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Decades Of Desecration Cannot Be Denied!
By Jim Kirwan
Contrary to popular belief: The true Barbarians-of-this-planet are not outside the gates of civilization-because they have always been inside all of our most insulated governments, around the world. Think about that for a minute; and suddenly what is beginning to sweep the world right now not only makes sense, but is clearly long overdue!
The War-on-Women was announced today by the New Speaker of the House of Representatives, that references three bills: HR 3, HR-358 and HR-217. Criminalizing abortions is now being used to overturn thirty years (there's that magic number again) of the rights of women to abortion services in the USA. This attempt to play to the amoral zealotry of extremist-ideologues is yet another effort to distract the public while at the same time taking us all back to the caves of the Dark Ages. At the very least this will send American women back to the days of the Victorian Age where women had no rights to their bodies or their lives because they were dominated, totally, by the whims of those men that have hated them for being who they are, and for being an entire class of beings. (1)
This is another attempt to strip five million women of their medical right to abortions, along with the right of women to have access to medical needs surrounding 'RAPE' (which is a CRIME of violence) from which all women need to have the legal and moral protections that have existed (on paper) for the last thirty years. Welcome back to the Stone-Age!
If you are a woman or a man that loves a real woman; then you need to demand an immediate end to this War-on-Women and to the political careers of everyone that was involved in this. There is a subtext here that must never be forgotten because it is this that has led to all the teen-age pregnancies, the drug abuse and all the rest of the destruction of our youth and the families that have been desecrated: That sub-text
also consists of the FORGOTTEN CHILDREN of America-and the borderline parents that make it all possible because too many have caved-in to "Child Protective Services" (America's official child-abuse agency) that has been involved in selling those in their care for fun & profit) for the last 30 years.
Instead of focusing on the re-enslavement of all women; this nation needs to look at the end result of what we have done to women and to our children, as well as to the viability of this place to even be a place that has virtually gutted this country from the inside-out. When we forget the children and the rights of all women along with the broken society in which we live, then we have condemned ourselves to a fate worse than death.
We need to crucify the sexist and amoral congressmen and women that have tried to force these new and primitive "laws" upon the United States. The Senators and Representatives that supported this travesty and this savage attack upon our society ought to have their secret-sex-lives made available to the public: Immediately! That would end this contrived and deviate attack upon women as a 'lower-class' of beings. By extension and design this would also include the damage done to the children that continue to suffer, for the CRIMES that these self-righteous and sadistic legislators are seeking to impose upon society and the nation-just to offer cover for uprisings-around-the-world which they can no longer control. (2)
Against the backdrop of the Middle-East and the wider world the US Budget and the Economy are not facing the true public outrage that they ought to be receiving. The world is on-fire because of the choices made by the New World Order that are being faithfully implemented by Obamanation and his cabinet of war-criminals and traitors to the USA. That is not an exaggeration but is in fact, too-mild, considering what they have tried to force upon the impoverished world as a prelude to bringing all that hell directly home to all of us.
The weapons they are using to effect the 'global-surrender' they are demanding; consists of nothing less than full control over food production and pricing; enabled by their ownership and privatized-control over the contents of the world's seed-banks; which we have allowed them to both patent and control. And they are hard at work trying to corner the world's supply of drinkable water as well. Because of this massively-criminal-overreach by cave-men and women in so many countries, that are all are servicing the same elites: The global stability of the planet is now at risk. Instead of addressing any of these massive crimes this congress and the imposter in the Tarnished House want to divert our attention by returning all women to the status of sex-slaves with no control over their own lives: we can thank the Zionistas for this one too!
When you realize that we have always thought that we were "inside the gates" of civilization, in a hostile and barbaric world: Only to finally begin to see that we had that entire equation upside-down and backwards-that will take some "getting used-to" but it's more than possible, because it is the truth that underlies the need for all those lies that allowed so many to avoid the truth of what these days-of-rage throughout the Middle-East are about to force us all to consider!
From Algeria to Syria and from Bahrain to Libya the embers of freedom are smoldering into flames. Iran now has the largest demonstrations since Egypt, and Algeria is mounting a revolt that is not peaceful. This illegal-and-tyrannical-crackdown on the planet was always Too-Big-To-Succeed; and now that fact too is becoming more than just visible: Hell it's happening right before our very eyes! It's too bad that this place is still intimidated by these freaks-of-nature and of life. TSA is still expanding and the Feds are going crazy: This is reminiscent of the USA in Vietnam when we announced the addition of more troops bringing the number up to 500,000 'in-country' just before we had our asses kicked and had to flee that country in disgrace! Perhaps this has something to do with that old axiom of 'things being darkest just before the dawn?
The bloody and threadbare blanket of bogus-terrorism itself is not large enough to quell the RAGE over what is happening to the world, through price inflation and poverty, thirst and state-terrorism sponsored and controlled for over thirty years by these Barbarians-INSIDE-the-Gates who would have the world believe they have come to save us and protect us: When the fact is they are the real threat to everything and everyone, because they are the ones that attacked us all on 911 and they've been trying to stick to that story ever since. But it has always been 'Lies, Lies, All-Lies-All-the-Time since September 11, 2001.
Apparently the world does not take our efforts to starve the world into submission-kindly. In fact the gravity of this global-revolt is beginning to threaten the Walls that Israel and USI have tried to build, throughout the world, to keep each and every sect and ideology isolated from the common public. Those artificial walls are about to be breached with a vengeance that will leave those that built them running for their pathetic lives. In fact Dictatorships-worldwide are about to have to face the real price that must be paid for their attempt to privatize every aspect of human life everywhere on the planet.
These Decades of Desecration can no longer be covered up and 'like it or not' Amerrikans will be dragged into this and will either join in the global demand to End the so-called "New World Order" or die; because this time their inattention will be held directly against them as co-conspirators in this world changing moment, that has finally begun to unravel all the spin of the last thirty years. And there is nothing now that any government, anywhere, can do to stop this!
The price will be high and many will die; but that has always been the price of real freedom.
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3) As Mideast Rolling-Revolution Grows
The Regime is Running Scared: Algerian Forces Crack Down
Defying Government Repression, Yemeni Protests Continue
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