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Cure Of Folly
By Publius
I have been too busy studying Holy Writ.  Somewhere in Jeremiah you find me thinking out loud. I know the Zionists are totalitarians. I know that all sides are funded by the billionaires in their "Satanic" totalitarian interests. However I am more concerned with the totalitarian Christian Right than I am Satanic Rites. Allies in Christ are infiltrating the Armed Forces.
They are running for office. And they may well trigger a state of war out of some peculiar thread of ideology taken as Gospel Truth. Worse still, they are pawns of the very forces that they claim to oppose.  As a secularist, not a Marxist though, I find the retreat from reason frightening.  Bad enough we have wars between rival imperialisms, worse still between entire theological systems!
I find it a bit of a reductio ad absurdum to constantly cite the hidden conspiracy pulling all strings.  Humans are agents. They do not often act in their own interest and they are often manipulated, but agents they are and as such they have the capacity to alter outcomes.
It may be that secularism is not possible.  People have prejudices and biases and will always enshrine these into law or bend over backwards to read it into law.
Satanism is another name for human greed and the rites and mystical aspects are simply mummery. Is human history nothing more than the struggle of Christ and Satan to control the world? I think not.  It seems to me that without a better understanding of the actually existing social forces operating at present we are ill prepared to understand the trouble coming ahead and we sleepwalk to catastrophe.
We need to make history instead of allowing ourselves to be passive victims of it.
I oppose Soros.  I am happy people bring forward his funding of the so-called Left.
I am opposed to the fanatical Right also.  I wish more people would bring forth their funding sources. This is because I am a secularist.  I accept the existence of hidden forces shaping culture-a veritable Kulturkampf indeed. However, the remedy to this is not less reason but more logic.
I also prefer a strong wall between the State and Faith. I am a Lockean. Unlike Locke, I feel that the State needs to be checked by more than positive law. The State needs to be checked by the active participation of the governed. I am for a secular State. I am for an open State. I am in support of hand counted voting. I am in support of paid days off for voting.
I am in support of anything that increases participation by the public in politics.
I am afraid that the hermetic closed world of politics reduced to cheers for team A or team B has become an active threat to the existence of the Republic. I am concerned that the shrill shout in the street will topple the nearly shredded, fragile Lockean consensus. I am concerned that the Satanic underground and the fundamentalist above-ground share this common strategy. Talk about a Popular Front!
According to Gordon Duff, there is a largely invisible faction which has in mind state power and this faction has penetrated the armed forces.
9/11 WAS ONLY ONE OPERATION" "Initially, groups, Zionists, "banksters" and con men of all kinds rushed to the side of the neocons,
 I do not frame their agenda in terms of rational or irrational, but I would like to point out that rural communities are ideal recruiting grounds for their factional agenda-especially given the demographics of the Tea Party and the "us" vs. "them" ideology it promotes. I also feel that many sites on the internet also promote this divisive ideological struggle by an appeal to Christian brotherhood or some such that never existed. One can envision a moment in time where prior to total economic and ecological collapse mentally ill people have control of the Armed Forces. One might even argue we are living through this moment.

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