs have already gone to that Far-Eastern nation? It should, because technically it is illegal for a foreign nation to "give money in order to influence American policies or elections." So why has no one challenged this veritable downpour of illegal contributions to theUS congress? Because the congress is supposed to be the 'body' that prevents this from happening-and to date they are almost all lined up to receive rather to deny this illicit influence. It may be better "to give rather than to receive" but when it comes to congress-they want it both ways!
What do you think?
The Congress is going after all our money ­ right now - we need to go after theirs: Call them, email them and tell them that the Glory-Days of getting all that campaign money from Israel are over! If they pass this garbage that's just waiting for their final approval - then we need to go after every single one of them that has taken money from Israel, because that is prima-fascia proof of High Treason.
No other nation is allowed to give money to American political parties or figureheads to influence legislation unless it's "on-the ­record" - and "ISRAEL" cannot be an exception because this is a matter of settled Law in theUnited States of America.
Will you wait until Social Security and Medicare are gone, or until your retirement has been swallowed up by their monetary practices: There are supremely GUILTY parties in congress that need to be arrested and tried for their crimes against you and I. Beyond that everything they've tried to do since this began in 2000 must be re-evaluated given the obscenity of dirty-foreign-money that was instrumental in causing this treasonable legislation to be "passed." You can do something about this; tell them to CUT all ties with Israel immediately if they want to save their own futures.
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!
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