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Ending 43 Years Of Surrender To Israel
By Jim Kirwan
If Israeli's are so far above the rest of the Human Race; Why have they not been able to have or to hold their very own nation ever before? The answer is because they create nothing themselves because Israelis a parasitic cancer that must have host nations on which they can feed, like hyenas on a corpse. TheUnited States is only the most recent self-appointed victim that has given herself over to the savage lusts of Israel. We have been nothing in Israel's bloody claws except a blinded, formerly naïveté young thing that Israel has conscripted into global prostitution: We are addicted to the drugs of Money, & Power, and to the bloodlust of torture, theft and murder.
We've become as common as crack-whores standing on the corners of our lives; in the middle of these stormy nights begging strangers to listen to our pleas while dreading what will happen if we fail to give our pimp (Israel), whatever Israel demands!
In the long-ago and faraway JFK summoned the Israeli Ambassador to the White House and told him to his face that the United States would inspect Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona, for evidence of nuclear weapons development ­ and that if anything were found,  Israel would be cut off from ever having the ability to posses nuclear weapons. A few months later JFK was dead and Israel was on her star-crossed way with nuclear weapons firmly clenched within her ugly teeth.
Kennedy was followed by the totally complicit LBJ who went so far as to demand that US fighter-bombers, that were sent to rescue the USS Liberty, from a belligerent and continuing Israeli attack on that unarmed ship. It was the only time in American naval history that a US president ordered his own navy NOT to assist a US Navy ship that was under attack by a foreign power. But LBJ went further he told the commander of the US Sixth Fleet:
"I want that goddamned ship going to the bottom. No help, recall the Wings" Lyndon Baines Johnson
Thus making LBJ complicit, with Israel, in trying to blackmail the US into coming into the 1967 war on the side of Israel, in order to flatten Egypt's Air Force; (Which the false-flag-attack on the Libertywas to have been blamed on).
LBJ was never publicly questioned about this "incident" because if that had happened, LBJ would have been found guilty of TREASON. Bu: perhaps more important than LBJ ­ had he been impeached: We would not have become the permanent-victim-as-we-are-now, of Israel's savage and unending appetites. And this cancer that Zionism has grown to become, could never have survived the impeachment of LBJ, but in the first of hundreds of times that this country has simply "turned­away" from difficult choices. The American public failed to "push-it" and preferred to just forget what happened to all those Americans (34 died) 139 were wounded. (1)
Thus began the total and complete-surrender of the USA to Israel: which is the single most glaring fact which the world has yet to even grasp; much less accept as that "beleaguered little nation that 'needs' our protection if she is to survive in a hostile world." This is the root of that so-called special-relationship" that the US has been paying for, for forty-three years! This treachery is why you and I are being spied on, threatened and virtually held hostage at every turn in what was supposedly "our own country." All because Americans, since that fateful day during the 1967 war have proven to be opportunistic rather than face the truth that we have surrendered to Israel: When any free people would have gone to war-rather than to accept this treason that has led directly to the end of Americaas a military-power or as much of anything else, anywhere in the world today.
Congratulations Amerika ­ you have continued this shameful cowardice that has meant the surrender of your nation and all your rights: right up to this moment. And moreover this continues to mean that perhaps we shall never have the courage or the guts to remove Israel from world?
Israel is the greatest single threat to the entire Human Race that has ever existed, anywhere in the world:
YET we not only KEEP RIGHT ON PAYING Israel
We are responsible for the death not just of this nation but of ourselves as well.
The 'state of Israel' must be dissolved!
1) Israeli Attack on USS Liberty ­ short video
Honorable Veterans: America Needs You for One More Duty
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