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Ending The New World Order
By Jim Kirwan
With the impending total-success of the ousting of Mubarak from Egypt, the world is now knocking on the door of the global-tyrants and traitors that have tried to seize this world by force. Let's take a short walk through the mounting debris from which that inexorable-Phoenix of Freedom will soon begin to rise; despite everything that the NWO has tried to do!
"CAIRO-President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year grip on power hung in the balance as protesters massed around Egypt and overpowered the police, prompting the army to deploy on the streets of the nation for the first time in 25 years.
The protesters returned to Cairo's central Tahrir Square Saturday, chanting slogans against Mr. Mubarak after Egyptian television broadcast a speech in which the president signaled he would stay but dismiss his government.
"There is no turning back from the path of reform that we chose," he said. "We seek more democracy and freedoms."
His address appeared to only heighten the gulf between Mr. Mubarak and the tens of thousands of protesters who took part in Friday's planned "Day of Wrath" against what they characterized as the regime's oppression, stagnation and lack of opportunity.
The words also highlighted the divide between Mr. Mubarak and his longtime ally, the U.S., which threatened to withdraw more than $1 billion in military aid. President Barack Obama said Friday evening he spoke with Mr. Mubarak and told him to refrain from violence and take "concrete steps" to advance the rights of Egyptians. "This moment of volatility has to be turned into a moment of promise," he said." (1)
Then there is this bit based on recently released information from Wikileaks"
"The disclosures, contained in previously secret US diplomatic dispatches released by the Wikileaks website, show American officials pressed the Egyptian government to release other dissidents who had been detained by the police.
Mr Mubarak, facing the biggest challenge to his authority in his 31 years in power, ordered the army on to the streets of Cairo yesterday as rioting erupted across Egypt.
Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets in open defiance of a curfew. An explosion rocked the centre of Cairo as thousands defied orders to return to their homes. As the violence escalated, flames could be seen near the headquarters of the governing National Democratic Party.
Police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas and water cannon in an attempt to disperse the crowds. At least five people were killed in Cairo alone yesterday and 870 injured, several with bullet wounds. Mohamed ElBaradei, the pro-reform leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was placed under house arrest after returning to Egypt to join the dissidents. Riots also took place in Suez, Alexandria and other major cities across the country.
William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, urged the Egyptian government to heed the "legitimate demands of protesters". Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said she was "deeply concerned about the use of force" to quell the protests." (2)
This story above was created by global-spin-masters to try and defuse this rebellion and retain support inside Egypt: after Mubarak is gone. But it cannot work because our betrayals (US INC & Israel) go way too deep to ever tolerate American influence in Egypt ever again! This call for "calm" comes from the two-faced American Secretary of State who gave the green light to murder American citizens in a tank-led FBI attack that killed seventy-four Americans inWACO, in 1993, when she was Clinton's wife. (3)
"I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses, the working class, the poor, the white, the black, the brown, the immigrants, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the soldiers/ex-soldiers, the peaceniks, the communists, the anarchists, the students, the people, across the spectrum, we all have a common cause.
And yet, we have so tragically allowed ourselves to be duped, to be pitted against each other, fighting each other, finding a million ways to divide ourselves, or simply to be indifferent to each other. In this the tyrant's smile, they laugh and they joke, about how complete their control over us is. They have been laughing for far too long.
I know how this happens, growing up in my white middle-class Californian life; I was a mindless idiot like most, I had no idea that we in the West were living on the back of the blood sweat and tears of countless people around the globe. I was clueless about our reaping the benefits of the plunder of the world. I too was living in that bubble of indifference, a bubble that is finally bursting. I wonder if the billions who have suffered for our indifference can forgive us? I wonder if we will be honest about our criminal complacency which has resulted in an unfathomable amount of suffering and death?
Ah but alas, the American empire is crumbling, it is rotting from within, like every single empire before it. And how poetic that its accelerated demise was ignited by the rage and desperation of one Mohamed Bouazizi, one of the countless victims meant to be just another statistic; no no, this statistic just kicked off a global revolution.
Think about it, if a street vendor can do that, imagine the power of the people united, intelligent, fearless and indomitable.
And the people of the world are beginning to realize that all the bribe money, all the weapons, all the sleazy tyrants and their minions are nothing, they are spineless fleeing cowards, running away as cowards do. Let them run to the grotesquely corrupt hosts who will receive them, their day is coming soon as well. Soon there will be nowhere to hide, no gold for them to steal, no court to shield them and no stolen land to live on.
Moving forward with this revolution I am sure many such scoundrels will come home to America, the most corrupt land of them all, by virtue of the seeds of corruption it has sowed across the globe America, possessor of the most disgusting, servile, traitorous government of them all, will soon play host to all its servile tin pot dictators.
America the land of illusions, with the veneer of civility and prosperity, in truth the essence of destitution and lunacy. I know this land; it is my birth nation, I was indoctrinated in this nation and made insane, like the vast majority of its population. And yet I am blessed for my insanity because I have survived it, and more importantly I remember it, thus I can look at all my lost brothers and sisters and see myself.
I realized upon awakening that it was the height of arrogance to expect everybody else to awaken in unison with me, and so I accept people, as they are, collectively insane but capable of retaining their humanity. I knew for sure that if I could break free, anyone can. I remember how crazy and stupid I was, I remember believing my nation this and my nation that, and I remember pledging my allegiance to The United States of Hypocrisy by reciting the words
"with liberty and justice for all"; what a bunch of bullshit! But I believed it." (4)
The article continues: "America became some horrible B-movie, one big B-movie set in Fantasy Land, produced by Zionist lackeys. Only a nation and a world gone insane could have believed the movie was reality. Power to the prostitutes of propaganda, they did all they were ever called on to do. Meanwhile the working class continued working hard, bought their tickets and watched the movie, just so they could go further into debt by gifting the bankers trillions and trillions of dollars. "God bless America!"
Remember this my fellow Americans, a street vender from Tunisia kicked your ass; how beautiful is that? Somehow your slave masters could not manage to stop a single, insignificant man from knocking over the first domino and igniting the fire to which you shall soon be engulfed, literally. If you know what's good for you, you will see your traitors on Wall Street, in the Congress and the White House for who there are, fast.
Speaking of which, let me say to Hillary Clinton and the other prostitute politicians calling for "restraint" inTunisia and Egypt; fuck you and fuck restraint. Remain angry my brothers and sisters and channel that anger until the result is achieved, a revolution resulting in a dictators flight. He has shamed the Egyptian people for far too long, bought and paid for by the American taxpayer; there is no "reform" absent his departure. Let Egyptian rage manifest in the form of that cowardly, pathetic excuse of a man fleeing Egypt to join some pathetic and corrupt regime suitable of hosting him. I am not alone in waiting for the news thatIsrael and America's Pimpdaddy Mubarak, and all his prostitutes, are fleeing Egypt for good.
And I am loving the "financial crisis, loving the fact that people are suffering in Europe and America, let it get worse and worse, please God I pray for a storm of discomfort. Let the middle and upper class people of the West in particular live like the Bedouins of Gaza I met today, nothing will jump start their conscience more.
Let them feel a fraction of the pain and suffering we have dealt to the rest of the world. Soak it up, embrace it, live in the street, go hungry and homeless and get beaten for seeking shelter in the wrong place. Then look in the mirror and see the world you created in your own eyes.
Let us realize once and for all the truth, we are all connected, we, the working class, the un-employed, no matter color, religion, sex, nationality, we are the masses, we have the power. And if we have any sense at all we will see any and all attacks on fellow human beings as an attack on ourselves and our family. With this attitude we will crush any so-called leader/politician who even thinks to bamboozle us with the same bogus game that has played out for far too long.
Enough is enough, the world we created has been horrid, let us thank profusely those who fought while sat on our lazy, indoctrinated asses. Let us now stand together, brothers and sisters, with the people of Tunisia andEgypt in particular. Let us turn the page on the nicey nice social gathering protests that serve to diffuse our rage and absolve us of guilt by allowing us to say; "I protested."
No it is time now for much more effective measures. Direct Action is my chosen method, but general strikes are called for big time.
It is time for the workers to bring the slave masters to their knees and to seriously, meaningfully, express solidarity with the people of every occupied nation, including but not limited to, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and my beloved Hawaiian nation.
It is time to fight fire with fire if necessary and make clear to our police and military that if they turn on the people, then they will feel the wrath of the people." (4)
The time has come for Americans to emulate the Tunisians and now the Egyptians; soon to include the Yemeni's, the Lebanese, the Pakistanis, and the rest of Africa as one by one these places will follow the example set by Tunisia and send us and the damned-Israeli's packing forever! The New World Order is not "new" and it stands not for Order but for Chaos.
'This "happened to us all" because especially here, far too many of us believed that basically WE HAD NO CHOICE - according to the fascists. The choice they have been presenting to the public since 911 is "SURRENDER OR DIE because RESISTANCE IS FUTILE" and that IS THE MOST OBSCENE LIE OF ALL!'
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