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'Is The Constitution Irrelevant?'
By Jim Kirwan
Ezra Klein a staff writer for the Washington Post and a blogger for MSNBC said in an interview on MSNBC:
MSNBC: "When Republicans take over next week they're going to do something that has apparently never been done in the 223 year history of the House of Representatives. They are going to read the Constitution aloud. Is this a gimmick?
EK: Yes it's a gimmick. You could say two things about it. One it has no binding power on anything and two; the issue on the constitution is not that people don't read the text and think they're following. The issue with the Constitution is that the text is confusing because it was written more than a hundred years ago: And what people believe it says differs from person to person and differs depending on what they want to get done. So I wouldn't expect too much coming out of this." (1)
See the very brief video and note that Ezra is still-very-wet behind the proverbial ears. He's a child that has obviously not lived very long, and does not appear to have weathered much of anything at all except, perhaps in the paper world, where no one needs to have to pay for whatever comes out of the childlike mouth.
Contextually he is correct, there is a lot of confusion among all kinds of people because this country has no rudder, no guiding light on which to base anything anymore: Except as lives are related to how much money and power anyone can manage to acquire-by whatever means necessary. In that context, Klein is correct. But this view is not why constitutions are written, nor does it apply to how they are to be interpreted.
In fact the entire edifice that was created to allow children like Ezra to rise to become "something" in the media-swirl that has no content whatsoever when it comes to events in the real world: Consequently his views in themselves are aired with the express purpose of adding further confusion to an already smashed public view, of what is actually at stake today. If more proof were needed that the Fourth Estate (media) was intended to be that fourth but unnamed branch of the real government-Ezra's comments clearly show the world which side of this discussion MSNBC and the Washington Post are clearly on.
And since the public cannot simply be asked to view the reading of the Constitution from any particular angle today, given that without real-life-values no public can even hold a personal opinion: This 'gimmick' has been obviously designed to raise a great many more questions than it could ever answer. This too is part of the NWO plan to subjugate the public by using double-speak and newspeak to pretend to have a "return to the root of liberty" when what is really being done is to finalize the hopelessness of turning to something that is far too "old" to ever be relevant today. We all need to learn again, if we ever did in the first place, how to SPEAK and how to LISTEN.
The truth that is hiding within this specious offering is that neither political party has any real meaning for anyone trying to survive in this country today because politicians speak with the same voice on every topic and that is deadly to the existence of all the Americans.
Both parties have sold out to the Zionistas, overwhelmingly, in such a way that nearly every member of congress is committing treason by the facts shown; in their voting records: For everything that Israel demands; just as certainly as they continue to vote against everything that could assist anyone trying to remain alive in the aftermath of this wholesale tyranny. This situation was inflicted upon us by the Police-State that is the real power in the political world of right-now.
As the world of 2011 begins to dawn we must focus on the differences between the savage dangers inherent in political rumors and what we have come to know in the mind's eye as the Truth that can be both seen and heard through intuition, experience and the basic understanding of what must be basic to the continuance of our lives, if there is to be a society to live in at all.
But perhaps the most critical fact that has escaped all but the very few is that societal STABILITY rests on the ever shifting marble of RISK and that nothing or no one can ever guarantee anything to anyone else in the real world-because all of life is based on risk as well as change. So our lives in reality, while they are always at risk, should be based upon building a viable world that has a future. What we have apparently chosen instead is a world based upon WARS and the fortunes to be made in prosecuting these illegal and massively inhuman attacks upon those "not-chosen" by the barbaric creatures that set out to rule the planet in 1897.
"Without a modern State of Israel perspective, historians, scholars and researchers have spent half of the 20th Century writing hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, books, theses, dissertations, essays and journal submissions attempting to resolve the anomalies and inconsistencies of the events from 1897-1948.
The year 2009 was the first time anyone in history realized the significance of Theodore Herzl's remarks at the first Zionist conference in 1897. Herzl predicted UN Resolution GA 181, would be adopted in 1947, creating the State of Israel. [2]
After the review, Mark wanted to know what Robert Singer had read (The Bible, The Incredible Scofield and his Book, The Cassandra Prophesy) that allowed him to be the first one in history to connect The Scofield Bible, World Wars I, II and the Holocaust, to the Jews arriving in Palestine not in 1946 or 1950, but in 1948, Aka The Key to the Secret of the Universe. [More at, Speaking Engagement at The Institute for Historical Review**Cancelled**]
If the creation of the modern State of Israel is considered one of the most important events in the 20th century, then the following insights "bring history into accord with the facts" and resolve every anomalies and inconsistencies of the events from 1897-1948:
World War I is no longer "a pointless tragedy," if the goal was to obtain the Balfour Declaration.
Adolph Hitler, a gay prostitute and a street cleaner, who made every mistake possible in his failed attempt to take over the world, can finally be understood.
The influence of the con artist Cyrus Scofield and the Scofield Reference Bible, as the most important instrument for spreading the message of Christian Zionism: that the modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.
The Beer Hall Putsch, The Munich Agreement and Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis are anomalies that can finally be reconciled. Part 3: Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened? [End of Premise, see Endnote 2]
The Nazi & Jewish Affair to Remember (November 2010)
Why did the CIA create a 'safe haven' for Nazis in the US after the War? [3]
The Long-hidden report: CIA created 'safe haven' for Nazis in the US, released November 13, 2010, may be the most concrete account yet of the role that prominent members of Germany's Nazi Party played in the early, formative years of the CIA, following World War II. The report alleges the CIA created a "safe haven" for Nazis believed to be of use to the US' Cold War efforts. [4]
Notice the words alleges and believed to be of use to the US' Cold War efforts.
The 600-page report (not identified until December 10), which the Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, confirms what historians refer to as "a pathetic chapter" in our nation's history. The "experts" our intelligence people recruited were just a bunch of criminals and losers that never provided any useful intelligence about the Soviet Union."
Three weeks later (December 10), APNewsBreak identifies the report as Hitler's Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence, and the Cold War, and goes into the details on the Nazi Gestapo, and the Ukrainian fascist, Mykola Lebed. Lebed led a paramilitary organization that pursued ethnic cleansing policies during the war.
The December 10 article, unlike the one on November 13, now defends the US' intelligence officials decision to provide a safe haven for Nazi criminals. The CIA, according to the report, "shielded Lebed by denying any connection with the Nazis and by arguing that he was a Ukrainian freedom fighter. The CIA concluded that Lebed's activities on behalf of American intelligence were of such 'inestimable value' that the agency could ill afford to lose him as an asset."
"The Army's willingness to use Gestapo officials against Communists was more substantial or greater than what we had known" and in an attempt to disrupt the USSR, through penetrations in Ukraine, the agency turned to Nazi-affiliated nationalists, including "Tireless in his efforts on behalf of Ukrainian nationalism, Lebed remained one of the agency's oldest contacts until his death in 1998."
The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act resulted in more than 8 million documents being declassified, but the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) admits, "Yet even more records are still hidden."
In 2007, the OSI had waived more than 23,000 pages, but as of this date is keeping secret over 18,000 pages, allegedly to protect the "ongoing investigations (going on for decades) and prosecutions." [Let's see, the war ended 66 years ago, anyone who is being investigated is either deceased or over 85 years of age. Why would they need to keep secret almost half the records?]
Mysteriously, the next day (12/11), the December 10 article is rewritten by Randy Herschaft and titled Report details ties between US and ex-Nazis, but this version fails to mention the OSI is keeping secret over 18,000 pages "to protect ongoing investigations and prosecutions" of war criminals who are on their death bed.
The 12/11 report expands on the postwar efforts by U.S. intelligence officials efforts (that George Little denies) to throw the Nazi hunters off the trail:
"You can make the argument the CIA never should have gone near this guy (Lebed) because of his past," said Norman J.W. Goda of the University of Florida, who wrote the report with Richard Breitman of American University in Washington. But Goda said the CIA found the relationship to be so valuable for getting information into and out of the Soviet Union that "the relationship couldn't be sacrificed." "This was somebody that was very, very useful and remained so for the entire Cold War," he added.
Another part of the report addresses the story of Otto Von Bolschwing, an associate of Adolf Eichmann, who was instrumental in drawing up plans for ridding Germany of the Jews. [5]
Below is an excerpt by Christopher Simpson about Otto Von Bolschwing from Simpson's BlowbackAmerica's recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy, Page 252:
"The story of U.S. intelligence relations with criminals such as Brunner is of necessity fragmentary, for both the CIA and Brunner himself have taken extensive measures to keep such affairs hidden. It is clear, however, that Brunner was not an exception to the rule who managed to ingratiate himself with the Americans through guile or through an oversight. There is, in fact, at least one other known case ofU.S. recruitment: Baron Otto von Bolschwing, an SS veteran of Adolf Eichmann's "Jewish Affairs" office, the elite committee that served as the central administrative apparatus of the Nazis' campaign to exterminate the Jews."
Notice he worked in Eichmann's elite "Jewish Affairs" office, not in the Third Reich's elite "Soviet Affairs" office.
"Von Bolschwing, deeply involved in intelligence work, and in the persecution of innocent people for most of his adult life, was a supreme opportunist who succeeded in traversing the whole evolution ofU.S. policy toward Nazi criminals.
He profited during the war from the Nazi confiscation of Jewish property, then later from the defeat of Nazi Germany itself. Von Bolschwing enlisted as a CIC informer for the Americans in the spring of 1945."
The quotes above only hint at the wealth of information contained in the whole article by Katherine Smith PhD which is in this footnote: The article is titled "70 Million died so the Jews could have Palestine." (2)
So much new information has surfaced now at the very end of 2010 that what we are about to enter as the clock strikes midnight tonight, is for all intents and purposes an entirely new and unknown world where much more could be achieved; or we could simply lose it all-if we fail to pay complete attention to the forces that have been at this since 1897!
1) Liberal Star Blogger Ezra Klein: Constitution has no binding power on anything because it's over a hundred years old. - Video
2) 70 Million died so the Jews could have Palestine
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