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Watching & Waiting Are Never Enough
By Jim Kirwan
What are we, and what have we become? We are the shadow-people in the audience that just watches this charade unfold. We claim to be people but in reality most of us have no real-face that we can reveal to the world. Nor will we, no matter how many more threats keep right on coming from this totally corrupted government that we see and hear and completely 'understand' ­ yet all we choose to DO is watch and take videos-rather than to actually get up from the bleachers and get-involved to stop what must be stopped, if there is to ever again to be a country in this place where tyranny reigns supreme!
As the countdown nears completion on what's left of this hideous year of 2010-we KNOW in our guts that what will happen to us come New Year's Day, 2011 will be nothing short of the absolute destruction of everything that was still there on New Year's Day of this star-crossed Year of the Tyrants that is called 2010.
On every front the descendants of the Robber-Barons are returning with a vengeance that has no appreciable enemies; at least not in congress, the courts or in anything coming from the Tarnished House in Washington D.C. Instead all three branches of this government have sold out the torn and bleeding public entirely-on every question that has come before them. How much more can you take; how much more will you stand for?
Government isn't satisfied with criminalizing the growing of food in your own back yard-now they want to tax the rainfall-so that they can develop an income stream to justify the privatization of water by Dick Cheney's companies which will guarantee the absolute enslavement of everyone here. Food & Water are being used as the ultimate in cynical weaponry, to prevent any possible survival without the 'governments' permission' which shall soon be required; by anyone seeking either food or water just to survive!
On top of that they are about to revive that dreaded 'TRANSACTION TAX, again, right after January one ­ to tax the movement of any of your money. That will be on top of the newly proposed idea of forcing everyone that spends over $600 on anything to file a 1099 report to the government-thus becoming the ultimate master over everything you choose to buy-while simultaneously taking charge of how and when as well as where you will be ALLOWED to spend what was "your money." And on that subject; apparently this all-caring-government is proposing that we do away with CASH altogether! "For our own safety & convenience" of course.
Government was created here to work for those that pay for it, there was a compact to that end. The public was to "partner" with the government for housekeeping chores and public safety ­ and that was all. This government now takes over 80% of everything anyone (except corporations) makes. That is not a 'partnership' it's SLAVERY!
One percent of the people here control over 90% of everything-and they are now demanding even more! The TAX-CUTS benefit everyone that does not need them, while the poorest among us will have to pay even more of what they don't have just to stay alive. Enough is enough! It is time for each one of us to withdraw our personal permission for this government to rule over 'us.' Make a copy of the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE from ISREAL; sign it and ask your friends to sign it as well, so that we can begin to disconnect ourselves from the evil tyranny that is killing us all - each and every day. Then send a copy of it to everyone in government that you can reach and tell them: "SIGN IT!"
There is almost no time left to begin to confront this crumbling tyranny, but if we begin to see things as they really are and finally begin to act in our own real interests by saying NO and by showing this government that we mean it: Then there may yet still be a chance to unravel the most aggressive of these criminal laws that are tearing this nation apart. (1)
It has become clear that
because this country has allowed
persons with dual-citizenship with Israel
To actively serve throughout this government;
America has become sub-serviant to the demands of Israel
Over and above the security and national needs of the United States.
To END this illegal and treasonous practice.
because the congress, the courts and the administration have all been compromised
I suggested that this new pledge of Allegiance be adopted by everyone
inside the government, at all levels; including TSA & VIPER
as well as all members of the armed forces, including
All contractors and mercenaries serving at the pleasure of this government
And that this statement be sworn to under oath,
by the entire leadership of this country,
To clearly rid this nation of all those who are obviously
serving the needs and illegal demands of the Apartheid government of Israel
Over those of the United States of America.
Here is the Oath
Adapted from the original sworn to on Ellis Island
by all who came into this country legally:
The Declaration of Independence From Israel
"I hereby declare, on oath. That I will support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. In particular as an employee of this government, either directly or indirectly I swear to support this Declaration of Independence from the foreign State of Israel; in all matters of policy both public and private that might come before me, so help me god...." (2)
1)Wikileaks is Falling apart, Israel is finally falling apart,
2) A New Declaration of Independence From Israel
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