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Invisible Truths
By Jim Kirwan
Defiance ~ Submission
In my world everything is personal. But in the world of Amerrika-today it seems that almost nothing is ever taken personally. There are many reasons for this spirit-crushing fact; but the bottom line is that if you continue to fail to take what is going on 'personally' then all of this will end with the surrender of this place without any resistance whatsoever.
Where I came from I learned that in this life you get pushed-around for just as long, as you don't learn how to push back. I also learned very early on that no one else can ever promise you an absolute-guarantee of anything: Especially not something as nebulous as being perfectly-protected from every possible threat. That phrase is especially true of weapons-addicted governments that care not about the very people they are suppose to be "protecting."
The reason that this government chose "terror and terrorism" as their next big target in a world that had just successfully ended the Cold War was that those nebulous terms cannot actually ever be clearly defined-hence anything and everything must always be done to protect you from "it," or "them."(1)
This was the reason that the world did not did get that Peace-Dividend that we were promised, if the Cold War ever ended. But it did END, and all we got was a brand new boogey-man that doesn't even have a country, a military or even any clearly defined goals; all the better to threaten the public with, and virtually impossible to deny because "every person both here and abroad is a potential terrorist." Except of course for the people that created the terror in the first place who are the same people that have put themselves in-charge of catching the "real-terrorists." Cute huh!
Here's another little foot-note that very few have bothered to track. About the same time as most Amerrikans were leaning how to duck-&-cover, in absolute terror of the atom bombs that were supposed to be coming-to-America in the 50's: There was another move afoot to segregate the population, to mitigate integration and to divide the country into the haves and the have-nots. It was innocuously called "The Burbs." Because living in the Burbs does not involve daily interaction between "neighbors, as a rule; in fact quite the opposite is true.
You can live next to others for years and have very little contact, because the car is King and conversations can be suspect. Travel back to the hated cities is necessary "for work" but between the hundreds of hours wasted in commuting and the distances that everyone must traverse between work and home, or home and recreation etc.: So much valuable time is wasted that very few even notice how much of their lives have been stolen just to live in the Burbs; so that when they finally get somewhere they aren't interested in what others are doing and the nearly invisible walls succeed in doing what the police-state could never do-which is to isolate communities and individuals from each other, and from society as well. The plan was to "sell" this idea to people as "the good life" and people actually paid to isolate themselves from their former communities, thus making it far easier to sell the public on anything as massively-scary as "TERRORISM."
The Burbanites have their guns and their Barbeque pits, their back-yard gardens and of course a car for every adult-member of the household: But they also have a lot of stuff to support and almost no time to enjoy any of it. Those still in the filthy and moldering cities can at least enjoy their diversions because they are usually close-by, or maybe just a cab-ride away. Inner-city dwellers have no need of cars (they can rent when necessary) because for most things there is public transportation or you can just walk to where you want to go. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars saved-immediately. Of course there are trade-offs, lots of them, wherever you chose to live. But this was a masterstroke of the police-state before they even had their coming-out party back in 2001.
The kinds of "TERROR" that the Burbanites fear most are heightened because of what they "have" as well as just how far away they might well be from any congested areas. The selling point for buying out-there was in fact all that distance from the evil cities, fresh air, good schools, the best of everything it was said: But now we see that the air has been poisoned, the water contaminated, and the even the soil is becoming dead or hostile to growing anything that is eatable. Also because the money moved to the Burbs; crime followed where the money-went.
Years after the dream-home was purchased the owners woke one day to discover that paradise was NOT what it was cracked up to be. Crime had followed them home, even into the gated communities; and "life" wasactually very stilted and very much sub-compartmentalized-down to and including regulations and Home-Owners-Associations that are now virtual self-appointed police-states of their own; so much for escaping the evils of city-life. But hey! You've got your piece of the good-life; right? How would I know about any of this? Because I was one of the first home-designers of these colonies that were devoted to the Generation-of-the-Self. I watched while buyers demanded that book shelves give way to more floor-to-ceiling glass, and libraries were dropped to make room for family rooms that were usually never used for families because the members were almost always scattered to other places (of necessity).
Lots of changes in the way people in the 50's and 60's lived; and how that was converted into the sterility of the 70's and the 80's where the nature of the "developments" began to more and more resemble the prison-complexes of the future, rather than the neighborhoods in the cities they had fled from. Look around at where you live-how secure do you really think you are in those distant Burbs with a land value that is worth far less today than what you have left to pay on the mortgage-and do you really believe that was just an accident?
No, that practice goes hand in glove with all those massive corporations that have a tendency to fire people just before they reach retirement-to avoid paying them for what they paid into. That happened across the country while I was in the military; and it left behind a whole lot of disillusioned people. At the same time this was mirrored in the military that was dumping their thirty-year 'lifers' (left-over's from WWII) just to keep from paying them for their services. This little corporate game has been going on since Corporations acquired the same status as human beings, but without any of the responsibilities that you and I are responsible for.
The end result of all this tinkering with the invisible mechanics of society was to assist in the weakening of the whole country. The conversion of people from a people-based society to a consumer-focused-herd of mindless morons that seem to spend their lives racing from one acquisition to the next; while never even having the time to play with whatever was last-years "must-have" possession.
This worked wonderfully well for the Corporations and the Police-state dreamers; but it was a disaster for the society that needed to have diverse people and lots of diverse interests living close together and working with each other instead of competing with everyone else on the planet-including their next-door neighbors. Think about it ­ because all of this was part of the spider's web that you now find yourself almost totally imprisoned in! These programs did not have specific names but if they had chosen to call it anything it should been named: Divide & Conquer!
I would suggest that the next time you find yourself threatened by some gorillas in rent-a-cop Kevlar, with no visible badge, name or number: That you begin to push back. These creatures are not supermen or superwomen they're just people underneath all that garbage that makes them feel like Robocops. They need to answer our questions before they do anything else. Something like this might help to get you started.
"Your Papers please! Who are you and why have you stopped me? I'm a citizen and I have a right to be here. Your papers and your authorizing credentials ­ now!" Here's what one woman did when she refused to be treated like meat-because she had legitimate reasons to refuse TSA's primitive methods.(2)
Instead of whipping out a cell-phone whenever you find yourself witnessing one of their illegal stops and seizures of other people; Why not grab a few others that are also watching and begin to gather-round the confrontation. Keep the cameras rolling but do something to end that illegal stop and search because the people doing the search have no idea what they are looking for; they're just there to intimidate a random person or persons. The last thing in the world that cops want to see now is a crowd that outnumbers them: A crowd that demands that they justify THEIR presence on the scene. A crowd that is writing down license places, taking photographs and calling others to join-in?
Many may find this idea discomforting, but know this: Every single thing that is being done to us today by the Police-State is VERY PERSONAL because it is about Life & Death, and that's just about as personal as it ever gets, especially in this country that is totally afraid of even our own shadows.
These creatures, whether it's at TSA or whenever VIPER comes to call are all acting outside the laws of this country, Their Superior's and Department heads are WAR Criminals already, and worse; so if you do not resist in some way then what they will continue to do to everyone of us will only increase in its severity until there will no longer be any freedom of movement left, anywhere within this country.
Don't you realize that when they molest you or your children at the airport or at the checkpoints that are coming; that that is a criminal act? Their reason for doing this is based on a "bomber" that had a firecracker in his shorts-a firecracker that did not even destroy the shorts; the FBI has shown them to the world, and then mandated that everyone must have their private parts searched by hand or by a full body scanner ­ to detect evidence of a bomb!
Do you know how completely STUPID this idea is or how UNLIKELY it is that anyone would ever have enough of anything in their underwear to actually blow up an airliner?
On the other hand if the same amount of money (that was used to buy the scanners from the former head of Homeland Security) was used to investigate the FBI-to find out just how it was that so many traitors managed to get into this government and into the key offices of government at every level of the last two administrations ­ that information is critical and necessary to solving the mystery of how this nation became compromised and is now totally subservient to Zionist Israel. This is a million times more important than this bullshit that Holder continues to spout, on "the existence" of supposed terrorists.
It was the FBI's JOB to find and block the appointments of people whose first loyalty was not to theUSA. They failed, just like they FAILED; before, on, and after 911 to prevent anything from continuing to kill people for an hour and forty-five minutes.
The FBI is not our friend or savior: The FBI is part of this grand plan to shut down American life as we have known it and they need to be investigated thoroughly; along with their leader; the traitor Eric Holder, that is the current Attorney General who has consistently FAILED to do anything about the massive criminalities or the war
Crimes that this government has continued committing since 911.
When Eric is finished with finding and firing those responsible for this actual security lapse; then he can "talk about the terror threat" that he and his boss have been pushing as if it was important. Until then Eric Holder needs to just "DO HIS JOB" and leave the retelling of fairy tales to others. (1)
1) Attorney General's Blunt Warning on Terror Attacks
2) Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down
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