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Ottawa Ought To Be
Outlawed As A Destination City 

By Jim Kirwan
Letter To Mayor Jim Watson,
Your job as mayor of Ottawa is not to appease a bunch of uniformed thugs when they go beyond civil conventions in the supposed performance of their so-called duties. The fact that what is being exposed about your police department coupled with your cavalier response to public criticism ought to be viewed as 'hostile to the welfare of the general public' - in what most Americans thought of as a friendly place. Maybe Ottawa never was an ideal destination, but after this, Ottawa ought to be removed from all brochures as a "destination" that anyone might wish to ever spend time in; unless of course the tourists that 'choose Ottawa want to be assaulted, tortured or beaten!
You have already had, since 2008, to do something about the strip search of a woman that was video-taped; and now you want to wait months more to "investigate" the latest video - screw you and your administration for following in the footsteps of our own national disgrace that we call TSA & VIPER.
What's wrong with you Jim - were you raised inside a prison or in a city where people had the right to an expectation of innocence not guilt before they were "detained"? I read your comments here - and if you were the Mayor of San Francisco, I'd be leading a mob that would be demanding your immediate resignation - YESTERDAY would not have been 'SOON ENOUGH."
Ironically your dereliction of duty came in the same year as I wrote this Open Letter, which millions of people have read and agreed with, around the world - no member of the associations accused herein ever responded to anything in it - looks like you've chosen to be in the company of these damned and soon to be outlawed "servants of Canadian society."
Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops 2008
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